Working with life coach can be everything from joining life coaching school to joining classes, seminars or self-life coaching – it’s how we support people around us.

Master The Skills Of Life Coach Training And Be Successful

Success is what you say it is, and success for you can only be defined by you, so how do we go for the things that we want in life.

Life coaching on all levels in life is about understanding where we stand today and where we want to be and understanding the gap between where we stand and where we want to be.

If we know, we know what to do.

First step in life coaching is to find out what the gaps are and what is in the gaps, please look at the pages which help for the understanding of gap work.

If we want to change or improve or do it differently, life coaching is for all levels of life, and in whatever we do, there are skills and awareness to learn.

Working life coaching can be everything from joining life coaching school to joining classes, seminars or self-life coaching. Skills and knowledge can be achieved in many ways and whatever works.

How to make it work? do what it takes for your satisfaction; that is life coaching.

To be a great life coach does not mean that you have solved all our challenges in life, to be a master in life coaching means that you know that there is options and choices to be made, and the better you are at understanding what works, the wiser behavior for you to choose.

To master life coaching can be from many angles of life, and for many different outcomes.

We do not come from the same background and we are not going to the same places. Success and the great outcome is not the same for us, each of us has our own understanding of what is good, great and successful.

We may not even understand one another; when we talk because the worlds are too different.

Life coaching is about understanding what goes wrong, not wrong because it is not right; but wrong because the person that is feeling and living it is not feeling that it is right. What you are experiencing can for others be the greatest success and what others go through you would never do.

We are all different, we all have wishes; that do not match others. Our friends may not even understand why and what we need to do.

Where does this strong will come from?

How do we know, that there is something more out there, or that there is something else for us, why do we sometimes fit in and other times we feel like strangers and outsiders?

Sometimes; things go so easy and smooth, sometimes things are so difficult and hard, and it does not have to be.

Did you ever try to tell a story to someone, and right away they get what you say, and they understand your point?

Did you try to tell the story to someone else, that did not understand at all and you could not manage to tell the story, so they got the point.

That’s life coaching.

To understand, that we can never tell the same story to different people, we have to change the story so that it matches the people we tell it. This means, that at the end, we need to adapt our communication to the people we are among.

This is basic knowledge for some and simple for some and difficult for others, we do not have the same skills and talents in this life.

We have talents for different things and that is a strength for us all, the question for us is to find out what, who and who needs to be present for things to come together for the success that we are seeking our aim for.

Did you ever do something, where you got together with friends and decide yes, we are going to do it, and then it never happened, whereas you were together with another friend and you decide to do the same thing and then a lot happens you get the success and you really do it and you work for it.

Sometimes there is just the perfect match, sometimes it does not take much and then it happens, other times we must work so hard to achieve just a bit of the outcome we were seeking.

Life coaching gives you an understanding of what needs to be, and what your part is, what is important for you to know and work.

Life coaching is a strong tool and there are many angles and ways to work-life coaching, and one of the best ways is to do what you can carry, not less.

One good advice is to do wisely from where you stand today, do not through it all overboard and start a new life tomorrow. Start at new life tomorrow and enjoy what you already have. Know that you are where you are, because of the choices you made.

In Me, you tell your story and there is enormous learning from our story, if you think for at second, is some of your life stories the same, you struggle with some of the same topics, they may change name but the elements in the story or the challenges are the same.

What we do is many times the same, and often we make the same mistakes. Our mistakes take us to the same outcome every time, and once we learn to face those challenges and tasks, we will never meet those challenges again.

Great life coaching on a high level is when you are present in your moment and time, doing the right thing and understanding your way.

This is when what you do takes you one more step in the right direction.

Life coaching is not about, not having challenges, life coaching is about knowing what to do and finding out what to do, being able to answer the questions you have, life coaching is tool for you to achieve the outcome you are seeking. There are always new challenges and there is always new tools to learn.  Depending on what life level we take ourselves to.

We are all in the school of life, and life knowledge and awareness changes, think about how much you hear about mindfulness today, and how much we head about this 10 years ago,

Life changes and the skills and knowledge that is required to fore fill life tasks changes, and what we know today may not work tomorrow.

We need to align with the world we are living in, and we need to do what it takes for us. As I am the only one who knows what my right outcome is, how my life should be for me to feel that I am successful or doing what is right, then I am also the only one who can take my life to that place.

One major step for many of us to find out is that we are responsible, we are responsible for the situation we are in today, and we can change whatever to whatever we want.

You may say no, and think that you cannot change anything and that you do not have the force or the power to do so.

Yes, you have. The more we focus on something in the way we want it the better a chance for that we get what we seek.

Think about your life like going to the train station like in the old days. Where there was, a lady sitting in a small office where you could buy your tickets. Think about, how you enter and kindly starts telling the lady, I am not going to New York City, I am not going to Chicago, I am not going to Boston, I am not going to LA I am not going to Atlanta how many more do you think she will listen to, before she claps the doors down on you. How many I am not doing this, are you taking in your life.

For all of us, what is interesting is, where are you going?

We use our story to tell, what we know, to know if we know the right things which are needed to where we are going.

That is why life coaching is a great tool to use first find out where you are, then find out where you would like to go, and then know if you have what it takes, so you can learn to achieve the know-how that is need.

Plan your way.

You have a dream, and dreams do come true if you work them. A dream is nothing if you do not do it. As you are the only one who can see it.

Once you start working on your dream you start showing the rest of us, what it is you mean and are talking about.

A dream is when it is yours alone inside you, still not awaken. For the dream to come alive. You must create what you see and do what you need for the rest of us to see what you mean.

Life coaching is a great tool to use to make your dream come true. Life coaching offers many different angles to work from.

Do it the way you find best, that is why CAL has 3 different memberships at the place to tell your life story and get feedback from other life experienced people and MY where we tell the story, but we do not look at the story but the knowledge and skills that is used in the situations our feedback to one another is different life skills to be used for different outcomes, and as you are you and I am me, what is right for me, does not need to be your way, by doing it online we have get a chance to write our story, read what others say and we can choose to join in on by invitation only where we challenge each other for a better outcome.

Knowing that I am the master in my life, we also know that what we read are only suggestions and we do all our feedback with good manners.

This is a network that builds on kindness, acceptance, and understanding.

Because we know what it means to have a good friend that seeks to understand my challenge. 

We seek sustainability in all we do.

How we seek to improve “our way” and make a difference for the better.

Following, the guidelines will lead to good outcomes, and we use all skills from life coaching.

Our challenges are many and can be difficult and if you need personal coaching this is not a replacement for personal life coaching.

 The difference is huge, when you visit a life coach, the focus is solely on your way, your life and your outcome and the procedure is as you can do it.

Online networking is a way of getting good feedback from many. You get output and ways to choose from, this gives you an insight of what options you have or different ways.

We all have our lives and we all have our strengths and weaknesses once we start learning to use each other even better we will find that we can improve even better in many ways.

It is to open and join, to share and learn to use the flow for a higher abundance.

Great life coaching is to know that there are tools and ways to learn to do it, and then get the outcome you are seeking.

Many times, we get sick, we lose our faith because we are stuck in things that we do not want to do.

Once we start focusing on the things we want, we start searching for the way to solve and lay the puzzle. We use all our capability, and this gives us a peaceful mind.

A mind that works for the outcome we are seeking, the goals that we set. Within we have something that guides us to what is the right way for us.

Use the guidance, use your inner ability to know what is right for you. Great life coaches use the tools they know and know that there is always a different way, a different outcome.

You have what it takes, and you can do it, you are the key to your success.

Are you ready to start the work, life coaching is the beginning of the chapter with a never-ending story?

hat is what is so wonderful, we all have stories and we can all learn from each other.

Within CAL we believe that we all seek to find our own good inner outcome. 

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