Fired from Work 7 Things to know to move on fast.

Fired Now What? What happened? What are you going to do?

Before we start let us look take a really good look at what fired means.

It means that your service and mindset is no longer in demand.


When you leave they do not have your skills, and your abilities to solve problems and challenges. How you bridge the gap, connect and engage with people that are personal, and your greatest talent and this you are taking with you.

Can they get another person to purchase, do the accounts, move items, handy work? Yes they can that is only hands and legs.

If you are hands and legs – GET OUT

If you are not a human but legs and arms, you must stop, you are so much more.

7 Things to know

  1. Fired! is not about you. You pay the price for low skills in leadership. because it is about how strong leadership skills there are in the company. It is Delegates versus Leadership.
  2. Chocked, of course, you are in chock. Your whole world is changing with one word – fired.
  3. How they do it! and how it is done! and what they tell you in the 10 mins. It is not about you. You are not doing anything it is about the person who talks and speaks (look up weakness and strength to understand).
  4. Why did you get fired? You know why, if you feel and listen to yourself you know the times, where you asked, where you thought a different direction was better. You had a mind and a belief and you know why?
  5. What happened! when you want to feel good take the time to feel what happened and box it and let it go. To be fired! is a cut it is the worst thing anybody can do to anyone. Letting go with no change to align. There is no return and you can only learn from it. Be smart and talk to other people about your learning.
  6. How did you let this happen? I am going to leave this with you
  7. Moving on is the best thing happening to you.

7 Things to know to move on fast

Working for a company or a business, who does not want your mindset and back you up. Why would you want to be in a place like that?

This is not happening to you, it is happening for you.

One of the first things to be aware of is, it’s the people. Do you remember the book: Good to Great by Jim Collins.

What does he say in the book:

It’s the people on the bus, and you know if you are like the people on the bus.


I worked many years in a company and during the time your mindset shapes the leaders and boss you have. When the boss and leadership change, you make mistakes and they let you go.

As good to great says: It’s the people and when you look at the mindset and how they do it. Be honest! For me, I am so glad to get out, from my mindset the moral compass was weak, the abuse of people was on a threaten basis. Now I can focus on what I believe. How to do good and help people do better than me.

Things to know to move on fast

Use skills that are already here:

Here are 7 things to know to move on fast

Good to great has investigated and done all research take what you can use from it and support your own learning and training to move on fast:

  1. How change doesn’t happen or How change does happen
  2. Disciplined people: “Who” before “what”
  3. Thought Discipline: Fox or hedgehog?
  4. Action discipline: The “stop doing” list
  5. Now it is time to begin
  6. Separating the good from the great
  7. Great answers to good questions

Start with number 7: Good Questions

Your life is all about the questions you ask.

And facts are that good questions lead forward in good ways. When you do well and find the answers you seek, you have clarity and peace of mind. When you struggle to find the right answers! you get frustrated and stress!

Facts are that we are in a place and time where software can work smarter and without errors there is no need for humans where software can do the job. What you need to do is find out where your mindset and strength are a good bus.


Coachingandlife uses coaching tools and closed private forums to gain insight and clarity for private, personal, or professional. Even a CEO is in doubt.

The new world is teaching us more than even that changes and who we are among matters even more. When pressure comes on finances you need to know you are among people who back you up and support you.

This is your life. The 7 Things to know to move on fast

How to overcome problems and challenges

Fact is that this situation is about how you manage to work through problems and challenges.

It is time to show who you are and what you believe.

Now you are the leader and it is your skills that is in demand. You are rising and you need to dive to find in yourself what you believe.

So what do you believe?

Where is your bus?

And where are you going?

it is time to rise and ask good questions? and find good answers. You have now been working for someone, where you were on the wrong team on the wrong bus. Now it is time to find the right teams and the right bus.

Investigate the company you want to work for

Take the list and walk yourself through it, it is not rocket science it is simple and easy. See how the people are? listen to the words and how they interact with one another. Ask how leaderships is and how it is with colleagues.

Listen to yourself.

Working for a good company is the game-changer and the best part is that there is a good company for all of us. I have a friend who works in a company where she loves it, it is her home base. To me it was the worst experience and toxic environment I have ever been in. Same company two different people. That’s why we love living because there is something here for all of us.

For you too

All you have to do is ask good questions to your life.

Moving on fast means

  1. Make the list of questions
  2. Look at your questions and answer them
  3. Change the questions to what is right
  4. Stop telling yourself things that are not true
  5. Get on the right bus
  6. Make the right application to the right company
  7. Start working for what you believe

The 7 Things to know to move on fast! Yes you can send an application to a company without them hiring. Investigate, steer, and navigate your life forward because you know who you are and where you belong.

Use the forums to get your guidance, somehow we humans are strange often we do not know what we want, but for sure we know what we do not want.

It’s why we become older and wiser, when we have tried things we know was wrong and we did not want.

With good people comes good experience and from good questions to good people comes good answers.

Who is a good person for you? a good company for you?

A good company for you is not what they talk about in the add, they talk about the skills you need to have. Stop walking that road and take control over your life and find the right bus.

On the right bus, your skills are in demand more than you can imagine.

Start today…

Good luck

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  2. CAL Coachingandlife for RPL says:

    I never thought we would come to a place where our voice would mean so little and what we said would be so awful. Here we are in a lockdown lead by leaders – Remember – gain your tools because good leaders lead to good places – change changes and we can never go back – fatal leaderships leads to experiences you do not want to know .. be smart not outsmarted

  3. CAL Coachingandlife for RPL says:

    Get the right membership for you to gain insight and believe..
    It’s about how you do it..

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