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Coaches use their skills and knowledge to support other people with their learning in life. Do not make the same mistakes as me. Listen to what mind-set is a winner’s mind-set. Listen to what values goes with what makes you feel amazing. Listen to what actions you need to take to move your life in the direction you aim.



Every one Involved with CAL is certified by CAL. All coaching follows GCP – GOOD COACHING PRACTICE and we review and follow each coach. CAL is a platform for excellence and each coach holds the area of expertice that they navigate in. To user of Coachingandlife.com it is important to read read terms of use before using the site as you sign off that you have read and understood the rules and setting.



We are here to work together and when you promote yourself and you get the word out there about yourself and your coaching.  Get your interview with Troy.  Tell your story and why your coaching works. Even in competition with other coaches, you are unique as you are the only one who holds your competence and circle of knowledge



No man can do it alone. Here at Coacingandlife we aim to give you the Clarity On What To Do. The Purpose for Coachingandlife is to help you find the right coach and it is the purpose to support coaches to be their outstanding best by supporting and activating the best in each coach to Get Call To Action – Get on Track



It’s what we do. We can have many good intentions and we can talk, It all comes down to what we do – “Walk The Talk”

How We Add value – How We Give Purpose. We support our coaches to perform good and well and we support clients having access to creat coaches who come together to improve and expand the coaching industries credibility and performance.



We are here to work together, If you use your strong side and I use my strong side and we team up, I can add value to you and I can give purpose for you. We aim to have a coach for clients in differenct phases of life, we aim to be a One-stop and a Safe Place to ask and to find the track you are looking for in life.

Let us help each other
Let us help each other

We are here to work together

Add value for the purpose. Be smart and not outsmarted – Give value to what you spend your time on!

Here is how you can change it all:

  1. Join us as Member – Know  your inner ME
  2. Join us as Coach
  3. Join us as BIO – Create your Way
  4. Join us as a Trusted Partner

Let me tell you my story about how I failed so you can use it and improve your way. We are here help each other, we are here to do better, improve, we are here to find the strength within whom we really are, so you can spend your life on your purpose. It is why we do it, it’s what we do. it’s who we are. Join us!

Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire
Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Overcome and move on

70% is about your WHY. By-Invitation-Only Membership helps you take control over your life and overcome the obstacles you face. BIO has 70% focus on WHY do you want it.

You will find out who you truly are, and how to tackle the journey ahead unimpeded. Bridge the Gaps, once you know yourself and why you want it. Everything falls into place ready to Experience.

Every time you do something – ask yourself why you do it and why you want it. This membership is for people who are seeking to take the step to live for their purpose. Are you ready to join people who like yourself aim to seek and want to discover the best in life

Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum
Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum


50% of the ME membership focus on HOW to do it. The ME Membership provides opportunities to focus and grow as a person. You know why you want it, and are ready to experience life. “ME” represents your ME. You know why you want it and what you want and you are ready to explore and experience life.

CAL supports your “ME”. To constantly help you bridge the GAP from where you are to where you want to be. Know your ME and know how to Ask for it!

Coachingandlife a network of coaches
Coachingandlife a network of coaches

Gain Tools

75% of the MY Membership is about WHAT. MY Member is Coaches looking for more and new skills and tools to take them to the next stage of their personal/professional development.

The question WHAT is always in focus,

What do you need to know and learn.

MY Membership bridges the gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

Here Is How it Works
Spin your support ask and get answers from the coach who knows
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