The right reason if you think about it, you know, you know when you have crossed the line and what you do gives you the wrong results. To overprotect, to care too much, to want to do the right.

You know the right reasons and the right reason what is it.

ALL HAVE A BALANCE – and it is to understand that balance.

If you for a moment look at how you measure yourselves on “the intention”, the intention is that I want the best result for what I am thinking, I want the best and I want to do the right thing. Results is what others see!

  • What happened did you get the best result – your intention match the result?
  • Did you get to be among the best?

Once upon a time you saw, right reason

that a small town had it all,

they had a great school,

they had sports activities, shops –  they had it all,

they were their own little empire,

they were; what everyone wanted to be a part of.

You have head, that children from other parts looked up to people coming from this part.

Today it is different, there is no longer the glory, during the journey of time, it lost its greatness, and still people within think that they are great, and they are still holding on to the story, the greatness, they have lost the reality of time.

How can this happen?

How can time stand still?

The right reason in business this goes faster, than in the lives of humans, in business you see stores, trends live for a period of time and then they are gone.

Where did they go and what happened to them?

Where did the trend take them and why could they not follow?

Looking back take a good look at Mc Donald’s maybe 25 years ago.  Mc Donald’s had all the best location in the US for serving food.

Do you agree? – what is the right reason.

This is the dilemma we all face in life, what is important in this case for Mc Donald’s what is important location or what you service.

You grow, you learn, and you move on. This has always been life, if you really think, Stone Age did not end due to missing stones.

You as a human move on, and who is that make the moves the changes.

If you go back to the small town that had it all, beautiful location and good facilities, what happened what went wrong.

Was it that what for whom, that made the fall?

What was it for Mc Donald’s that they stayed true to their concept?

What is that happening to us?

When you have our good intention, that does not bring us the result you want. What is it in our intention or that you do that goes wrong or fails.

In business, this is much easier to see, than when it is the interaction among many different people.

You know the right reason, that you all are different, that you have different wishes and that you have different inner pictures, what is that fails for us, when you have so good intentions and it all comes out wrong.

You want others to see you as great, as the ones doing it the right way.

Is right, that you are among people that bully others, who are you if you let this happen, how come that you watch and let it happen. Even if you know that it is wrong.

What is that is missing on either side? the right reason.

The lack of good communication, that lack of willingness to understand one another or to accept that others are not like you?

The lack of tolerance? what is the right reason?

The lack of awareness?

The lack of patience to see that difference adds to a great outcome?

When you are among others that are different from yourselves you get challenged on your own values, and in this world where you are now, things go fast, a trend today is gone within a short time.

You have to perform you are pressured to deliver results all around you, and you see a lot of the extreme that is what makes the news, which is what you strive for, you must look perfect and there is no room for anything else, that you cover.

Facts are that we all seek and that we are all on a journey in the school of life.

To hear the story of what others have done in a similar situation makes us think and gives us opportunities to be better in our own situation.

You seek the mindfulness to have peace in your soul, no matter what you do and how others try to help us, there is nothing like the peace you have when you align with your soul.

It is your state of mind that determines, how you feel and what you do.

If you have peace of mind, you have room and you are much more understanding and flexible than if you feel that you are pressured, and you have deadlines to meet.

When the pressure is too high you fail, you lose your judgment, you lose the ability to understand and explain yourselves. You do things that go out of line not only for yourself but for the people around us.

You can do so much, and then you have to relax and recharges, this is what we do not accept today, you want it all.

You want to do everything, and you do not stop and acknowledge, that you can do anything just not everything. You seek to have it all.

You speak about mainstream, you speak about being in front of the best, the fastest, the one.

Do you even know what it is that you are running towards and why, did you ever stop for a second to look inside out to see if this is for you, or what are you thinking?

Why would you want it all, and what is all to you? This is when you lose contact with your inner and this is when you have your first wrong turn, this is when our mind and soul do not align any longer and you do not see the inner you have, what is right for me.

If you are mindful, right reason.

You know your inner picture, what you aim for, how come you decide not to follow this, you look at others and say to yourself I want what they are having.

You look at pictures and you use others as our role models. What you hunger for the story of fame and glory, or do you.

Is that what you really want if you take a look inside, would you do all they are doing in order to get the fame and glory or is it a way to dream away, not having to feel ourselves and really work on our own lives.

It only has value if, if others will support it and value it.

Everyone famous does something that you value and admire, and therefore they get to be our role models.

You pick and choose, you take a few things from each one of them and say

– that is what I want, what you tend to forget is that you only picked one thing from them and do you think this is you – do you not have your own destination, and do you not have your own dream and wishes for your destination and journey.

One thing for sure, your body must feel good in order to take your there

You need to make sure that your body is a good place for your soul to be in for what you have in your mind.

If you set your mind up to something, you can do it.

When you share and interact with others, which is when you have the chance to know and find your own way, by doing it your way.

You look so much at the end of the scales, that you tend to forget that there is so much in between, think about black and white, how many different colors there is between, the two, there is so much between good and bad and right and wrong.

You look at the best or you look at the worst

When you feel bad, you get so much out of helping another person, when you are alone you get so much out of reaching out with love to another person.

Somehow things are in circles, and in what you do, you have extreme power. You have the power to make things happen and you have the power to do a good difference.

You make choice in all you do.

When you really want to take really good care of something and make it last for all the right reasons, you should open up and share it with the world, so that others can see and understand why it is so beautiful and why you cherries it, you should never keep it hidden or choose to close it for others.

If you want to protect and take care of something you should not bully others or keep others out, you should guide others to understand what it is, that you feel and mean.

If you tell others of and miss the opportunity to tell them why this is so important to you, you face the opportunity to be misunderstood.

When you know that you are all different,

you come from different backgrounds and you have had a different upbringing. You have learned things differently.

How could you ever think the same?

You meet and you think that you are the same,

that you understand each other

 then you see each other do the dishes,

then you know, there are a 1000 ways

of doing the dishes and the result is more

 or less the same.

You need to find the right reasons!

When you see things differently, the outcome can be as you wish, it is the journey that can be different.

You have to ask yourself, what is important ~how it is done or that you have a common good thing.

What is important, that you have many different people in our town, and you have a great town or is it important that people were born here?

What is important, that you have a great meeting where you seek to understand each other and there is something for everyone, or is it important that I get it my way.

What is important, that you have a friend that agrees with you on all topics or that you have a friend that loves you ~ the way you are.

What is important, that you give room for others so that they give room for you.

What is important, is that you can tell it as you see it, that is the right reason

or that you do not tell your point of view where does this leave you?

When you decide to take good care of something, you also say, that you will do this for all the right reasons and that you will keep it in the right manner. You find your right reasons

Decent is rare today, why? when that is the right reason? the right reason?

Decent is a word to use when you talk where it is okay not to be perfect, but that you are authentic, you are beautiful just the way you are.

We all have a moment in the sun, we all have dedication for our moments of victory.

  • The right reason – You have all that it takes to be a hero for someone else,
  • You have all that it takes to be mainstream for something.
  • You are unique and if you close our eyes, you see, and you know.
  • You have a unique role and there is only one of you and your matters.

The right reason – This is what you first have to learn to take care of, yourself, your body so your soul has a nice place to be, and you have a mind to secure that.

You matter you make a difference, you have what it takes, to be who you want, and you can take care of yourself

and what you do in a way that others would admire you for.

All you have to do is do it.

When was the last time, that you took a really good look at your inner picture and really looked at it?

When was the last time you had the mindfulness to not do anything, but add bricks to your puzzle?

When was the last time that you felt a match for your picture?

When was the last time you meet someone you would never want to leave your life?

When was the last time you were aware of where you were on your own journey?

To share, to reach out, to listen, to give feedback is to be authentic, is to listen to others as they are, and to reach out and give them feedback, to tell which view you see from where you are standing.

To listen to what they say and feel, from where they are.

It is great to be different, it is fantastic to share knowledge with someone, who sees things very differently than you, it is amazing what you can learn and how much you can improve your own life from just a few things that are different.

To take good care of something is to make others join it, so there are more people to take care of what you want to protect.

It is not to go by the extreme,

to bully others,

to harass others,

when you explain how it is and what you do, they will leave naturally if it is not for them,

if you harass them, you get them as enemies and you face a different journey.

When you seek help for the right reasons, people that want to help come into your life,

when you seek to shoot others out you tend to get enemies.

Our way of communicating what you want to protect and how you choose to go about, that is the right reason, and it will determine, whether or not you will protect what you want, or you lose.

Once the people that supported you are gone,

have taken their vote somewhere else,

you no longer stand a chance.

Therefore, your choices and where you place your vote is very strong.

What you set your mind up to, will move things.

If you dare,

this time and age is for those who dare,

and they are awarded fame,

the glory and attention that we give them.

That is why your own awareness is so important to you, for you to be who you are.

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