Definition of Mindfulness: In this chapter, we will define it in plain English. 

Mindfullness: Make it happen, is what you do

When we stand right here right now, do we know where we are going and what we want to do? do we know what to work on and what to let go?

If yes, we are good we have listened to ourselves and we have found an understanding of how to align with ourselves,

In mindfulness, we find the way to work the talent we have and we know what we have to do.

For some of us we are still seeking, we are not sure what our talents are and what we are capable of doing – here mindfulness is strong support to guide.

We all have so many talents, we have too many things we can do, mindfulness will give you peace of mind. So many wishes and we have so much, we would like to do and there are so many things we could do?

We are still seeking to find, and we are still listening to know,

and we are still hearing to learn and we  are still trying to add bricks to the puzzle. We do not have the clear picture.

In order to find a clear picture that is many advice out there,

this can be from mindfulness to yoga to work harder. It is the identity from within.

This is inside out, mindfullness

There is no help to get in solving this topic,

this can only be done by us, and what, we do make the difference.

What we do makes all the difference in the world. 

Where we place our mind our soul, our doings are where the light comes.

We can, not be on the stage.

There is no break or pause bottom to life. Times are on. Time will always be on; it is how we use our time that matter.

What life presents to you – mindfulness!

Many are fortuned,  that they early in life get good manners and strong self-esteem from their upbringing.

Others do not have this fortune and have to seek for a long time to find the shelves where they belong.

We are all different, we have all different skills, we have all different goals and outcomes for life.

  • It is what we do,
  • It is what we share
  • It is what we hear
  • It is what we listen to
  • It is what we see.

We learn fast and when we in CAL share our stores we have the opportunity to help each other find our way, we can never copy, we may try to do the same, and even when we do that it comes out differently.

A copy can never be the same.

Did you ever try to copy, somebody or something?

We all do, every day and even so to others it looks different and for us, we do not get the right feeling inside.

The feeling of being ourselves, knowing that we have done it. Know we are.

Everyone that has done something has a desire in life to tell,

what they have done, we have a desire to share with others,

we find it difficult to keep to ourselves.

Like all the news we see today, if you really think about it, of all the news, what is in it for you.

Or we get angry, we get frustrated,

we squeeze and we lose trust in ourselves because we build up to something that is not authentic and it is not ours.

  • Why we get it like this, is a very good question?
  • (Which you can make a whole blog about)

What we all seek is peace with ourselves, this peace we get,

when we do things right for ourselves, how we find out, what is right for us, that is the question.

One thing for sure it comes from what we do.

But do what?

So when, do where, what is that we need to do.

Sometimes we do not even know, what is wrong, sometimes we are not even aware that there is something wrong for us.

Where did we make the wrong turn? How do we get back on track?  mindfulness can guide you.

In CAL we use each other for all these questions in a good way,

we all have dreams, we all have not realistic dreams and we all have dreams that we make come true.

Dreams do come true if we try

We need to find out, what is our dream, who do we need to be

if you want to be world champion in baseball,

what does it take, how early in life do you need to start working on

this if you are to succeed and do you have the capacity and are you willing to put in the hours.

If we want to see our inner picture come true, which talents it is that we have, what is it, that we need to ask, 

that can help in order to achieve it.

Take a look at many of the people with success,

did they focus on what they were good ad and let others do what they were good at?

Today if we take a look at many stars,

We assume and we seek that even though they are good at playing and making movies,

We too expect them to have the perfect private life, and there can be no doubts.

We seek the esteem, we seek perfection,

We seek the authenticity.

If we are to work our talent, we cannot be perfect in all areas of life, if we are to be average we get to do things average, because we do a little of everything.

If you add a lot of time and focus to a few things, then you get very good at what you focus on,

and when we do that we need to accept and know that there are things that we cannot do.

We can do anything just not everything.

We cannot be perfect, we are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be ourselves, we are humans.

We have a voice, we have a soul,

we have the opportunity to make many things in our lives.

We do: When we interact with each other.

We hear how others are doing,

we hear their story, we listen and hear, and from this, we try and see if there is anything in it that we can to do or we can do. 

We inspire each other and the friends

that we are among our life guidance for our own life.

We inspire each other and when we decide to try we get nervous

We may decide: to give it one try and then we try again, and then we get nervous, and then

we try again, mindfulness is strong support.

We try many times: before we feel secure in what we do,

As we get older, we have a strong basis and

when we learn new things it is only a little upgrade.

Think about how many upgrades you have already been a part of.

When we interact with each other and interact with people that is not our friends, we get upgraded too, because we hear words,

we hear ways that are not the same as the ones we use.

If we go back maybe 20 years and take a look at time and response time between us people, we did not expect an order confirmation the same day,

we did not expect to have a replay for a message the same day.

We have moved the understanding of time:

So that many things today go so fast, and we as humans still need time to think. We need time to understand.

We need time to know if what is going on is right for us.

That is why we see that some stop, either because they find out that they are on a detour, or because they burn out, get stress.

We have in a way forgotten that we are humans, that needs the earth.

Mindfulness: We can do anything, just not everything.

We want it all, we are willing to do a lot to do all and get all,

except we forget that we have not defined what all is.

What is it, that we seek in life, what is it, that we have within, that makes us move on. Who am I and what is important for me?

Sometimes we try hard to fit in, we try everything we can, to just feel, that we belong,

that we are just like the others. Did we ever stop for a second and close our eyes and feel, see inside, what it is,

what is the match?

or what is not?

Because it is not right for us, does not mean that it is not right for the others. It tells us that we still have a journey to go, we have to grow, we have to learn – BUT WHAT?

What we are looking for no one can help us with, we need to look inside to find the peace the balance of our life.

Because we do not fit in one please does not mean that we will not fit in another place and it does not mean that we are wrong.

It means that we have a different journey, and it is our responsibility to look even closer to our pictures.

To interact with each other

Last time we had a different opinion or a difference with someone,

what was it about? 

How honest do we look at the situation and how much responsibility for the outcome do we take.

IF we are with others, that have a different inner picture,

how can we learn to respect and know that even though we are together, we have different destinations and different ways to go.

If we think, about this in another context like flying or traveling going on the train.

We meet a lot of people and here it is okay for us, that we are not going the same way.

We even ask others, where are they going, what they are going to see, why they picked that area, and what they would like to bring back.

How come, we do not use the same thinking about our lives among our friends and family, how come, that what is most important to us,

we hold on to for all the wrong outcomes, would you not respect and love your family even more if your way where okay,

would it not be a strength for any relationship, if we could accept the differencies

Why do we not show the same understanding, use the same skills as when we meet travellers.

What would we do differently,

If it was okay among our friends, that we did not want the same in life,

that we did not see the world from the same angle if the light of the pictures were different.If we were just different.

This means, that there is room for each one of us, we are a different brick in the puzzle.

Which eventually will give a full picture.

And if we look, at it like a puzzle, there would be no puzzle if we only had the same bricks.

What we do is the difference, how we do it, is the difference, how we seek our outcome, where we look.

If we close our eyes for a second. Where would you start?

How would you be present?

What is your brick

  • What would you do?
  • How would you do?

A good question is, can we answer some of all the questions, and do we do it. Or do we continue to do, what we do today?

From all this comes the topic of blame, because when we do not take responsibility for ourselves and our inner pictures, we take detours, we follow others and we may one day stand at a destination, where we think, how did I end up here, that is when we for seconds turn towards the people we are around.

  • Why am I here?

Why did you bring me to this place, and no, no one took us to this place, we were silent and we followed?

It is better to stop and think, and think until you are ready or enjoy the ride of the roller-coaster because that too is an adventure, it can never be wrong to see something else, and still, know that this is not for me.

We need to have our focus, this does not mean that we cannot join others or they can join us, it means that we can learn so much from one another if we just know and are aware that this is not our lives.

This is a moment in time, feel it mindfulness let you feel, see and know, see where we add skills, different life angles,s and experiences to our own capability.

If we do not see how others do, what others do, where does it take them, how can we know what to do ourselves?

Everything we do, we do for reasons, we have to trust that what comes from our inside will either drown us or it will form us. Mindfulness will help you all the way – become and cultivate a lifetime of strength.

We need to understand what it is we need to do.

How can you share your story and seek the missing links, how can you get wiser and get the wisdom you need to understand yourself and where you belong and want to be? mindfulness is your inner support.

Life is an adventure in so many ways, there is so much we do not know, there is much awareness we need to seek, and every day someone is seeking something, we have a time where knowledge is shared so fast that we can in a short time read and see things. Sometimes even at the same moment that it is happening. Some information is good for us,

some information we have to leave out and some information we need to work on to understand it.

We need to be selective in what information we work on because the will determine what we focus and use our time on.

  • We have many things we can do, we can do anything, but we cannot do everything.
  • We have to make choices early in life, our choice will open and close doors for us, and we will have to know which doors we opened and which doors we closed.
  • Our lives are, what we do, and it is only worth something if you do it.

Mindfulness and CAL

You make the choices, within CAL we all strive to help each other understand our daily life just a little better, being among and helping others that face the same as us.

To help your neighbor is not to do it for him, it is to share, what you know, so he can do it himself his way. To be a great friend is not to do and be a servant it is to involve and understand on a different level of life.

That is why our common online networking is so wonderful for all of us because we get a chance to involve ourselves with other well-experienced people who know,

to be a friend, and to be there and reach out, is the first step towards understanding what it takes to find a peaceful mind.

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