The right information – In What We Trust, How Important Our Inner Guidance Is.

What is this all about, the right information, we are overloaded, and we are boomed every single day with so much information, but we only need the right information, how will you, me – we find the capacity to be innovative and improve our lives, when we spend 40% of our time finding the right information, and there is so much fake, cheap and cheat information out there, that we must get rid of.

Life is one line of choices to make, but what is right? – and you need the right information.

Here follow a few of the questions that we all must have:

What is the right thing to listen to? What is the right thing to do?  – How do we know? That what we hear is the truth. What is the fact?

Today we are overloaded with information on all levels; there are no limits to, what anyone or who can say in this part of the world. Would you not agree that there is no limit?

You can almost tell anything. The tough part is that no one listens, there are so many hard questions to answer in the world today, and we hear about them every single day in the news, and yet this does not affect us.

We are no longer choked, and we do no longer take the contents and the trouble, we hear about as more than the 30 minutes.

We have significant subjects as our earth and topics an issue to solve and do we do that and what are we going to do, who is responsible? And what news and facts do I ME must listen to and understand.

What is my role in the story that I get? (how we go about it, and I kindly ask you to bear in mind that this blog is not about each content, this blog is from Coachingandlife, and it is all about our story, what we do, and skills we need and use to find our own inner guidance and outcome.

Yesterday on TV was Leonardo DiCaprio,” Actor – who talked about our earth, and what is happening to our planet. Personally, I must say he did a great job, the way he managed to involve and seriously ask good questions to seek and find the answer to why and what is happening – the right information.

In the program, where people on all levels were trying to give their input on what is happening.

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The right information: What is happening

When watching the program, I think I understand what he is trying to say, and I think I know what is right – but having said that, what can I do?

That’s where we are left many times in our overloaded news seconds. You need to know this, and you must know that, OH do you not know?

But why do I need to know all this, if I do not know what to do about it? – what role is that you want me to take and what do you expect of me?

Do we know, and do we pay attention to it? Or do we just sit for 1 hour and listen to the content and after this

– WHAT –

What is important for me to know?  And what can I do about it?. What impact does the content have on me right now?  And what would I like me to do?

Information for me to make a choice

If I listen and go into content, I do because I think it gives meaning to my life and my way. In a way, one can say, that what I do gives meaning to my life. 

I need to make all choices for ME, it is my consequence if I do not and it is good to remember, that there can be many ways of making the right decisions and doings.

That is what makes this life so fantastic to some of us, that we have choices, we have never had before. Today we know much more than humans have ever known before and yet with all the wisdom that we achieve, how do we use it.

All information we get and all the information that we must understand. To get the right attention today, you do not need a good subject or case, you need the right people to say it, it is no longer enough, and you will not get any attention if you do not have the right people to say it.

The right information – Why is it important to us who says it?

Because of several reasons, we do not spend the time to go into a subject to understand it and to know what it is all about, and when we listen to the content and what it is about, it is not the content that we trust but the person who says it.

Is that not how it is?

Every news items have a purpose or an intention, and we need to know, what that the intention is?  If we are to understand it and take a stand.

So coming back to the great program of yesterday, one of the best in a long time and I think the purpose was clear and it had a clear message.

Even with a clear message, what can I do? – get the right information ahead

That is the fact, that what can I do, how can I change and make the right choices. Topics and news bring so many large subjects and issues that finding out what is the right thing to do is almost impossible and having said that, had they said what to do: I would not have listened to that or I would have objected. How about you?

Inner knowledge and guidance What is it all about

News and wisdom for what is right, and what is right for me come from within. It does not matter how much news I get and how much they try to influence me. I need to seek my way and guidance for what is right for me to do, and I must know from my own guidance, what is the right thing to do.

This is where the overloading of fake news takes up space for no use, and where we get lost and our own guidance fades away.

Let us challenge this a bit: 

What if each of us did the right thing – the right information? 

We know, that is big words, and words that could be challenged, even more.

I know what is the right thing to do for me? I know, if I listen to myself, I have the right answers too, what is the right thing to do.

I know, – I also know – that when I hold the right information I know what to do – HOW

The pressure of the extreme – the right information

What is it, that all the time makes us want to push a little more – You need to be better and smarter – you need to go further and take it beyond, but you do not have the capacity – so you fake it, or cheat to get it, or make it cheap. Let’s be honest, there is no overnight success and it is hard work for everyone. The overnight is not possible for any of us, the journey is filled with the right information, the right steps taken and the discipline to keep on moving forward.

The intention and purpose the right information.

We need to seek the right information because there is no one who intentionally wants to hurt others, or no someone likes to hurt others, they have made it into a life style – we had a tenant in 2020-2021 in our condo, and she was the devil – kind and knew the law said a piece of paper – and she took it to her lawyer – same bully type and they got the money. Was it right by the law – yes, was it right by nature – NO. The right information when you have it, you have it.

It must be in the questions, we ask – what does the law say or what is right to do – how we teach ourselves to get the right information, which we tell – and how we get the missing bits and pieces together? If we look at anything, that is happening, we see, that there is a good reason for why they are saying it, and why they are doing it.

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The right information ” What” The right way “How”

I do not have to look very far to see, what I could improve and do better, I could turn off the light during the night to save electricity, My intention is not to be scared because of the burglaries that we have had, and I could choose to take the bus instead of my car, but I do not do that because it takes too long a time. I could eat only food from this region, but I do not do that because I like all kinds of different kinds of foods.

So just by looking at myself, I know that I could improve.

The facts are, am I going to, no not today. Today I will take the car to work, and I did leave the light on all night.

Information –  facts and knowledge, that leads to wisdom and change.

How do we achieve that, it all starts with me, and what I do, and how I think about it? It is my story, and it is how I do, I am the change and what I do makes a difference in all levels of my life.

Because that is what this is all about.

That I find out what is the right level and way for me. I know when I have crossed the lines and that I have gone too far. I know.

That is the time phase that we are in; it is no longer a few who knows and has access to knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Today we get so much information and news and insight on so many topics that we tend to forget ourselves, we look out, and we forget to look in.

We commend on what others are doing, and we forget who we are ourselves. We have comments about all topics, and we have stands about many things, that we have none or very little impact on.

But the content and the topics that we do have an impact and influence on how much time and effort do we spend on that?

When was the last time that you took out an hour to be with your children without an iPhone or Ipad? Or just played a table game.

Information on the right level of usage is the best thing in the world because it helps you to understand so you can make the right choices.

Information because it is nice to know or what am I going to do about it, why do we spend all our time here.

When we know, that our life is our responsibility and what we do is our responsibility, and that is solely what all of us can and should do.

Be responsible because you choose to.

Can we do that, be responsible for what we do? And what is to be a responsible person?  How do we know and how can we find out, if what we do is the right thing for the right reason, that is the tough part in this lifetime, because we admire the extreme so much, that is what we aim for, and we know, that what we aim for, is what we will seek and what we will find?

What is said by whom.

We hear, but do we listen, and do we pay attention, or do we just let it slide through. We have to get the right information, we are overloaded with information, and we have to select the knowledge and wisdom that we need to understand our own journey in this lifetime.

Facts are that it is no longer enough to have a good story with insight and knowledge, and even important for all of us.

It is important who tells the story and how it is told if it is to get attention.

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What can I do? The right information.

When we listen to the story, the questions come, what can I do and how? So many streams are changing these years and life as we know it will be the old days, just like the old days we know today.

For us, the challenge is to trust our own inner guidance and find inner peace and balance. Even with all that is happening around us.

It has always been good to get information and to know and get smarter and wiser. It is not what we know; it is how we decide to use our knowledge and wisdom.

It has always been human nature to explore the world, and it is not what we explore, it is how we use the knowledge and wisdom we get when we explore.

 The right information – It is how we manage to the right thing for the right reasons.

It all starts with “oneself”, the right information, and how I understand myself, MY story, and what is happening to ME in my life, with the skills that I have.

When I tell my story, I realize the steps that I have taken, and when I seek new knowledge for wisdom, I get a chance to change my outcome in life. It is not what happened; it is how we manage to move on and help ourselves move on and help and support others, not to make the same mistake and cry the same tears.

It is to be, share and feel that we belong because of all the right reasons. Life is a journey of wisdom for all of us.

Mindfulness and our inner way of understanding our own right steps are what makes the whole different for ourselves I must keep my focus on, what is right for me. That’s my story and that for ME.

This blog will never stop, because there are still so many more questions to ask, and there is always a different intention or purpose behind it.

One that we do not understand today.

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