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The choice that changes everything is the decision to change how you react to all the small things that accrue every day. It is the decision that you make right now, the smile you decide to give your wife, the comfort you offer to another person right now, it is the – Oh I am sorry – you give this moment.

It is the decision to do it, get up and get the salt, read with your son later today, and see the tennis match today.

It’s not seeking and changing because nothing out there will ever change unless you make it happen.

Will you believe that it all starts with first, one, the intention, a wish, a hope

You will never believe it, and you will tell me, that you are not reading anything,  you didn’t know and all is true I am not going to invent anything here, just let me know – that you do it.

That is all

  • There is only you, who can make it happen, no one else. Do you agree
  • There is only you, who decides your behavior. Do you agree
  • There is only you, who knows your intentions. Do you agree
  • There is only you, who knows the outcome you seek in life. Do you agree
  • There is only you, who knows what is important to you. Do you agree?

The choices that change everything

Is very simple it is doing the right things in the little things. That is what will change everything.


Let’s take a few cases so you see what I mean.

It is not the woman; you choose to be your wife.

It is, how you decide to solve all the small daily conversations and interactions you have with her. It is, how you decide to keep love, trust, and respect life. It is not who she is, but the way you decide to define who she is to yourself.

It is not the job, you choose and get in life

It is, the way you decide to use the skills and knowledge that you process and how you decide to define your skills. It is how you decide to work every day, and how you decide to achieve the outcome you are seeking.

It is not the friends that you choose to have

It is, how you decide to help each other solve life’s topics that will define the friendship that you have. It is not the problem it is how you decide to solve.

It is, not the brother and sister you have

It is, how you manage to reach out, talk things through, and how you solve life topics that will determine what kind of relationship that you will have among each other. How you define, it is how it will be

It is, not the family itself you have

It is, how you decide to be among your family members how you decide to solve the difficult issues and problems that arise in the family. That is what will determine, who you are and if you find the ability to keep the family together.

Any topic you solve

It is, not the problem, but how you solve it, how you work the best way for you.

Why do some always manage to

The choice that changed it all

Did ever think about, what changed your life, what was it that made the difference to all the good things that happened.

Can we agree on?

That you are the only one who can make a difference in your life?

If so

Think about how you react and then think about how you would like to react.

If there a gap?

A choice to change your reaction

Nothing can happen that you do not let happen, it is not happening to you. You make it happen and therefore it is happening for you.

Life is meant to challenge you in the levels you seek. If you seek tough challenges that are what you face, and if you seek easy challenges that are too what you face. One challenge can be easy for you and hard for me. It is the skills and knowledge that determines how our outcome is.

What is your intention in this situation?

It can never go wrong unless you have an intention and a wish for a certain outcome. If you walk into a room with no intention what so ever. Whatever happens will be okay with you.

If you walk into a room with the intention to makes friends, you have a wish you want to fulfill and you will work your way through the crowd to see who among the people that you can become friends with.

You have an agenda.

It is the agenda that we work to fulfill

Because you want to achieve your outcome, and the first step is your intention to make it happen.

Think about it, what you do when you want to achieve something, you move on your intention. Was my intention to help?

– the result that other measured was something else.

That is the challenge you face you stand between your intention to achieve a goal and how you do it is what other people measure.

In business, there is a strategy and what we do to achieve it, is the outcome we get. Your boss wants to achieve a specific result, and the way he makes people work is how he achieves the result. If there is a match between what he’s intention is and the outcome he gets all is good. If there is a gap between the two he’s intention and how others measure his doing is not matching.

Some things are for you and me a person, I have an intention for me to have great relations with my co-workers at work, but this is not the outcome that I have. If I want things to change, at work I must change the intention and act that I do.

You get what you do, and it all starts with the intention you have.

What do other people see

That’s the trouble we are facing, that no one can see, what we are thinking. You are the only one who knows what is right for you and it is up to you to explain to people around you, what outcome you seek, and how you feel that the right way to achieve your outcome is.

Lucky for all of us, that many of life strategies happen by themselves we do not even think about them, as things go faster and become more extreme we see more challenges to find the right outcome.

The choice we make

What do you want to be when you grow up, the first challenge is, when am I grown up, there is no longer a time for things, you can do most things at any age and you can change many times if you like to?

If you are to become good at what you do, you must stay with what you set your mind off to. Being a good player of tennis was hard 50 years ago, being a tennis player year 2017 is so different. We are challenging not only the body but the techniques, the tools, the play has changed so much over the years.

Any game changes over the years and skills changes and the challenge are to change to adapt to the new mindset.

Our mindset is defining how you seek to solve, this comes from what you have learned from home plus the skills you achieve over the years, the people you meet the challenges you seek.

Your act is from your intentions, which you have defined from the outcome you seek.

If this is the case,

Then it means that you have decided even before anything happens how and what you are going to do.

If this is the case then let’s talk through

Your wife, and your choice how to be with your wife

Your intention and your ability to act is the result you have, to get the results to find balance in your intentions and your outcome defines, how you feel about the relationship, you have.

The inner picture and outcome, which is defined by you, how you manage to make that inner picture come true this is how your inner intention works its way out.

Looking at a perfect wife is your creation because during the years she turned into the perfection your aim for. She spends her time on the things that give good basis for your good relationship.

Our time together tells what is important to you. Your time with your wife shows what is important to you. Let is it be what you are all about.

Your husband, and your choice how to be with your husband

Your intention and your ability to act and find the common ground of your relationship, what is your relationship when you thinking about it numbers is it 50/50?

Close your eyes and work your way through, see what you do well and know what is right for you. The challenge is not to burst out and get it your way, the challenge is to react the right way – it is not what happens it is your reaction. The time you are with your husband he will turn into what you think is the right husband to have because you are a strong whip every day together you wipe into each other what is right and what is wrong in your relationship. You get the basis of what you are; this is what you see, shown in your husband.


With this said and done

Let’s turn it around for a moment,

if you do not get your way, how would you like others to react? That is how we should proceed if you want something and you get it, you smile, you grow, you feel wonderful, you like the people you are among?

Did you ever stop for a second and think – did they get what they came for, do you know.

  • When you get your way, how much did others get their way?
  • When you do not get your way, how much did others get their way?

Next step is our reaction. How we react

Is not getting your way equal to that you do not like each other, or is it equal to that your like each other even more because you are who you are.

Your children, and your choice how to be with them

It is not all your good intentions for the future. It is, what you do with them this moment, the hug you stop and give them, even though you feel like getting angry. It is the passion you show and teach them, what the right thing to do is,  even though you know you have said it 100 times, the comfort and understanding your child needs when they feel hopeless, the strength and ability to go on when times are hard with friends.

That is the choice that will change it all.

Your job, and your choice how to work

It is, not what you know when you start a new job, it is how you decide to learn and adapt to their way of doing. It is how you listen to their good performance and add more positively to.

It is your way of understanding what is important to them, and what they are doing, it is how you decide to adapt to their way of life. How you lift them. How positive active you are.

You are a brick and “the puzzle must match” It is how you manage to go about and adapt yourself to being the match. What skills are you bringing; it is, the ability to use the skills from all co-workers that give great result.

You know in a split, what your co-workers are good at. You know what you can do, and you know how you see it right.

That is the choice that will change it all.

That is what will take you to where you want to go.

You friends and the choice how to be with them.

What are friends all about?

Friends are about so many things and most importantly it is about how we follow and support, comfort, guide each other through the journey. Our friends we choose, our friends have the role in our lives we decide, they come as close to you as you like. They are formed, as you shape them.

How you solve life’s travel and tasks during your journey, that is what will define the friends you have and your ability to move one.

That is, the choice that will change it all

Your friends will stay on as long as you are on a common journey. With support for one another. Close your eyes and see the role you define for your friends.

Your brother and sisters and the choice you make how to be with them

Your brother or sister is not your choice; they are your family and part of you no matter what you do.

It is not possible for you to change them; it is possible for you to forget them.

The way you choose to be together will alway define the relationship you will have and build upon.

One must also be aware of the difference can be too wide, or maybe you have already taken so many difficult paths together that it is time for rest and new input and wise man said, that it is better to be apart than tire each other up due to different views. Maybe it is the best gift you can give each other to be apart.

That is, the choice that will change it all

The choice that will change it all is the choice to change the way you act in the moment right here right now, in all small day-to-day doings.

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