YES you are, who is leading your life?

Who is responsible for what happens with you

Your health, mind, family, and business?

if not you.

I am not a leader

  1. You lead your health ( what you eat)
  2. You lead your mind ( you choose what you think)
  3. You lead your family ( you decide your values)
  4. You lead your business ( you choose call to action)
  5. You lead your habits
  6. You lead your speaking
  7. You decide the people around you and influence

You are a leader – you cannot not be a leader – it’s not possible it’s life

Whoever, told you that you would be happy if you liked or criticized other people in trying?

Why did you come to the conclusion that you would be happy liking someone else life

Where did it all go wrong?

Why do companies today think they can hire and fire and now even look at job applicants with good manners?

We have taken wrong turns and we are now a place where people have little faith and little trust in each other.

If you can not trust and have faith where will that lead you. To where we stand today.

People overthinking, stressful, fearful and worry about the future.

Leaders with their – Management by fear has silenced the workers and are now facing lower performance and results.

You can never outsmart the people, we all come back and we rise.

It’s time to rise and take back control over your life. Lead your life as you want to live. Add the things to your life that you want to have in it.

What is liking someone’s life on facebook giving you? Do tell yourself I want to work to become that person? or have what she is having? What is facebook to you? – what value does it add to your life?

Using social media is great we have never had so many opportunities and we have never been able to connect as we can today. Now the time has come to question what good does my time spend on social media add to my life and what do I get out of it.

Like that someone is painting their hair green – standing and looking like a fool. Will make you smile for a moment, but what does it add? – do you need to have green hair and what are you teaching yourself?

Social media impacts your mind more than you can imagine. Choose wisely what you want to add. Choose what you want to see and know about your friends.

It’s time to rise and get up. You have for so long been silenced, you do not need to stand up for yourself in front of your boss, wait until you know how to replace it.

You do not need to let your friends go wait until you know what friends you want to keep and who has a good impact on your performance and mind.

Friends are soul keepers, they support your mind and make you smile about your life. Get feedback

Rise and start loving your life. Add value to what you believe is important, and feel your desires for life.

You will love your life once you start living it.

Here is an easy way to be happy and with this recipe, you cannot fail, it’s not possible.


  • being silent
  • adjusting
  • fitting


  • believing yourself
  • seeing the world through your eyes
  • laughing and knowing yourself
  • dreaming and making mistakes to get it

Time will tell what you do, and it is here you can fail big time and many times and you must find the courage to rise and do it again.

Coachingandlife is your greatest tool as it is support when you need it in a simple membership. It’s the tool to help you understand your angle of reason and looking through your eyes.

You can support and help anyone, you can be silent at work. You never have to speak up one time, but you cannot be silent in your own life, about what is important for your happiness.

Smiling and laughing at someone else is good as long as you hold yourself. You cannot love someone else before you love yourself.

Life is in so many ways so simple, we have to love ourselves for us, you and me to love someone else. If we do not know what we like, we cannot feel and love that in someone else.

Holding on to yourself is hard work, and keeping the focus on your own love and desire takes good manners and decent behavior.

Most people have lost it – do you agree.

How do we take it back, how do we get control over our own lives and mind?

That’s where Coachingandlife comes in, you cannot do this on your own. It’s impossible the pressure from social media, the pressure from work not losing your job. Take it easy and start doing things day by day.

You cannot walk to Rome in one day, but if you walk a little every day eventually you will get there.

Get started and start loving your own life CAL is behind you in silence and CAL is a private place to start having fun while you discover the most important star in the world – the one and only your own ME.

You are so much more than you can possibly imagine. Let people know your real ME.

It’s time to rise

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