What phases do you go through, what do you need to work yourselves through to be able to move on; to get the life back you once had; where you saw joy and happiness in your doing?

How do you get it back to that point and are you thinking: is there something wrong with me?

Being bullied and being the one blamed takes a long time to get over if this ever happens.

This is a part of your life that can never be changed.

What is said is said and what is written is written.

Therefore, you must think about who you want to be because it will follow you, you have to really think, it is not like looking back in time, where when something happens it is between a few people and those differences you could solve between you.

oday people have a voice and people spread what they feel, the talk and tell and it is not as you tell everyone, you tell a few who tell a few.

You have a voice and your voice matters

Today we trust the word of a friend, more than we trust the word of law, companies, and news. We trust the voice of the people we know.

No one can understand all the information they hear and how valid the information is and no one can take side or act, because what side should you take, still you do something, often people, that has very little knowledge of the topic are the once talking loud and spreading the news.

When you have been accused of things when you have been reported when others have threatened you unfairly in all ways when you have been harassed and bullied.

It leaves marks on your soul that you will need to heal.

The thoughts you have the feeling inside out, from the hate and hurt. You must take yourself out of that, and see how you can move on to who you are.

When you have stood there alone, listening to all the treats, the words, the doings of other people, when you have heard the voice of others, the treats, the harassment, over time more somedays, less other day but within in it is there every day.

What does this do to you?

One could ask the questions:

Why is it important to us, that others in a way accept us, and why is it so important to others, that you are like them. Why is different divergent not an asset?

What makes us bully each other

The once, who has really tried it, do they ever get over it, how do they, us, you move on, can we ever let it behind us.

How is it, that you feel trapped?

trapped in a judgment,

with accusations that you do not feel are fair.

Who heads your side of the story?

What goes, so wrong inside one, that one must take it to the extreme, why would one even choose to take it to the extreme, when you all know, that for there to be the balance you face the opposite. It all gets so much harder when you take things to the extreme.

Think about being thin, for some, it comes naturally to be thin, for others that are so hard, and still some decisions to bully others for being overweight, there can be many levels of overweight, again if you decide to take it to the extreme, extreme overweight is not right, as extremely thin is not right.

If you take our way of sitting, our way of talking, our way of doing things, there can be many cultures many ways, what are your choices?

There are so many ways to choose to live this life.

Our background is not the same, you come from different places and our wishes and desires are going different places. You do not have the same things, you do not like the same thing, and you have not tried the same things.

In the end all, what you can do in this life is learning, and every time you have learned something, you never face it again.

There is one you-you are the creator of the story that you are meant to tell.

If you look at the people, that you find it best to be around, is that not the people, who could say that this must be a misunderstanding or never mind let’s see if you can find common ground, why do you want to bully others for being different, why is being different not interesting or new learning.

Why do you seek the same – fitting?

There is so much in this world, that you cannot see and for what you can see, you close your eyes for, in the phase of time your understanding of what legislation, rules, fitting, and being right is in questions and you and I have the power to change things, we have a voice.

Our own inner journey is to learn how to control our own body and mind, what are we to develop to achieve even higher skills and knowledge on even higher levels, what would that be.

What different stories would you tell?

What new things or ways would be invented, what would you need to do, how would your world look, if you destroy the creativity, what would you get.

What if we all were the same, what if all looked alike and there was no difference, where would this leave us.

Is it not the differences that make us strong, that we see tasks, feelings, views differently? Stop for a second and think, where is this stream taking you? – you are riding a wave where are you going?

You seek so much the same and the ability to fit in, that you forget, that it is from diversity, that you define yourselves as great.

If you think about it, is one of the most beautiful things not, that you are different, that you can exchange with others, that you have a different way of life, that you are unique in so many ways.

How can you be you, if the story you tell is like everyone else’s?

One day you can be in one group where the norms are very creative, and then the next day you can be with people where it is Economy, then business.

Think about it.

what if you must listen to the same music every single day, and what if there was no music.

People with this gift to do things that the world has never seen, the people that understand and can create and drive things. They must somehow be different, they must have a desire to move forward no matter what.

What if you had not been bullied, what if the people had been nice to us, would you then have moved on, would you have changed anything.

Would any of this have mattered?

It is not what happens to you, it is how you react to it.

From the situations where you get the feeling that you are been bullied and are an outsider, is this not where you find strength, the ability to move on, you find your creativity and you start looking for other things to happen.

If you think about it, is life not a journey where you discover and seek and find.

You learn and grow, are you not in the school of life.

We all talk a lot about things the practical things in life, but where do you talk about the topics of how to handle life and get the best out of life.

Where do you shape your way?

Where do you ask the questions that trouble you?

There is so much that will change in your life if you just improve small things every day. Who you talk to has a direct impact on your mind and soul. The input and discovery will become your wisdom.

Sometimes you are so focused on what you want, how you think it should be, your way, your truth, that you forget that others see something different.

When is the right time to stop, let go, and do something else?

If you have a child that every day wants to be at the neighbor’s house, how does that make you feel, what excuses do you come up with, to get it your way, you want your child to be at home, you want things to look like your best, you want your kids to have playmates come over and you want to show the world that you can do it all. It that how it is?

Why is that the choice?

When we all know that life is trouble for all of us, there is no one, who can do it all, it is not all as it seems, and why do so many of us focus so hard on what we think others see.

Why has the visual way become the truth?

Knowing that you see things differently can be an enormous force.

What is the feeling that you have, if you know, that you are different, and you also know that others are different? Why is your choice to steam together and bullied others, did you ever stop and think how it would feel if it happened to you?

So, can you excuse, that there are people that do things that are out of range if you think that they have been bullied or destroyer of other people and left with feelings that are not to handle?

How can you move on? How can you forget, how can you let go?

Yes, unfair things happen and it is for how long, we decide to stay in the suffering that is up to us, and we should never accept it, but learn forgiveness. Moving on does not mean that you are weak or letting go, it means that you are strong enough to move on.

Where can you go?

If you are to start over and have a fresh start, where would you go. What you think this moment is that you need a fresh start, you do not only need to have a fresh start, it is the way you look at yourself, you need a fresh start where you in your mindset can start over and do what is right, where no one knows you. How far away do you need to go to get away from what has happened to you, and can you make this journey.

All you must remember is that from trouble no one can run, there is no place that far.

Are you running and can you hide, and is this what you are doing, when you have been bullied, threatened called names, what is that has happened to you. You must find a place where you find yourself being the one “you see” that you are.

Because others bully, threaten, intimidate or harass you, at the end of the day, it is your behavior and doings that determine, what is in those words. What you do will define you and all others have is words compared to your actions.

Your doings define who you are

Choices you choose

Why would you choose not to see the beauty of others, and not think, I would not do it this way, so what can I learn here, why would your choice be to see the faults, they wrong and who says this is wrong, who is to define that, and the doings of all that is not within your range,

  • Why is your choice not to learn, achieve something for yourself?
  • Why is your choice not to help, and be the hero?
  • why are you like this, a person who destroys?
  • who are you if you bullied others, what does that make you?
  • what does this say about you, and how can you defend yourself and your thoughts?

are your enforcement.

What makes you move on

You have been pushed to a corner, where there is not a match between your inner picture and where you are, to how others treat you, if you do not feel the compliance between your inner and what you face, then there is not the inner match in how you see and feel as to how others see and feel you.

There is a GAP and the gap is within you -ask questions.

The only one who feels a gap is you, and the only one who can re-write the story and remove the gap is you.

Many times, in life, you decide to change jobs, you do not change what you do, you change company because you feel that there is something, that is not matching your way and others see that you are not the match they are seeking.

You start to do a sport, and when you discover that is required, you stop, because you do not feel that you have what it takes or you see that whatever you do, you cannot win, you do not have what it takes. Then let it go seek what is you and where the level, you master is what is required.

We are all different you are unique; your job is to find out where your skills are needed.

Life is not a free ride – ask questions to your needs!

How can you learn to live with the fact that you have been harassed, that you have been bullied, that you have tried so hard to make it work, to fit in and be part of the group when the leader of the group does not want you there, then it does not matter, how much you do to try and change yourselves to get into the group, it is time to move on – away – , for you to start over, start thinking new thoughts new ways, you can never return and you can never take time back?

Look at all you offer and who you are.

You are so much more than you can ever imagine, and because 50 did not like you or a town. Look at them and ask yourself. Do I see myself as they are?

You cannot take a pause from life, but you can learn yourself to be who you are, and take upon you the challenges and you can accept the challenges life gives you.

  • What you can decide is how you seek to move on.
  • What you learn from it, how you grow, how it affects you.

Ask quesitons – It is your kick to a higher level of understanding.

  • Life is many challenges, that turns into wisdom.
  • life is the awareness that takes you to higher levels.

What you do is education, and it is like a game of chess, the better you are at foreseeing what is happening, it all topics of life the wise a move you can make.

When the decision is to decide to let it go and move on

How you move on, is very important to you, if you pick the choice – it’s how you ask questions.

  • you blame others for being pushed over the edge.

This is will solely make you stand still in your phase of time. This is standing still. Not going anywhere expect to in circle, or going over and over it again.

Or –

Ask questions – Ask yourself when you say this, what are you thinking

Behind every question is a desire or a wish to go somewhere, all questions are door openers, and door closers.

With a question, you seek a direction.

Let your questions move you forward ask and be proud to ask. Never be afraid to ask; be afraid if you do not know the answer. Be aware that to questions where you do not know the answer, those answers could be your wake-up call.

Let your questions guide you, and use your questions as learning, you know, what you have done to make this happen? You know your own input and be aware that questions are guidelines to new areas of knowledge.

What did you do and when did you take a different turn.

If you want to go back, misunderstanding comes in as a helping hand – ask the questions that will take you there

Can you say, that you do not understand, when people you know have felt divergent, seeks groups of belonging and are willing to do what it takes to be part of the group, feel the peace the happiness inside.

You see the movies that are living right now, they are all about the stream, you must be inline, inside out, there are right and wrong, there are groups, you are divided.

Why is this our choice, why is it to talk to others that have different opinions, not a force, to be able to see this world from more sides, why do you only want to see it from where you are standing?

Will time heal and will you ever be able to look ourselves in the mirror again and see the same person as you once were? Standing at this point of time, how will you take yourselves out of this, to a place where you again can feel free, be who you are, be the best of what you are, and doing the right things.

The decision is yours alone

When you have made the decision to let go and move on, that is the time to really start moving forward, to really let it go.

Take initiatives that will make it happen, start walking even though you are scared to let the legs keep walking.

Forgive yourselves and forgive what happened to you,

No matter how hard you find it, to ask questions:

No matter how difficult it is, even though there have been hard times, you must look for the sun, look for things to change, and you must always keep in mind, that you are the decisions makers of your life, there is no one who can change and choose for you, you need to know that all situations are your responsibility.

To learn the ability to look, seek and be aware of what is happening, you need to have room for differentness, you need to work yourselves, you need to be able to handle that others are different from you, and to know that it all starts with one – with you.

If you cannot change yourselves and be open to differences, then how do you expect this from someone else.

If you do not have the tolerance and the awareness to strive for good relations, and you do not seek to be a good friend, why do you think that other would be?

Remember, that the people that did you well, are always in your heart and you remember them, the one that did you wrong you will forget, and from them, you will get strength, willingness, and achievements that exceed your own expectations,  you never forget what it did to you, it will change you and form you into something even better because you will work your way out of it, even if it takes a lifetime for you.

How you let go of the hate, the endless hours of trying to understand what happened to you, this is a personal question each one of us will keep seeking to answer time will make us ask the question seldom and time will add more challenges more experiences to us, and we will forget.

Ask questions to what you need and want

What you will remember is how it helped you define who you are today, and you will know that it was a kick for you to tell a different story.

If you follow the wave, you will tell the story of the wave, if you follow your heart, some may not be understanding, if they look they will see, that you are unique, and no matter what they say, you will always be special inside out.

You are the difference, whatever good in life you want to do, never let go, do good, and be the best you, this is the difference.

This will make you move on – Ask Questions

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