Life Coach Berit Ladefoged

“Your dream stones will determine the challenges you need to conquer"

Find the people who will show you the best side of life and help you be who you are, being among the right people is what makes the difference for me, all coaches at CAL have a wonderful impact on me, and I hope you discover the same one good day + one good day

About Me

Life has shown me many faces!

The struggle and strength to cross the bridge and still make the right choice is hard work. I am ME – and –  I am MY.  The story I face the life tools I process is what makes me and as s Certified Life Coach and a Master in NLP, TNLP.  I strive to support and help my clients maximize their opportunities in their Privat, Personal & Professional life.  Find the right people to support and guide one is a dream to come true, facing a problem is one thing. Feeling all alone with it is another thing, and life has taught me that being among the right people, who can show me the best sides of life and bring out the best in me, is what gives me the energy to give it to you. To see you grow and achieve your dreams, it is why I am part of CAL, it is why, the forum for you between sessions, because whom we are among have a direct impact on what we do.  I hope I/we can support you and show you the good side of life, cross bridges and make a difference.

“To cross the bridge takes courage and strength and to know that you are among people who will support and guide you gives peace of mind to do it."

Find the people who will support and guide you to achieve your dreams, find the people who bring out the best in you and make you smile

Let Me Coach You

  • My life coaching services is about your gap’s  and to understanding your goals, your journey, your effort and how you want to achieve or work for it. How you manage your life choices. In each gap there is hope and dreams, and together we explore your world and find out what you need.
  • My coaching style is 1-0-1 Zoom. Skype and Support Groups. ( I am a teamplayer for your success and achievements)
  • My coaching process is alignment, awareness, goals – what do you need support and guidance for. Your responsibility is to be in the game to tell, share and shape your way. Being among the right people is what makes the difference. Between our sessions you have the forums support groups where you can  ask and get answer, and support from other memebers