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It’s about your skills, we exchange know how, knowledge usage of models and techniques, how to improve and get better results, how to be what we really want, be a great coach or mentor for ourselves, understand what impact our doing has and  understand what kind of skills, knowledge, strength will take us to where we want to be,  how we use ourselves and our questions.

We ask when to do what, we challenge each other.

In the forum for MY – it is about skills, know how, education, what to read, an evaluation of all tools within coaching and mentoring. Here we ask for knowhow within our stories.

We reach out to help each other.

MY: they understand that they influence their own life results by their own thinking, feelings, and actions, but have limited awareness of how to transfer their knowledge into their life experience. 


Who they are:

  • They know they are the cause of their results, but they don’t know what to do with that awareness and may tend to fall back into the ME stage when faced with challenges.
  • They feel stuck, but sometimes have breakthroughs that aren’t necessarily sustainable, and they don’t know why (haven’t learned about becoming a vibrational match to what they want).
  • Maybe have done Landmark or some other self-help seminars/courses/read books and still haven’t seen the results they want.
  • Have intellectual knowledge but can’t seem to bring it into their physical experience (and/or can’t sustain it).


What they need:

  • Mentoring, support and tools to help them go within to find answers and bring that knowledge into physical reality.
  • Ability to cultivate connections and support from others MY members on a similar growth path.

What they get: 2799 PER YEAR AND 299 PR MONTH

  • Part of closed MY CALmunities monthly contact
  • Part of 30-minute monthly Q&A Call – to the Zoom Call for the team”
  • Part of MY CALmunity always open
  • Part of Signoff
  • Access to all Open MY CALmunities
  • Access to all MY Forums
  • Access to Templates (LEARNING TOOLS)
  • Access to Coach/Mentor
  • Access to “Post Question” for C&M to Answers
  • Access to Online availability to answer questions
  1. Interaction with other MY members in their CALmunities.
  2. Ability to join other Open Forums to enhance their knowledge on a variety of topics
  3. CAL Team postings in the MY CALmunities, including Actionable Templates (Intermediate)
  4. Access to Coach/Mentor
    • Weekly 45-minute Training and/or Q&A Live Call or online availability to answer questions (coach’s choice during their office hours).




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