Keywords are like habits. It is what you get out of it.

When you search on google you enter the keywords for the results you are looking for. Habits are the same, you do things to get the results you want.

If you do not get the results you like with the keywords you enter, you enter new keywords. That’s the transformation that we will need to come to as humans too.

Because you do not like what your employees do, you fire them and find a new one you do not like, and you will fire that person too. It changes its lack of sustainability. The leader is not strong enough or does not clearly see what tasks or jobs need to be fulfilled and therefore you change.

You change the keywords. (In this case the person) – in real life that is the ability to understand the values or the power behind what is going on.

Get good habits the key to success.

Today, companies and employees are supply chain driven  1+1+1+1… And you cannot step out of line. You cannot ask and you are not allowed to be flexible and visionary. You must follow the rules in the company – Code of conduct. It is smart because you get a level of quality a level of standardized methods of doing things and you get a certain behavior of people in your company. You get a line in your supply chain from entry to exit.

That’s why companies test people to see how the match is as what they are looking for. A company looks for qualifications and they look for collaboration and the persons who are the best to match with the team they are going into. Conflicts are difficult to handle today because we have a culture of being the same and we do not expect differences.

It’s the keyword match and how well you are fitting.

As the person above can challenge you a lot, you may hold the professional skills, but you are a different personality type or you may hold the personal skill set and not the professional skill set.

Get good habits – BUT

What about you? – What are you thinking and what is right for you. You stand with companies that are so strong in culture and mindset that your ability to shoot up and adapt is the core key to keep your job. That’s why we fear, worry, stress and burnout. We forgot who we were and what is important to us – to me – what matters to me. What makes me feel good and smile.

Yes, I go to work to make money, to pay for the life I want to live.  That sentence we can all say.

Yes, I want this job because this is what I love to do. That sentence we cannot all say.

Companies today got it all wrong – why – because you have the right people doing the wrong things.

The matrix is – people must match to the company profile and then it is nice if they have the skills. This means that a company today is totally blind spotted in areas, but people who fit often have the same character and mindset. With that comes fear, worry, stress, and burnout. – It’s natural (get more information on this at

How you feel and how you work is creative and a force much stronger than you can imagine.

When you apply for a job – it’s the keywords. You must choose your desire and what you want to measure on and keep your focus.

It’s not the results, but the habit to get it. Read the results they aim for that is what the sun is shining on and what is going to make everyone smile. – That’s not the job? – What will generate those results that are your job?

If you want to stay thin – you cannot eat. That’s a fact. ( so if you look at people and they are thin they have strong habits to control what they eat)

If you want to work in Pharma you must like documentation and processes and procedures to control the entire supply chain for integrity

If you want to be a chef you must love the passion for perfection

If you want to be a designer you must love creating visions and imagination

What is Facebook?

What is Linkedin?

What is Instagram?

What is TikTok?

Who are you? None of the above can be anything without you. Why do we choose to spend time looking at another person’s life, what does that bring to your life? Who are you when you like strangers but are not supporting your friends? What habit do you have, and what does that give you?

Who are you when you fire people instead of helping them get it right? What habits support the goals of the company?

Habits are powerful and habits take over and soon you have forgotten.

Who Am I? – My name is – Habit – (get good habits – understand below)

I am your constant companion – I am always by your side

I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden

I will push you forward or drag you down to failure

I am completely at your command

Half of the things you do, you might as well turn over to me

And I will do them better, quickly and correctly

I am easily managed – but you must be firm with me

Show me exactly how you want something done

And after a few lessons, I will do it automatically

I am the servant of great people, and alas, of all failures as well

Those who are great, I have made great

Those who are failures, I have made failures

I work with the precision of a machine and the intelligence of a person

You may run me for profit or run me for ruin

It makes no difference to me

Take me, train me, be firm with me, and I will place the world at your feet.

Be easy with me and I will destroy you.

Who am I? I am “Habit”


“Your Habits Control Your Life  BUT  You Control Your Habits”

You control your habits and it is time to Take Back Control of Your Life”

We offer you to know yourself and the habits you want to have in your life  – habits give results it’s a fact.

Make your choice and choose – it’s time for the rising ME.

Vision Retreat – 4 days focus – how to get good habits.

To know Why – To know What – To know How

During the vision retreat, we will focus on THE 4 areas of life – health, mind, family, and business.

It’s your good health that will give you the ability to create all you want, the freedom to move.

It’s your mind that must stay clear and keep your focus.

It’s your family who will support, encourage and empower you to keep ongoing.

It’s the business, that you will do that will support the life you want to live.

We take 4 days and we focus on how to create the habits you need to achieve your goals. Happiness is personal and you can find inspiration and support but

it’s time The rising ME.

Personal coach mentor is near you to train yourself to how to be happy: get good habits

It’s your way to keep your focus, we do things out of many reasons and we have learned to be flexible in our flexibility we tent to lose our own sight, vison and understanding. You can help and do anything as long as you make yourself aware of, this is not me.

Life coach mentor to train how to get clarity and wellbeing in your life.

Clarity and wellbeing will stay with you when you know, you are helping someone else, keep your focus on what is right for your life. Liking on Facebook will never improve your life. Who told you it could? What do you need to do with Facebook if it is to improve your life?

A life coach will keep your clarity and you will get well-being when you know. Fear, worry, and stress are imagination, life coaching is the tool to keep your habit in place.

Pocket coach mentor to train employees and students near you.

Track your thoughts and mind, what are you really spinning around, and how does it impact your habits. If you fear your boss, what do you do. You choose to use habits that protect you. Will they get you fired or will they make your stay?

Life coach mentor to train you how to be happy with you

It’s time to feel and be happy with your life, you are here to explore and discover and be with people who make you feel good. Who will support and drive your life in the right direction? Your habits are the best tool and strongest tools you can ever achieve and they make your life so easy. Start using them smartly.

The life coach mentor is behind you to solve your problems in business and Family and support you get good habits

Your habits can get you in trouble with your business and family. Too much time at work and no time for your family, too much involved with your business and too little involvement with your family or are you thinking too much of your family that you cannot concentrate at work either will take your body and mind out of balance and your habits will not support sustainable solutions.

Sustainable solutions are what you want in your life

Life coaching tools and membership programs near you

Keep help close, that is why we offer you the pocket coach, often we forget what really happened and we have a habit of letting it go. You must keep your habits in control and know with yourself why you and did it. Else you will end up in the trap of blame.

Good habits – Habits are tools to be controlled and used.

Sign your company employees to ongoing coaching of performance to get good habits

Sustainable solutions will always pay of and will always be the winner. You may win the battle and fire someone, but you lose the war. Business is very much to be compared with the strategy of war, how to keep friends and alias and how to proceed.

If you want to win customers, you must win the war not the battle – it is Good habits. If you want, your company to show results you must win the war and you will lose some battles – that’s Good habits

Working with the habit tool will give you and your employees the clarity and the opportunity to solve misunderstandings.

Get good habits: Life coaching programs for kids, Adolescent, and parents

Inspiration tools and Invitation by Life coaching mentors near you it’s how to get good habits.

Health, Lifestyle, Good habits, Behavior, communication program templates by Life Coach

Let your Good habits be the front driver of who you are. It’s time for your ME to rise and use your Good habits.

Join our Habit retreat and get Good habits and get the progress you want in your life. You find more information on or send us an e-mail. is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Think about – How to choose your habits

What happens if you do not know How to choose your habits

Why does it impact directly on your life How to choose your habits

If you do not get good habits and know How to choose your habits what will then happen to you and your life?

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