What is it all about? – what is holding you back?

Pocket Coach Mentor Behind You To Train Good Habits

Developing good habits is a process. If you want to determine what your will is and let nothing get in the way because you have trained your body, mind, and soul to yield to your will by creating good habits. The good habits you learn can last for the rest of your life. Can you say success at its best, because that is what you can have?

Find happiness in real life

Every day you check-in. It’s your track and trace system and you can decide what kind of feedback and support you want from our team. Our Pocket coach mentor will provide and train you the principles, practice and deliver the mindful good habits in our Life.

Your Life Coach Mentor In Your Pocket


Get what you want in your life and keep it

The affirmation tool will keep you on track all the way


The Affirmation Tool

Check-in Every day and keep track

Your Affirmation Tool


Here is how The Program Works

It is your daily affirmation training for your goals to empower your performance.

Here you will practice your performance every day.


Your Daily Affirmation tool 4 questions

  • How are you?
  • What do you improve?
  • Did you improve today?
  • Are you in progress

Create your life and KEEP IT.

Choose one membership get Any Program you want!

Select One membership and Get Access to your choice of Program

5 Reasons why you must know your own strength and power in business and how it changes your results and performance.

It’s time for the rising ME It’s not worth anything unless you know the power you process. Why do I say that, because, if you do not know how good you are or how bad you are? You cannot navigate. You need to know yourself and who you are and what impact your performance has [ Read more …. ]

CAL Advantages

One on One

One on One mentor coaching through live video calls

Track your progress

Track your progress through our special tools specially designed for you

Self Learning

Be independent and learn through our interactive programs

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace at timing that suites you.

Find the right path for you

Match your goals to our programs, explore your options, and map out your path to success.

About Us

CoachingandLife.com is your place to step out the shallow. We empower, strengthen and propel you forward to live the life of your dreams. At Coaching and Life (CAL)  Our back up system will support you all the way.

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