Integrity is the key

Integrity is the key – How to be who you are?

It’s not that simple you do as your boss pleases to keep your job, or you get fired, but do you get fired for wanting to do a good job?

Where is the hidden treasure, why are companies losing profit and sales? what is the missing link?

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Integrity is the key.

Integrity is the key – be true to who you really are and believe in yourself – stand with and for yourself. I have been through a Whistleblowing – time – a time where I wanted to be compliant to law and the business that I worked for did not. Going through that – telling my boss, standing by what is right, and believe in it.

Never do that – to be honest, how stupid was I, go against a billion Euro business as one of the largest. If you see something wrong in a business – get out. FREE yourself – Integrity is the key but to yourself. If a business does not want to be compliant, do not work for them, do not buy their services.

But for your sake, do not tell.

Integrity is the key to yourself and how you do in life. No, what other people do and how they solve their mistakes. There is no trust or loyalty that can handle whistleblowing – Integrity is the key to what you do not solve the problems of someone else.

Leadership and how to gain the alignment of daily basis count.

A good leader will let everyone involved add their competence to that task, and will not bully you or make you be silent. Silent is the key to no engagement and alignment – you want to open for engagement and alignment to know experience and improvements.

Silence keeps alone.

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