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So often we believe that we have only 2 options generally. #WinOr Lose. The expression we frequently hear in order to appease our sensibilities is “#YouWnSomeYouLoseSome.” And that is a fair statement; though I would venture to say, not entirely factual.

I believe in the #PowerOfChoice. When we take control of our perspective on a situation, we can modify our viewpoint to accept the “loss” or to use the “loss” and make it a gain.

I heard awhile back the quote, “I don’t lose. I learn.” I thought that was brilliant. I ran across this expression, “Win some, Learn some” in a #JasonMraz song.

And it instantly rekindled the idea in my mind.
If you feel like you are being kicked around by the cosmos, back up. Look at the situation from different angles and approaches. What can you #LearnFromIt? The only time you cannot take away new insight is if you refuse to do so.

All #GreatMenAndWomen have endured failure and have regrouped and adjusted to create an even better product, a stronger result, a #DeeperKnowledge. The story goes that it took #Edison over 1000 attempts to invent the light bulb. #Adversity causes us to #Rethink and #BeCreative.

While winning is nice, not winning can sometimes be more beneficial.
Also, do you know how many #Innovations came from mistakes? #Penicillin, #MicrowaveOvens, #InkjetPrinters, #TheSlinky, #Xrays and more.

Today, look back on past mistakes, revisit them. Ask yourself, “What can I learn? How can I change my approach to make this successful?” And sometimes you learn that what you were working at just isn’t worth the time.

Those who are focused on improving their #PersonalGrowth or #ProfessionalGrowth may search for #LifeCoaches, #Gurus, #BusinessLeaders or others to guide them. However, until you are in the right #StateOfMind, any wisdom these #Professionals will impart will fall on deaf ears.

Let me tell you that you are smart and capable. You are competent and innovative. You can do this.

Go out there and change the world. One mistake at a time.
If you want help getting in the right head space or being innovative, it is what I do. Reach out.

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One thought on “Win Some, Learn Some

  1. CAL Coachingandlife for RPL says:

    It’s amazing when we look at ourselves in the mirror and ask for what we want in our lives to the right person – we will get it. We address too much wrong to too many people – you are the boss of your life and nothing happens you do not open the door to – YOU are the boss of your life..
    Have you heard of a CEO working alone? – do they not always choose a team around them – people with different tools and skills – do the same for your life – be smart and do it..

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