The Power of Challenges with support.

We can never be prepared for it all. Life is constantly changing and most of the times we are prepared for what will happen. You hold an insurrance, you make savings, you save up for things you want and need in the furture.

We prepare and what we do not know we learn – either the good way or the hard way. Life is one long string of learning. Just yeaster day I was out smarted where I found a life mentor would have been great to have.

One to give good advice, who knows how to navigate – it is not what you do – but how you do it. Our tenant damaged the house and left dirty and did not even care when the walk through was done.

As landlord we kept her fully informed about, what we were doing and when it would be ready – guess what – we should have given her a personal letter – no e-mail nor information over phone – a letter where she signs this is what we are going to do.

A life mentor, can help you address all these topics, will know the smart moves just like a lawyer – in life be smarter and better because the advice you get can save you louds of time and lots of money.

Life mentor is the key

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But the facts are that life is changing faster and faster and we can not keep knowing and being prepared.

Did you know it was going to happen? – why a life mentor.

Why is a life mentor more important than you can imagine, its the advice from someone who has taken the journey. It’s like getting coaching from a coach in soccer.

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Did you know how you would react.

Facrs are most failures are because you did not know. You were being out smarted – this is why a life mentor – where you can listen and get insight and facts.

Innovation does not stop because you learn from old stuff, innovation grows faster when you know the old stuff, because you can see what needs to improve.

Did you what you were going to do.

In most cases you will say yes – but the one case where you are not prepared. That one is going to blow you away.

A life coach, mentor in your pocket. Is your backup. Never walk alone.

It’s not the challenge It’s the support you have behind you.

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