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Being a coach can be lonely and over time it can be difficult to keep up with what is going on in the real world. We change that, here you are in a team of coaches that meet up and help each other be accountable. You are not alone and you do not struggle alone to keep moving forward establishing your business alone. You will be in a team of coaches.

As a coach, you get to be in a masterclass with like-minded coaches every week.

Helping and serving other people is a gift and a choice. Do not let yourself down by being alone. Step into our network of life coaches and start living your dream among other like minded coaches. Get more knowledge and extend your world.

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The First 25 coaches get’s ONE chapter in a bestselling book with Divay Parekh

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To be the best you must be among the best,  and to get to that point you must practice and know more as an ongoing process. This membership is for coaches who want to be in a team, keep each other accountable and helping each other establish and create great service to your clients. Build your brand and create your personal branding. This is coaches supporting coaches.

Practical Information

CAL is your Masterclass for learning life’s tools – to keep you updated

  • You get Entry into CALmunity where all coaches are
  • Entry to your CAL-Team 12 CALcoaches
  • Team Meetup virtually every week, 45min
  • Team Weekly virtual call with CALcoach as lead 45 min
  • Your private CAL Forum for your Team – online
  • Your Coaching information on the site
  • Your program + sessions on the site
  • e-mail address + promotion + calendar

78 Hours Team and Masterclass

You can always sign up to CAL no matter where you are in life. We take you forward. With A Safe Place To Ask

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