What happens when we get angry, most of the time it is our own lack of what to do, or how to solve the topic, that makes us angry, we do not know, what to do,

we have many choices and the one that comes to us is to get angry. thinking about it while you read here, what do we solve?

– do we give others a chance to understand us, do we understand them, why do we even have this capability to get angry.

If to get angry did not serve a purpose then, why would we humans even have this capability?

Many things happen to us when we get angry. We get so much more strength; we add so much power to ourselves. Do we use this power wisely to achieve the outcome we are seeking?

Thinking about it while you read here, what do we solve?

– do we give others a chance to understand us, do we understand them, why do we even have this capability to get angry.

If to get angry did not serve a purpose then, why would we humans even have this capability?

Many things happen to us when we get angry. We get so much more strength; we add so much power to ourselves. Do we use this power wisely to achieve the outcome we are seeking?

CAL is for all to learn how to use our powers better,

to know that there is a place where we are accepted as we are. We have the thoughts, we have and we have the challenges that we feel.

We too need to make the choice and have the will to move forward to become and be who we are. It is important to be you.

We become angry when we are not aligned with ourselves, the inner picture that we see if we are pushed too far out of the picture we strive to get back, and we concentrate and focus on what is required to come back into our own inner picture. It is what we see, that matters, it is how we feel that matters. This is why balance and mindfulness are so important, our mind helps us with so many information and we have no time to reflect.

We need to have time to think, we need to know where we are going and if we are not allowed to have this peace with will over time lose ourselves.

Then it becomes easy to get angry because it feels wrong. We will find ourselves no belonging. Not because we do not belong because we ourselves do not know where we want to belong.

When we see the only choice we have is to get angry, when do we really do, we add more power, more energy to ourselves, we choice to get angry because?

Can this question be answered; do you sit with an answer right now?

Think back why did you make the choice to get angry last time?

Where are we when we get angry, our thinking goes fast, we have strength, we have extra power, we protect ourselves from being hurt, we have the capability to think we never dreamed where possible, so we can look at anger from two sides, one is that we get the capability to protect and extra power, the other side is that others get very scared of us and afraid.

We do not react as we normally do and thinking about it, we hear that people have done strange things and afterward, they do not know and are so sorry.

Learning from this, we must always strive to keep the people around us in balance so we know how they react. Once they get angry, we never know how they react and we ourselves, do we always react the way we want once we are out of balance.

“The way to change others’ minds

 is with affection and not anger.”

– Dalai Lama –

What is our focus

When we are angry, what do we focus on, do we remember or do we lose track?

When we are bought out of our own control, we forget, we lose track, and we just do, we fail and our performance is low.

Worst of all we fail and we let the person, for whom we are the only one that matters and for whom it matters down.

There is only you to protect you, and there is only you to make the difference.

Each one of us has our journey

and the better we communicate

the better we are understood by others and can get the support we seek.

What happened, we all must look inside to see, where did we make the choice, that took us to a place where we did not feel comfortable. Something inside must be so strong and have a need to build up to something.

If we are in Balance we are ourselves, and we need to be ourselves, we need to feel and see the inner picture of our life, and we must always remember that we are the only one, that can see this picture, so if you for a moment close your eyes and feel the inner power and strength, you may see a picture or you may feel something that guides you, but you have a guide and you know, if you did not have this guidance you would not care.

One of our challenges in life is to really learn to understand ourselves and why we do what we do. Think about it for a moment, the phase, we will keep seeking until we find the missing parts, un till we feel confident and safe where we are.

What are you seeking

Where did you go wrong, you need to look inside and work your inner self-respect and control, you are in charges you are the boss, you are in control.

If I told you anything else you would laugh

Yet often we sit back and tell ourselves, this is not my mistake I did not make this happen. Yet you know that if I say right here right now, that someone else is in charge of your life.

What would you then think

Whatever results you create and do in life, is all up to you, and true is that the only one that it really matters to is you – It is only to ourselves this matter, we are the only one, who knows what is right and wrong, we are the only one, who can see our own inner picture of what our way is.

This is why it is so important that we learn to trust and find the strength within. 

We often seek approval and good enough from the outside, but when we stop for a second and breathe we know what is right and what is wrong for ourselves.

This does not mean that what is right for me, is right for you. It means that my learning in this is life is about understanding myself, and what is right for me – my way –

There are so many opportunities, there is so much we can do, and there are so many wrongs turns to take, that the better we understand and the more knowledge we have within, the better we know.

That is what gives us the chance to make the right choice and make the right doings.

What do you do, can anyone really give you advice?

We can tell each other our story, we can seek to get awareness of ourselves, and the better we know ourselves and the more balanced we are, the clearer our inner picture is t us, have you ever stood in front of a person, where you could feel how calm and relaxed they were,  and you see that they perform so much, there is so much energy in all they do, because they focus on their own lives on their own doings.

Spend time on your own doings

That is what gives you good results

How often are we not involved in topics and issues at work, or home where we hear the other one say, you do, it is because you, you are not allowed to talk to me like this, all with the focus that others have to change to your way, the better we are at looking and taking control of ourselves the better a result we have.

Why would we even take the talk about what others do, does it matter to us, if you add energy to something, you focus on it and how can you achieve results when you have no impact on the doing.

It is not possible

If everyone focused on themselves, on how I myself talk, stand and behave, how much better would everything be for you?  and if we helped each other to try to understand, how different would this world be? Are we all perfect? Are we all the best?  – what is even best.

We all strive so hard, we all seek to have talents, we all seek and must look perfect.

What is perfect, what is best, what is right, what is the way, what is life if we are not challenged, if we are not different if we do not discover.

This is, what we use all our lives on, for we seek to improve, we seek to be better, we seek. There is not a company that does not strive to improve, there is not a sports coach that coaches for improvements.

There are so many interesting ways and there are so many different things

to try, how come we see, that there is only one way.

We see that people get angry, if things are not done their way, why do we choice to get angry, why is it not interesting to see, how things too can be done.

Why do we get angry if the result that we aim for it not achieved, why do we not choose to be aware of that there are other values to add, and this gives a different outcome?

There is so much to discover yet we aim to narrow ourselves.

When we get angry, what is it that we cannot accept, why can we not control ourselves and tell, what our intention is,  why do you not understand me, what are we not saying?

To keep it to ourselves only makes it so much worse, it does not come any better than right here right now, if we tell how and it what is happening, why would others not respect us.

Would you not respect a person that showed you the honesty and true color even more? There is nothing at all that helps us improve our way by getting angry.

We lose out.

What goes on within when you are angry

There are so many theories about anger and they all have very strong arguments and they all have very good points.

Facts are where we stand today, anger is not a way an option, it is what you do when you cannot take the topic, the challenge to the next level, which is to try to make others around you understand you and what you need.

We need to even more and even better learn how to explain our way, because different from each other is good, this is what takes us out of our comfort zone.

This is what gives us the chance to ask ourselves the wise question, is what I am thinking right for me.

If you never ask yourself the question or are challenged by other opinions then how is one to know who I am and what do I think.

You create and you learn to understand yourself much more when you are challenged on your values – what is important to you.

You are not challenged and you do not know the understanding of your values – if they have never been questioned.

Questions asked generates answers and give inner understanding.

That is why when people ask us questions, we should be thankful that they pay attention to our way and doing. We should take it for what it is, a chance for me to understand myself even better and for me to find out if what I am doing it the right thing to do for where I want to go.

Questions are guidance and questions opens doors to new understanding. Get feedback and a compliant setup

Use your opportunity to ask and seek the questions you know you would like to ask, and seek the questions you would like to be asked, they will guide you to where you want to go.

Once you start using questions in a good and positive way –  you will see how powerful even small questions are and how wise answers you hold within.

Use the knowledge you achieve wisely to create the future you are seeking.

10 things we forget when we are angry.

  1. Where will it take you
  2. Can you come back
  3. Are you in a better situation
  4. Did you get your message through?
  5. Did you add value to your life?
  6. Are you closer to achieve your goals?
  7. Are your goals positive
  8. Are you in balance
  9. Can you make a wise decision?
  10. Is this the way you want from others?

As boss over your life, as the decision maker of your doings, you have the power to decide and take yourself to life places you want to act wisely and do what is right for you.

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