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Leadership is a dear word, used by many practiced by few or very hard to practice and how do you see it.

This blog is about corporate people coming together and talking and sharing what leadership is and how it has impacted their lives.

What they see at the cores values and drives of great leadership.

With the theme

Your business leadership: Acknowledgement versus Encouragement

The team of
1. Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)
2. Adele Stickland
3. Karen Hover
4. Heidi Garrett
Deborah Thorne
6. Bryan C Dunn
7. Shelia Heard
8. Flooris van der Walt
9. Mike Wynm
10. Omkar Velankar
11. Berit Ladefoged

Introduction to the leadership talk we are having:

What is it and employees’ experiences? in Procurement.

Demand versus Coaching

Places the blame version accepts the blame

My way is the only way versus strong in unity

Uses people versus develop people

Relies on authority versus relies on goodwill

Says – I versus says We

Whatever you do as leader, good leadership must always come from the person you have led. You never really know if you are a good leader before someone tell you how you manage to bring out the best in someone else.

If you get fired from a toxic leader or workplace you are very lucky to get out, why because if you stay you face to overthink, develop anxiety or even depression.

To have a great boss who make life better for you makes your performance and your ability to do better even more attractive.

Why do you think they ask to your family when they interview you? They want to know how your backland is and how you are able to have a steady life.

They do not ask to your backland or family because they care about you as person, they want to know how stabile reliable you are, as this will have impact on your work performance.

For any leader it is about how to get the best results and there are many ways how to get results, at the end of the day, money talks and the results are all the same or are they?

The dialog we are having today is acknowledgement versus encouragement:

Flooris van der Walt

Opened our dialog maybe even using a business-coach to encourage the relationship.

We need authentic leaders who know who they are and what they stand for.

Often leaders have a behavior that is not their own, and the leaders we will need in the future must be more authentic if people are to connect with them.

Our teaching must enroll strengthen skills set for leaders to balance in themselves. Even if you are the best leader in the world, it is not possible to be there for all.

One person cannot be there for all.

Heidi Garrett

Agreed to authentic and the courage to be who you are.

Courage to know who you are and what you are is the reason you are a different leader. It’s about how we show up, it’s about how can we help each other and make the positive change and difference that is needed.

Encourage each other to do even better.

As this call is about Acknowledgement versus Encouragement

We found talking back and forth that Encouragement is like an umbrella and under Encouragement is acknowledgement as one of the things that you can use that will encourage people to move on and keep going.

Fact is for good leadership it is about bringing out the best in people, so they do even better because you are there. Fact is that companies that perform well has a good leadership.

People perform well when they are encouraged and acknowledged.

Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)

Highlighted the fact that acknowledgement is given when a person has done it. The performance is done, and you acknowledge the way the person has done or the results the person has done.

Whereas Encouragement is given before the person or during the fulfillment of the task – so the two are not at all the same, but they hold the same intention to bring people to higher performance.

Leadership is about higher performance; you seek good and strong leadership to enroll a strong and solid performance for your business.

Everyone seeks strong leadership to help the organization deliver the results they aim for. What does it required for people to make the right choices?

It’s not only the right choices in the board room

It’s the choices employees make every day when they are at work, and their ability to make the right choices.

You see companies who have been doing well for year all of a sudden lose profit?

They lose profit because their leadership in the layers are not good enough to make each employee have the right performance

It can be due to

Lack of trust, you micromanage you team and therefore performance is micro achievements

Lack of decision making no employee can make any decision

Or you do not know the strategy you work for?

There are many reasons – facts are that it is missing focus on your business – your leadership has focus elsewhere.

Bryan C Dunn

Lead by example

What you pay attention to you, you will get more of, so if your attention is on that people are not performing you will get more of, that and people will not do anything at all.

We are in phase of time where anything is possible, and people can do almost anything and if you want people to perform well you need to encourage and empower their performance.

Good workers who are self-thinking is what companies need.

You need people who can make a difference compared to competitors.

When you offer guidance, people grow and perform even better. Where you bid in where support is needed and empower and strengthen the team you get even better teams and performance.

Lead by example and pay attention to what people really need

No one is the same and everyone needs different support and encouragement.

Flooris van der Walt

You must adjust to the people you are with, not everyone needs the same. Focus is on performance and ambition acknowledge and encourage is the way forward using the right tools to bring out the best in people, you can easily see if what you are doing is right.

If a person blooms you know you are on the right track is a person start fading away, you know you are not encouraging the right way.

People need a leader that can add the right acknowledgement and encouragement.

People can do so much more than they can imagine and as a leader you must meet them where they are.

It’s for you to meet your employees and not the other way around.

What you believe as leader is very important.

You are there to help and support your employees understand, get the tasks right and support them to deliver the result management want.

If an employee fail, you fail as leader.

We are in desperate need of authentic leaders who can really lead people, corporate performance is missing due to poor leadership.

Bryan C Dunn

Listen to your employees and start working with them. Most leaders do not work with their employees they have it all wrong they think they are there to tell people what to do and how to do it and when.

They think they are tough bosses and they love the role they have

Playing hard to employees whereas what they are really getting is less and poor performance.

Flooris van der Walt

We are talking about the self-image that people have, there must be alliance between what people have within and what people discover and often there is not this alliance.

In Switzerland the have a saying die Selbsbild.

It’s the person must work for and have the right self-image of who they are and what intension they have.

Being a strong leader is about how other people feel and how you make other people grow, it’s not about who you are and how great you are.

Great leaders are people who make great performance.

Heidi Garrett

We must keep in mind that it all depends upon where in the organization you are placed and from what angle you move, at the end of the day it all comes down to the financial purpose and how you add value.

Bryan C Dunn

Value and how we add value is very important and the power of value a teacher lives with every day, how to add value to your students and how you as a teacher need to adapt and treat each student differently to get the same result.

You are the cores of what the kids know

And they trust your learning and they are with you all the way if you are true not only to them but to yourself too.

Heidi Garrett

Leading in the moment that is leadership that is so powerful, and teacher are in the moment.

Berit Ladefoged

Leadership is the most powerful tool you have to create good results in a company. Over time you see the CEO’s ability to keep the right people.

If you did not fire this person who is now working for your competitor

If you had kept the team who performed and generated results

Leaders who think they are tough whereas they are really weak as they only see with 2 eyes.

A smart boss has the right people around him, and it just proves how important it is to surround yourself with good people who bring out the best in you.

Good performance comes with goodwill and your passion to make it happen.

Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)

Leaders must keep growing and improving. It’s their ability to see the strength and power in other people.

Heidi Garrett

There is one thing you must be very aware of as leader is that you are going to fail. There will come a day where you have to choose who you are a great leader or choosing yourself.

Flooris van der Walt

What a leader does is about courage and have the courage to take it up, and always look at the positive side and always talk positive about any employees.

Heidi Garrett

The challenge is as le being open, that is regardless ing open, that is regardless

Bryan C Dunn

Reflections to our talks is team meeting it a good way to keep your team in track.

Heidi Garrett

For any leadership the at the end of the day the focus will be on how can we make money.

Bryan C Dunn

Shareholders the Google paradigm is a shift promote integrity

Support people

But that is a whole other meeting

Flooris van der Walt

Leadership is staying in the moment

Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)

Wrap up and ready for next week call.

Important to be in real life

How to take all ideas and incorporate them

We are all leaders of the life we live

Send your question or support.

Acknowledgement versus Encouragement

Wrapping up we found when digging into leadership that under encouragement is acknowledgement and together, we acknowledgement there are many other addons you can use to empower your employees.

We agreed that :

Motivation speech is what a great leader can benefit from knowing

Being there is what can empower the relationship as a leader to your employees

Guidance is a strong tool to keep on track and secure performance as a leadership tool

Listening to where they gaps are to know who you work with is a strong tool in leadership

Openminded be wth your employees or they will not perform for you

Facts is that leadership skills for the future will change and if companies want to have great people, they will need great leaders.

We enter a time where the large companies will be challenged by small companies out human tough


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