The employer Alignment leads to good results

Alignment with your employer and why? When you are hired you are hired for a [ Read more .... ]

10 Reasons to write your topics in life and get feed back

Why scrutinize? When you write things down, you get it out of your head and [ Read more .... ]

1 Thing you must know Where does it really start, it is the change

Start right here. Start right here Did you ever stop for a second and think [ Read more .... ]

How to succeed While feeling good inner balance?

Inner balance Coaching and Life, Inner balance with coaching the strongest tool we know to [ Read more .... ]

Your skills of Life Coaching and Here is how to Be Successful

Working with life coach can be everything from joining life coaching school to joining classes, [ Read more .... ]

Change It – ALL – 5 Reason Why You Really Want Good Life Balance

Life balance – What it is all about, think about it, what is the last [ Read more .... ]

Life coach community Free your mind with a safe place to ask

Life coach community. Your life coach community is your safe place to ask the questions [ Read more .... ]

Responsible act and behavior

Responsible act and behavior Responsible act and behavior. Act responsible for your doings, your behavior [ Read more .... ]

Change happens and Change is a gift – A parcel special for you.

Change happens Change happens- You see and feel so much of yourself. When you go [ Read more .... ]

Do Not Fear Failure – Fear that you will be in the same Place Next Year

Feel right It is a life coaching blog Feel right- when you feel it must [ Read more .... ]

It’s all out of love DO you get it?

If you love people, they will do anything for you out of love. It is [ Read more .... ]

Use the gap tool to make the change

Gap tools A great way to change your way and redefine what you are. This [ Read more .... ]

10 things we forget when we are Angry.

What happens when we get angry, most of the time it is our own lack [ Read more .... ]

Open Your Eyes – The story You Tell, Has So Much Power Do you Know It

Open Your Eyes – Do you know how powerful you are? Do you know if [ Read more .... ]

The One Who Helps? The messenger? The One who reaches out?

The one you look at as being wrong and weak. Stop for a moment and [ Read more .... ]

You Hurt Me – Finding Balance Again – Get On With It

You hurt me, finding balance again when feeling hurt. One of the most important things [ Read more .... ]

10 ways to make a good choice, you must choose

A good choice – Begin with the end. A good choice and 10 ways to [ Read more .... ]

The Choice How a choice to choose is what really matters

The choice ‘Did you just fall?’ ‘No, I was checking if gravity still works.’ (Meggy [ Read more .... ]

New ME 10 reasons how to take action and reach your goals

Action and goals – Steer and Navigate to your goals, The action and goals – [ Read more .... ]

When Shame meets Trust: 2 powerful values and how to move on.

It is “the one” who tried, worked beloved, who is left with shame. It is [ Read more .... ]

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