Life coaching and KPI’s

Nothing is more important than understanding the KPI’s of the company you work for.

Do you

If you need support to understand your company’s KPI’s Join our KPI program. It’s all the same and we do the same, if you find a way to succeed at work, you use the same process at home to succeed with your family.

Think about how often you see that there is no balance between how someone is doing at work and how someone is managing at home.

KPI – It is the ability to distinguish the two that make the difference.

At work people must do as you say, because you say so, at home, people do as you say out of love to you.

It is the ability to distinguish the first input that makes the result of what you get all the difference in the world.

How we use the KPI’s and how we use the KPI’s in our private life is for the same outcome we just take a different approach to the KPI’s.

In business it is because I say so if we fail it is the people who did it that were not good enough or had the right skill set, you are able to find many reasons to why the KPI’s were reached.

In private it is out of love, and if you do not understand the people you are with, they grow out of love to you and life ends up in a divorce or other differences.

So KPI’s are much more than figures goals to reach, they contain the whole ability to reach it.

You cannot buy KPI and performance, you can only lead and use good solid management to go one step deeper into the task.

The first procurement initiative has always been tender and cheaper.

Now the new initiatives are processed for value.

What does a process for value mean?

Process for value means that we are going one step deeper into any task and journey.

Soon AI (to support understanding  )

Anything procurement; did that can be measured to a KPI -AI; – can take over and drive and you do not need human involvement in any tender or any negotiation. We have taken one step deeper into the task.

It is now, how did we build the process up and what took us to where we are today. If we are to improve ourselves or our business, we must look even deeper.

  • What is good enough and what do you want?
  • What is bad and what do you not want?

Your own defined or on-defined KPI’s for yourself and your family are your indicators of how your way performs.

Look at what you like and look at what you need to make a success. Do you need strong guidelines and control to keep, yourself and your family going, or are you an easy. On-going person, who unfolds the lotus flower to see what is in the heart of people?

Who are you?

Look at how you drive your family as a mother or a father, who you are?

– You do the same,

at work and the same thing that will make victories at home will make the victories at work.

So, what do you want? How do you want your family to be?

Creative and make the journey of new things or followers of the traditional and known.

It is actually not a good question because how many do you know who has made really made it,

done something outstanding, and being someone, you admire.When is the last time you meet someone you truly admire?What did they stand for? And how did they stand for it?

That is the core of our KPI’s

For businesses going forward who are on the first ride of the wave, this means, the price is important,

but our common processes and procedures are what will enroll and establish the foundation of our collaboration.

For you at home it is, Your ability to establish the right atmosphere; for everyone to feel that love, trust, ability and you will do it.

The turning and the drive of who you are and what you do.

In your Business is just much simpler to see,

How you work and how it is working for you, than looking at your own way in your family.

– It is the same, but the results are so different.Do you work yourself to KPI’s or do you not even think about it?

  • Do you look and observe what makes your family smile and joyful?
  • Do you work to achieve your KPI’s and what makes things happen for you?

Connect yourself to your KPI’s is one of the most important things

Both for you privately and for your business the reason why we connect to our KPI

“The reason why we connect to our KPI “Is because they are our goals.

It used to be important to set goals and reach them. Today everyone can set goals and set KPI’s. The question is now, how are you going to reach them? It is no longer just to set KPI’s it is today very important how you reach your KPI’s

To do the right thing is more important; than ever not only from a human perspective; but also from an Eco perspective. Anything we do today.

We set up in the system and everything you do becomes what other people experience with or without hesitation; think about flying standing in line we used to get service.

We used to speak to each other.

We used to be able to change things with a smile good service, a great attitude, and doing the right thing.

Today all is done automatically

What you experience; Is the path that someone has made an algorithm if you can no longer on board a plane;

before it is your time on your ticket it says boring number here after you have your seat.

  • What does this have to do with KPI’s?

It does because it is the goal.

You set and today we work on how to achieve them going forward; it will be even more important to have the right processes and produces In place


Because it is no longer: just about setting the goals, it is how you achieve them, who you are, and what you do.

How you do it.

We use to buy cheaper and prices use to be the driver of what we did.

No more

This is not the way going forward, it is about who we are and the way you make me feel.

So how do you feel when you stand in line waiting to onboard a plane.

Does it matter to you+ – what number you are and where you are sitting?

I guess so – because we all aim and strive to be good at doing something.

KPI’s are your guidelines to what is expected of you.

Most companies set KPI’s and forget to say how they see them established and formed.

What is a good process and procedure to achieve your KPI’s?

Good questions.

Let’s go back to your own family:

You want a perfect family – like everyone else, Question is now, what is a perfect family to you and what is a perfect family to me.

I guess we do not see a perfect family the same way. To ensure that, let me tell you what I see as a perfect family.

A place where you are who you are, I want to see the lotus flower bloom, I want to know what you are thinking.

I want to hear your voice.

I love when we see life differently and we can exchange views. Do I stand alone, are you with me, or are you on the other end of the scale where silence is the best answer. From the angle where I see it is very important that we learn in a decent way and manners to speak our mind.

It is not important, what we say.

It is important, how we say it, it is not important how we see it, Because when you tell how you see it you speak your mind from within and it is who you are it is your true self.

To be true to yourself, it’s very important it is what keeps your balance and keeps your peace of mind.

The world is changing we aim and strive for the best we used to look at the goals we used to set the KP’s. Today we are going one step deeper, It is how we make the KPI’s Happen it is who we are and how we do it.

To be a great person requires that you stay true to who you are and this means that you are good at setting goals that are decent with good manners.

To be a good person today is a person who has not only reached goals, knows how to set the bar.

The KPI’s is a person who knows;

how to unite people and get a common understanding of the cold that is set it is the feeling that you keep someone else within. Anyone can be the best, that is no longer admirable and what people hunger for.

People need more and want more, they want you to tell how you manage, they want you to tell your story how you created your goals, what made you set the goals, and go for it.

What you think, you did well.

What you did what was wrong, and what you wish you had done differently. It is about so much more than achieving the goals, it is to understand how you achieve them, and how and what made you set them,

what made you choose those goals and that journey.It’s the feeling of creating the goals.

It is the understanding of why this is important and what good does it bring along.

It is who you are?

Understanding KPIs in business and private is what we can support.

  • If you say cheap what do you mean?
  • If you say savings what do you mean?
  • If you say perfect what do you mean?

How do you make your understanding of the KPI’s visible to yourself – your colleagues and family members?

What is your story? – your kpi’s

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