It is sometimes, we do not see the changes on a daily basis and all of a certain everything changes. Facts are things do not change, we change things and we keep improving to higher and better levels.

Sometimes the changes happens to us, getting a job when you are older is exactly the same today as it was 25 years ago, the only thing that is is different is that right now, it is happening to you. Become older and not being able to live in your own home, is the same problem today as it was 25 years ago – only now you are the person who is the older one.


It is also happening to you.

It is sometimes you, it happens to.

Yes, for me the sometimes was the day I got fired, where the pharma distributor took my pay check, bonus and pension – because I wanted to change their illegal shipments to the islands. Had I know that not only retailiation and bulling could end into what they did – had I known that they wanted to destroy my life, hack e-mails and phone. Had I know that all this was possible for a top 50 business, I would have left them years ago. The cocktail of a management group that is more dangerous than the mafia, at least you know what they are willing to do.

Sometimes, you under estimate what people are willing to act upon in the team they are in. The HR manager is retired today, and sometimes people manage to go through life hurting other people – destroying their lives and not paying any price at all.

Love often meets sometimes

Sometimes we meet the wrong people, and we do not know until it is too late. I was working with procurement and trying to solve the business transportation setup, while the management was looking at cost and keeping the monopoly of the market.

I did not see that they did not want to do it by the book, sometimes we overlook the signals because the problems are so hard to solve that we focus.

Today years later and many hours smarter. I would never ever solve anything for any one, and not for at business making billions and billions on illness.

Or moral and how we see life is so different and sometimes, we all need to find people who believe and fight for the same.

FREEDOM the right to choose to do the right things, if you know better support those who do not, but do not take advantage of people who know less, than you – we are here to improve not destroy each other.

Sometimes we need to feel the power what happens when people do us wrong. In my case, I found my true friends, my true family and my inner power.

It’s the sometimes that makes us even stronger, smarter and better.

I know the cocktail when I see it, and I know what kind of people, companies and business I do not want to support.

In my case the sometimes changed it all to the better and I can out on the other side – more me.

Let’ the sometimes support your way too.

At Coachingandlife we take pride in supporting each other move on and improving our lives – to the better.