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Whatever you are going through in life there is always more than one solution and you can always do so much more than you can possibly imagine. Set yourself lost of goals this way you get to teach yourself to prioritize and choose, do things in between you do not like to – to know with yourself what you do like. Life is constant learning and challenges are even more learning – here is more input to the power of challenges with support

The power of: Ask questions

Even if you do not think about. If you ask, when you to go new place achieve new goals you will ask how to do it, how to get it, and keep asking till you get it right

The Power of: Keep asking

You must keep asking until you get it. Setting goals is one thing reaching the goals is a whole different ball game! What are you willing to do to get it. You must keep asking until you are where you want to be

Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

The Power of: Habits in Charge

Do once it feels strange – do it twice it feels familiar do it more time and you never even know you do it. Name 10 good habits you hold. Name 10 habits you like to change. You will not change the habits before the pain inside is above what you can take. What do these habits solve for you?  did you ever think about that?

The Power of: Change the wind of change

The wind of change can hit. It’s like a firm wave that flushes over you. Are you ready for what change brings into your life – what if you are fired? what if you get sick? what if you get a promotion? what if you win? your back up how you keep yourself is the key

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The Power of: Anger

What is anger it is your way for sure to say this is not what you want? Anger is how you react when other words are not coming to you. Anger is a strong guide for what you like and what is right for you.

Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

The Power of: Managing inner Pain

What is inner pain? Why are you not happy, you have it all. Are these words you hear? – Well-Being and happiness come from within and you’re the only one who knows what it takes for you to be happy. ( many definitions fact is that it’s about how you feel


The Power of: Managing Stress

Stress is much more than we can ever imagine, stress helps us perform good and helps us change speed, stress is good for so many things and what we never see coming is the swift to the other side. How to come back and what to do if you have seen the other side, what questions come to your mind

Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

The Power of: Blame

A strong tool is given to us. It’s amazing what we can tell ourselves. it’s your fault this happened. Think about when you are fired and the lady has to sit there and tell you how bad you are and what you do not belong? she blames you! what does that mean, or when you lie about what people have done!  Why do we use blame?

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The Power of: Decent act

Decent is what you do when you have the power to do something damage other people. When a company fires you and they treat you nice, they choose a decent act. When you have the chance to talk back at someone and you choose not to, you choose a decent act. When a friend holds your hand even though you did something wrong, it is a decent act. Decent is so important for your way forward

The Power of: Awareness

WOW – You know it. That’s awareness you got a hold on what is happening for you with you and around you. Awareness is that you know what is happening around that you can tell are you getting fired, are you letting your friend go, are you change direction. Awarenss is a very powerful tool. Teach yourself to use it smart and wise.

Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum

The Power of: Fittiing

How to FIT! If someone likes you, you fit. If someone does not life you do not fit. So what is it about. It our cores values that are playing us maybe you feel challgenged, maybe you cannot control the situation, maybe it’s just not a fit. People are diverse and the whole purpose is to have different shapes so there are something for every one.

To know how to work fitting is a powerful tool

The Power of: Engage to Connect

The tools of engage to connect are very powerful, that is when people start caring and start performing. There is a huge difference between being connected and engaging. People that are engaged in their job work with passiion and that is a strong energy with loads of progress. it is a powerful tool to enroll

The Power of: Courage

If I had the courage to do it. What would you do. To teach yourself how to work with courage is a very powerful tool to engage in. You will find that you are more capable than you can ever imagine. The power of within.