What is mindfulness and what is the meaning? Our research is based on knowledge. This + 2.000 word guided article are for beginners.

Let’s get started with: What is mindfulness? Short described is it a mind in balance with what you do and what your are. A mind that has the ability to be present in the moment, a mind that is in a state where you are aware, present and listening not only to what is going on around you, but has the ability of a constant inner awareness and present to what is going on within.

This sounds very simple to be present what mindfulness is, doing the right thing every minute. We all know, that it is not, we know, that it can be very difficult to stop thinking about things, that either we have to do or we have to solve, things from work or family trouble, If it matters to us, we spend time thinking about it.

Our thoughts make us, at a point come to the conclusion and from this point on we move on. That is when things go well, there are sometimes that we have issues or trouble that we just keep thinking about and we do not do anything about, we just keep going around and spinning.

We can overthink, we can worry and we can stress ourselves out if we do not learn to control our minds. We do not get a better result, because we overthink or because we worry, on the contrary, our mind is busy thinking more or less the same over and over again, and we get tired and do not see smart ways to solve our trouble or concerns.

That is why, to be present and being where you are, helps you improve your ability to know, what is the right thing to do. first though is often the right one.

If you are present do you doubt your doings?

Where does the doubt come from?

We want have balance, and we can do what is right, that is what we want in whatever do.

First step is to know, that we focus on what is right in our own lives, that we use our present and knowledge to be aware of what are the big stones we pick out for our lives. When we have chosen the big stones, our presents and awareness needs to be aligned with our inner outcome for life.

Then we need to fill our lives with daily things that are all around us and knowing that they are minor or less important for our lives we interact but we do not use much time or mind thinking of it.

Then we have all the unimportant things in life, that are and we can do nothing or little to influence these things we spend no or very little time and thinking on.

If we for this moment say that our lives have 3 categories, one the big stones, two large sand corns and third find sand corns and then the last part is water.

To be in balance we must ensure that we use our present to listen, our mind thinking on the large stones in our life, like our family, friends, job, educations, future goals. That we use minor or less time in our mind on the large sand corns. Most important is that we do not spend time thinking on the minor sand corns and the water in life.

If we spend too much time in our minds on things that we do not have any influence on our minds will get even more frustrated and start thinking even more.

We need to have our own good balance in life between the water, sand and stones.

You pick the important stones in your life, that is where you focus should be and where your mind should be present. To be aware and present because what is going on matter to you and the consequences and the outcome. To be part of your family understanding what is happening to your children, wife or husband, must be one of the most important things for you to know, because whatever happens to them have an enormous impact on your life. You depend upon them as they depend upon you.

Your ability to listen and really listen to what is happening to them in life gives you outcome for all family members. The ability to be present is to make each one of your family members feel that you are present you are there with them, that is the greatest feeling we can give each other.

That is doing the right thing in the moment.

What does this give you back, when you are present, it gives you joy and a mind in balance, later on you do not have to spend time thinking about why did I not do.

Most of or doing we forget, we move on and we grow, we develop and we become even better. Most of the thing that we spend time on in our minds are either the things that we wished we had said or done. Or the things that we dreamed to do but never did.We cannot remember all the times we said I love you, but we always remember the few times where we did not say it.


We forget all the times where our family had fun and a great time, and we remember the times where we got angry and spoiled the fun for the family.

Which leads us to that our big stones in life are important, and what we do, say and feel matters and has a large impact not only one our own lives but on our family members. One of the first things in our start of being aware and present to be mindful is to discover and know what is most important to us, what needs our focus and presents.


We need to segment our lives, we need the awareness of the level we have for all the things that are in our lives. If we have things in our lives that we do not know if they are important to us, how do we then know what kind of attention and thinking we should use on it.

Our time and our thoughts are the only thing that we have that is different from one another, Each one of us is unique, each one of us has our own inner outcome for what is right. That is what makes us – so when we hear or say, be who you are, that is what we are, what matter to you and what you give attention that is what defines you as you.

What is mindfulness good for

Let’s take a look at the case if you spend your time and thinking on water or things that you have none or very little influence on, this would frustrate us, because our mind and our thinking would not have any influence and our thoughts would not go anywhere. We would circle around. Think about politics if you are not a politician you have not influence on what is happening or think about a football game, we all wish we were playing, but when we are not we have not influence on the game, we can watch and we say all we want and will not make a difference.

To be mindful is to focus and be present for the things that matter to you in life, it is to do right and be present because you know that within you have a outcome and when you seek the balance in your life, you need to know that what you are doing have an impact and you matter. What you do makes a difference. You are the difference.

With your family, you are a key stone, what you say matters to all members, your mood, your way, you’re doing, you have a direct impact on all members of your family. When we build our own family, we choice what we like in life, what we want to have within our family. How aware are you of what you are doing within your family?

How much is your decision and how much did you do from your autopilot? How much of what you do is you?

That is the way to start, look to find out what is your key stones in life, what is important, start understanding what we in coaching would call your values in life, what moves you and what do you not like.

What is you? who are you?

To ask good questions for yourself and look inside, that is where it all is, and there is something for all of us, keep the balance, keep the understanding, keep the tolerance not for others, look at what you do, not of what you say. Say stop to yourself, tell yourself what you will do, spend time on the people who likes you.

Start working forward to improve your own doing – to be mindful.

Mindful is a present in what we do, the abundance we seek the sustainability for lasting and knowing that we are.

When you start looking and working your own levels of key stones, when you start focusing on what you give attention we find that so much more can come to us of things that we do not understand or that we would like and wish were different.

Start with the beginning and know that you have started – acknowledge yourself for what you are doing right now, never look back, do things so you can take your mind forward in all you do.

Walking on the street you see an overweight girl running – what do you think? Ohh she is overweight or do you think that she manages to take on the running shoes and clothes and is out doing it. She is doing it. That is her doing and reality, what we think and say is our doing. Fact is that we are not running, we did not do anything.

Who is to be admired?

Who would you rather be the one that is running and trying to improve one’s life of the one that looks at other and says something.

To say something may take a second, to build up and change for the better can take years or even a life time.

When we endeavor, when we do and when we struggle to make it better we know how hard it is, keep in mind and in present the reasons why you do it, for what? What has to be better for whom? What do you want to give to the world? In all our doings, we set a mark for a short time our mark will last and after this our mark will be a story of life.

Others may learn from our story or our story may not be told, because there is not anything to tell, our story is not leading anywhere and sitting now wanting to find a better way to understand and using your mind. What are you thinking that you are doing? Will your story be told?

Once we start focusing and being present in our own lives, we find that it is not what we think we do, but how others react that matters to us, how our behavior is seen by other. The story we have inside may not be the same story seen from the eyes of others.

If you decide to tell your story in ME, think about that other great, good people will read you story and your story will matter you will make a mark, and know that you do that, because what you are feeling and your searching for improvements. I too am looking for.

The inner understanding and the inner peace, finding the way to the source of my own origin what matter to me, who I am, what I need to do, how I act.

I cannot look at others and find my happiness, I need to look at me, and make my own doings, I need to learn to do things for me, of all the right reasons and for all the right reasons for who I want to be.

Know what you want to be and know what you must do. You are responsible for your doings.

So when you start working mindfulness, you work your present doings what you do where you are, when you are there, that makes all the difference in the world for you and this will mean something to you and you will build up who you are, because you will look at who you are, and what you are is a strong, origin good person, with integrity in all doings.

What do you see, when two people ague, do you see the one that strikes back or do you see who pushed the situation to the level, where one person could not take it anymore? What was the intention, and what was the wish for the outcome, and who obtained, what they wanted out of the situation, when you are present you know what you do, for which reasons?

When you know, you know what to do.

Make your choices for all the right reasons and do what it takes to become an even better person, be who you are.

Use Me, to tell your story and to find your key stones in life Use MY to know what skills you need and what to have in life and Use By invitation only to be among other well experienced people who like you want to use their stories and learn awareness, knowledge to achieve the abundance, who like you are seeking to make a difference, making the difference that matter.

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