7 Important Life Lessons Mindful Taught Us.

Be where you are and know where you are going.

Where are you going? and what do you aim for? Ever hear those words, and when you do, did you listen to the words or did you listen to the meaning?

Through the blog, I will take you through 7 important life lessons mindful taught us. Not only me but you and me which is us.

How many times have you been upset and got angry, looking back did you win or did you lose. You may have won the argument but the people around you, where did it leave you?

You were left with a Gap – The gap arises within, thinking about it does it matter if you are wrong or were right. Does it matter if you are going to do something twice? or not?

What matters is what mindful offers: here are 7 good reasons we are taugh from the mistakes we all make

Why be mindful

Because when you are mindful, you are present in what is happening, you are not only present your level of awareness for achievements is at a different level.

Mindful you know what is right for you.

You act according to what is good for your peace of mind.

Think about when you get angry – do you regret what you said and can you ever take those words back. No you cannot, you can ask for forgiveness, or you can forgive but it is out, and you will think about it for a long time.

Think about the times where you reacted and got so angry? How did you come out at the end, better or worse – worse there is no better out of when you get upset or angry. You cannot think about what is right for you, you defend yourself at all means, and the result is often words said that never should have been spoken. Words in a moment were feeling lost and in pain.

There is nothing that is more powerful than a person who is mindful and is calm to listen and let go.

Why be mindful

Because what you do, is who you are, and is the consequences of your acts, that you have in mind. How often did you tell yourself – I wish I had done or I wish I had not?

Every time we step out of what is our right way, we take a detour, and we have to bring ourselves back on track.

Often, we say out of hurt, neck lection or sadness.

We do it because our expectations are different. We do it because we are not aligned with the fact that other people may have a different way or journey.

Mindful supports your way forward and what is right for you and it is what you want, to spend more thought on what you want to do



How to be mindful

Is a process and most of all it is about the present, to be where you are right here right now. It is about doing the right thing at the moment, right now.

We have this moment, and it is all we ever have. No matter we try to tell ourselves, this moment in time is all we got. We can use this moment wisely, and if we do, we see and feel that all good moments are moments we recall, and they give us a peaceful mind because we do not need to think about them. They become a good moment in time.

You practice mindfulness through your awareness of yourself and what it right for you. It is your inner guidance to how you interact with yourself and then who you are among.

A strong mind is a mind of inner peace and harmony. It is your ability to listen to yourself first before you speak and before you react.


Can I be Mindful

Do you want to?

The environment you are in does it apply for you to be mindful and be where you are, doing the right thing for you.


  • Ask yourself – how does the value respect work where you are
  • Ask yourself – how does the value awareness of my impact on the situation work where you are
  • Ask yourself – how does it feel to be in the environment where you are


To be mindful and work mindfulness is a decision a choice you must choose. It is your work for yourself. It is inner work and inner awareness of who you are and what you are.


If you know the 7 Important Life Lessons Mindful Taught Us – one

It is to know yourself.


How well do you know yourself today – on a scale from 1-10?

How well can you predict your reaction and stir yourself through the way you desire

How well can you control your behavior?

How well do know where you are going?

Scale yourself:


Think about where you want to be –

Is there a GAP

If there is a GAP and you can see it- now – great because you just did your gap-analysis – you know what they gap is and next do you know what to do?

If you need support and guidance to join the forum or take time with one of the coaches. It is not how you want it, spend your time on having it as you want it – what do you need to change, how do you need to change it, what do you want.

It is your goals; it is your life and whatever you decide it is you who will live it – one way or the other.


If you Know the 7 Important Life Lessons Mindful Taught Us two is

Will you be mindful

Why not breath all the air you can – and think about how wonderful life is, how much in the world you can try and do.

Why not think about how you want to live, close your eyes just for a second and see yourself in your right place as you are, as what you want to be, as who you are. Let the voice from within be heard, be noticed and use the awareness.


  • Do you want to be angry?
  • Do you want to be sad?
  • Do you want to be harassed?
  • Do you want to be let down?
  • Do you want to feel alone?

No No No No

You want to live and feel alive, you want to smile with others, you want to feel the challenges of being in something going somewhere.

Your journey – you want to discover and live life.

Will you be mindful?

The day you decide to listen to yourself and the inner voice of what is right for you. You do not need to tell the world; you do not need to tell everyone how unsatisfied, unfair, non-respectful you feel and sense that things are. Stop yourself, think about who you are and what you want to set as a good example.

  • Lead by example
  • Lead by choice
  • Lead because you are unique, and you can

Will you be mindful? The day you respect yourself for what you do, from that day on you can never be anything else. You will know what is important where you are anytime anywhere.

If you Know the 7 Important Life Lessons Mindful Taught US number three is

It is the One choice – yes you will be mindful.


Where do You start – Where do I start

Right now, just thinking about it feeling yourself, myself here as I sit writing. What does it all mean to me? I love to use myself to see other people grow, smile and be who they are.

What do you feel Right now, just thinking about…?

What will you do to listen to yourself, listen to the enormous strength you have within, listen to where you want to be,

What will be different for the rest of the day?

What will be different tomorrow?

For me, I can say: I need daily reminders, I need to be reminded of what is the right thing to do, Or what is the wise thing to do. Working with layers and coaches have given me a different perspective on how to do, and when to do.

I negotiate, and one of the first things tough is never “leave” your opponent without anything never squeeze the lemon empty. Always leave always leave someone – the one – with something, so you keep them in balance.

I never understood these words really – do you right now?

For me the lesson was taught when I got fired, they way they chose to do it. Their way of behavior and their way to act.

Today I really know why you must always ensure that when you negotiate that you keep a peaceful mind and a mind in mindfulness. Because you will go where you set off to and you will be among people who do like you do.

Mindful is about doing good things, to make good things happen for you and for the people you are among. The people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on how you think and how you see the world.

It is why it is important that the people who are showing you the world – are showing you good things, good behaviors and the right way forward.

If you Know the 7 Important Life Lessons Mindful Taught Us Number four is

Without a mindful mindset

Think about how far from your dreams you are? – No do not think about that, think about how you like to live your life. The mindset you have has taken you to where you stand today.

This is it –

  • Do you like where you are?
  • Do you like what you do?
  • Do you like the way people are to you?
  • Is this what you want and as you want it?


If yes you are one of the lucky ones, me I have to have support and guidance to find what I really want, what  I mean and what it is. I need support and guidance. I love the feedback every day. I could never do this alone; I do not want to do it alone, I like to interact, I like to share, I like to see other people achieve their goals and outcome.

I am here to discover and learn. Be taught and teach; I am here to see the good sides of life, no matter how much people try to break me down.

Being mindful is the power of working for a good day, working for a situation to come out the best way. It is the feeling of freedom and the sense of being part of something much more than me.


  • The mindful mindset is the ability to give other people a chance when they need it,
  • The mindful mindset is the strength to reach out to a person who needs it
  • The mindful mindset is knowing something bad about a person and not using it but seeing the good
  • The mindful mindset is being my best as much as I know how.

If you Know the 7 Important Life Lessons Mindful Taught Us Five is

Without a mindful mindset

You hurt other people to achieve your own goals, and you step on other people to get where you are going, and you kiss up and F… down and aside. You do what is best for your achievements, and you would even be able to call it mindful, you are in the business for you and no one else.

Without being mindful you achieve for you and what is in it for you to complete.

I know some may be thinking is this not the same as mindfulness

And that is just the point, you do not understand it until you understand it, and you do not get it until you get it.

In between there is learning


From this we have

Older and wiser


What would you tell a young you? What is the advice? What is the learning?


Tell your story in a forum to discover your journey, who are you and where are you going? From our mindful way, we achieve, and we do the outstanding best we can, we take our families and friends on journeys and tours.

Who are we?

Together we can smile at all our journeys and all our mistake and all our learnings. Noting is perfect, and nothing will never be, we will have moments, and we will have dreams.

It is life it is your life.

What we do together we remember good or bad it becomes a memory and a part of us. Some of the best memories are with family and tradition.

A mindful mindset is what will create and establish long lasting memories for you and your surroundings and to be mindful is a choice you must choose and work to achieve.

It is not given, and it does not come for free, it is hard work, and it is solely your doing.

May you choose wisely, and may you have a great journey.

If you Know the 7 Important Life Lessons Mindful Taught Us number six and seven belongs to you and they are

6…. 7 ..

All best wishes –

to you for your future and what you do –





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