Fitting to the new job – We fit the job, where we are, we fit the family, we are in, we fit the friends, we have, and fit-out-fit “the right” – what do you think?

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Fit has become a daily part of what we seek and wants to achieve or else we change. We fit the job where we are, we fit the family we are in, we fit the friends we have and fit outfits “the right” for us, we listen to the fit music. There are many terms for that fit.

We seek the match in all we do. We seek the perfect match – let me tell you there is no perfect match – there is excellence and something better than the perfect match. There is life and colors and there is the journey of discovery.

Today when we apply for a job, we are tested and we ensure that we are the right match. Online you can match yourself. Fitting is what we seek and what we aim for. My last job was perfect people in a perfect world – listen not a word it’s perfect On the opposite side of fit and match, right – stands –  diverse, patience, courage, tolerance and different. Why the perfect match who is to challenge us and make us see the world differently if we are solely among people who fit and match. Perfect – what is that? it’s boring, still, no mistakes, nothing to laugh about, no sharing, no talk. How will you see the different colors in life? if you pick the perfect color. If you categorize who are you are, what will your life become? We gain a lot from making fitting and we lose a lot. It is all up to you to determine how you choose to use fitting in your life and how fast you move forward, changing to have the fit you have in your head. Change and moving on – is all in the circle with fitting.

What does fitting mean, when we are looking for new challenge in life

  Who are your friends and who are your partner and what job do you have? How does it fit into your life and how you see it. Fitting is given peace of mind when things fit we do not have to think about it, it fits it matches and there it is just as it should be, it fits. Fitting with our partner is the common doing and wishing for the same things in life. The fitting is a match of steps and moves forward. A common understanding of what is the way and how to do it. It is a common mindset, fitting is the match things are as you expect and the world is as you expect it to be, you are among the expected, the fit, and the match. Fitting is the match. When you look for a new job or a new partner or new friend are they new or new but the same. Did you look for something new or did you look for the same just a different place? Being fired from a job gives you the opportunity to wipe the board clean. You did not get the change to make the decision whether or not the job fitted you, they made the decision that the fitting was wrong. Fitting is about smiling, smile and wave, let it go. Fitting is how can you agree and still move on. I was once at a job interview for a position where      

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Not being a troublemaker

Are you a troublemaker because you see the world with different eyes? Are you a troublemaker because your vision is not the same and the angle that you see the task from is different.

Fitting makes different views and different angles look like you are a trouble maker, it makes you look like you are divergent and you will end up being bullied out of what you do. The mactch has become so strong that there is no room for seeing things differently or from a different view. The lost vision opens up for new areas and way that has never been seen before like disruption and diversity, it is not because you are a troublemaker. Working out of streams, seeing things differently was what in the old days kept the couple together, the friendship to hold and the for you to stay in your job What did that require on the opposite side – passion, compassion, comfort, understanding, and courage. Fitting and troublemaker go hand in hand. You must take a good look at yourself to understand what is important. If you are in a job where what you see it not matching your ethics or code of conduct. What will you do? That is where expression like turning the other chick comes to us, or look the other way.

Fitting is used today in so many phases and ways and it is all about the perfect match. The idea of following the given code of conduct for the given area. There is nowhere to step out. This time phase is about learning how to be quiet and not let anyone know whether or not you are really are in or you really do agree. If you do, you are a troublemaker and will be marked as one.

Does seeing things in a different way mean that you are a troublemaker or what does it mean. Depending on where you are in your own life, and on what level you are in your life. You see things differently. For example, any person with any skills can have the right vision if you get back up from management. This does not mean that it is the right way or the only way to do it. It means that management supports the consequences in the model you have chosen. In all we say and do there is an impact for good and an impact for consequences and it is to align on the consequences that are important. What does it mean to do sustainable business, asking 10 different procurement people and you will have 10 different versions of what sustainable means it all depends on from which angle you see the task you are trying to solve? Ask any salesperson how to conduct a good sale and even some of the best salespeople can be changed due to different views of how a sale must be conducted. Ask any HR-Manager who is making co-worker agreements and each of them has their view of what a good sustainable contract is. We speak from where we stand and from what is in it for us. What is there to be gained and what consequences are we looking at. Troublemakers, we become when we do not agree with the wind of direction.  

Why Fitting is important

  Why is fitting so important, think about how you must fit in everywhere you are. Among your family, friends, work, sports, etc. There is nowhere today where you do not have to think about who you fit in. Back we never changed the family, we learned to get along and use tolerance and acceptance to get along. We could take a fight and we would learn over time to adapt to the circumstances. That is not the case today if there is not the match you are seeking. You change and move on. Changing is our way. We benefit so much from being the fit. You never need to discuss or explain yourself because you are already aligned, the already established fitting has proved its test. You know that you are among those who understand what you say and how you said. You know that your surrounding is aligned with you Fitting is the match and you have the support for what you set out for. Fitting is the YES.  

What is the challenge about fitting

  Thinking about it what happens when we are challenged to fitting and the match. If you think about a suit and wearing something where the match is not there, you feel uncomfortable we notice and you know exactly where the match is not. You keep thinking about the missing match and wished that you had made a different choice when purchasing the suit. You lose focus on what you really should be doing because your mind is in a suit that does not match you. You cannot concentrate You cannot move forward You cannot do what you have set yourself out for   The challenge you face is your ability to understand, what input diversity comes with. Your ability to use the senses that are influenced by the missing match. If a suit does not match what positive input does that give you?

  • it makes you notice things you would take for granted
  • It makes you aware of
  • It makes you feel new things
  • It makes you see
  • It makes you understand

  But it does change the focus. The challenge about how you adapt to new things is not fitting you. it is a strange thing to think about because when things fit you, do they fit the other person? What is in between? What if we just focus on what is right for ourselves or what if we learn to adapt to what is good for what is the right thing to do.  

What do you get from good fitting.

  You get the focus you are looking for. You get what is right for you, the right worker, the right suit, it is the fit, that makes you not even think about it, it just matches, there is a no different angle or new inputs or surprises. You get more of what you want You to get the direction and steps forward you are seeking You get your match  

Why fitting is bad

  Can fitting ever be bad? It is what we seek through our whole life, the balance, the peaceful mind and all this come from fitting. You surround yourself with people who give you the feedback and support you strive for. You seek to be among the family who is like you, you seek friends that are like you. When fitting is bad, that is just because you have not found your own stream of the fitting.

Some find their match early in life and stay on the level and stage. Others move on and keep moving seeking to find the place where the match – goes with them. So is fitting a bad thing. You strive to find peace of mind, so fitting is what you strive for. You strive to be among friends, co-workers, and family where you feel you belong, so fitting is what you strive for.  

What do you lose with good fitting

What do you lose when the fitting is in place, you lose the once that will challenge, improve, change, or the moving on, and achieving new trends and opportunities.

Once a suit fits. It fits the match is there. That’s it. Once you have the match at work, how do you see yourself moving on and creating the results that are expected of you? The better a match the less disturbance. You are what they are looking for a track follower. From the companies, to have created core values, this is what is expected and if you have the same values you fit right in. Once you have a match for your suit, you know what to buy and how to wear it. Your shape matches the lines and forms and the fit is here. Once you have the match for your family, you fit in and you feel that you belong and are at home.

Nothing happens that is out of your steam and view. This fit is there What do we lose when the fitting is in place.

Drive, change, new, challenge, tolerance, wider perspective, etc.

With fitting come words like belong, feeling in balance, harmony, peace of mind.

You will lose what goes forward in a new stream, what is changing. Think about it, when you were little what did you parent say about you watching TV – it will destroy you. Did it? – what are you telling your children that they play too much Mind Craft, will it destroy them? Or is history repeating itself as life changes and moves on and with match and fitting came new words like


Diversity and fitting – There will always be someone who does not match or fit in what you say, does this make them less or does this mean that they do not have a heart and love their families. Or does it say something about the people who can only accept fitting and matching? Let’s leave those points open as this is still the journey we face and are moving into. What is for sure, is that you must look inside out to know what is the right fit and match for you.  

Why do we seek so intensive?

Because, there is nothing today that is for sure, not even your family. You work on what you have and your way to accomplice your way in work, friends, and family will determine the life you live. Once you have your family and you feel you belong and fit. You feel at home. This is what you will fight for to keep.

Till you find it you will keep searching and looking for ways and different families to find the one, who is right for you. What fitting does is analyze your doings, categorize and sort us so we are among others like ourselves, and at the end gives us lives that are on the level that this fit manages to create. If you decide to break out of the level or the family you will be divergent and stand alone.   Listen to what you have within

  • Know if you like to be challenged and challenge
  • Know if you use your patience
  • Know if tolerance is in use from your side

Know what kind of match you are seeking At CAL we like diversity, we like to improve for the better for the right reasons. Therefore, to be a member of CAL is about making changes for the right reasons, giving everyone a chance.  

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