With your mind, you create the life you want to live and be where you want to stand ~ Your mind is your tool and ability to achieve your outcome.

To have an active mind does not have to be stressful, to have a mind, that is not practicing can be stressful ~fullfil your goals and trust what you have.

It is the practice of your mind, that has created everything you stand for where you are right now.

So what do you do, and who are you? It is that simple, there is no one else who can tell you how to see your life or how to live your life. It is all in your mindset. It is all you do, and it is your way even if we ad times say that it is not.

This can never be true, there is only you who can do it, you may let others take over and you may follow the guidance from others, however, you want to tell it or say it. It is your doing, what you are involved in. Therefore, to practice our own mind every day for what we see as our right outcome is what is right for us. What is your path, what is your journey, how much time did you spend thinking about, where I am going? What I do today, where will that lead me tomorrow.

If we make no decision and go with the flow?

That is too to make a decision, we “can – not” not make a decision. Some will call that being impulsive and spontaneous, and that is to an ability to have, one that can give great joy in life.

Our mind and the way we have our mindset is the life we are living; the world is as we decide to see it. Let us take a look at a few cases and see how we work with our minds and how powerful the practicing of our minds is.

When we have An angry mind.

why are we angry and what are we telling ourselves, when we are angry, what pattern is that we have, instead of calming down we get angry, what lines are crossed, what are we thinking, how do work our minds when we are angry. Please do not say that we do not work our minds it just happens, this can be, in a way that too is to work your mind by going by from what you have learned early in life.

Take a look at your way.

At your path at what you are doing, how far are you from what your mother or father is doing can you see the similar acts or are they unaware to you. We are what we learn, and we can learn anything early in life, and that is also why we are all different and why we see and experience life differently.

Think about it, we are in the same world and we can be in the same country and we are in the same city, even in the same room, and still, we can experience what is happening and being said differently.

That is why when we communicate it is good to learn and practice our mind to wait to listen to the whole story before we ourselves do anything.

Why because many times misunderstandings occur when we do not have the time or patience to listen through. Wait and listen.

Why because sometimes when we act, we can save ourselves from so much anger by finding out what the other person’s intention is, we measure ourselves on the intention, but we measure others on their results. Meaning that when we get angry there are two sides to see the anger from, one does our mind understand correctly, was this the intention that we should get angry, or did our mind misunderstands the intention, what was said was not mend that way.  

What happens when we get angry.

We get more energy, and thus more energy is meant to be used for something.

When we get angry the extra energy can be used to protect ourselves, there can be many reasons why we get angry but for the mind and body, it is to protect itself from what is coming too close.

There are many situations, where being angry could be expressed even better, or we could have saved ourselves from much sorry, worry and sadness. Do you fail when you get angry? do you not agree?

When our mind is angry, what is the outcome, we want to achieve, are we able to think clearly and make a good lasting decision, or are we in a panic – doing things we wish we never had.

Think about when you fire someone?Think about revenge?Think about when someone hurts you?Think about the boss you hated most?Think about it?

What situation are we in after? Many times when we are angry, we will be angry for a short time, it takes up so many resources to be angry, we do things we regret and we speak words that we do not even know where is coming from.

The mind – Then the best healer comes in and give us time.

Time to think, time to heal ourselves for what happened, our mind may not want to let go, our mind may keep reminding us and our mind will always remember. Either we do the same again or we learned.

What is the lesson to learn? Practicing your mind is a choice you choose. It is our awareness of ourselves that determines how we want to use anger.

Anger can be used in a very positive way when it gives you the strength to say yes I can do it, yes I will, We find an enormous power in anger, so use it wisely, and work and be very aware of what it does to you, so you get the outcome you are seeking.  

A sad mind.

Is when something happens to you and you do not have the skills and the ability to find out why and how, sadness is when we feel hurt and sorry, and those are circumstances for which we do not within find a way of solving.

If we lose someone very close to us, someone that has always been there, we feel sorry and it takes us a long time to learn or figure out how to move on, depending on how deep and how good we are at finding solutions to move on. As long as we have not found a way, we continue to feel the sadness within.

Once our inner levels find new ways of finding the balance we start moving on.

When we lose a friend.

We are usually sad until we have found something to take that place, we use each other and we use each other on different levels life, sadness is an expression of how fast we are at preparing ourselves and move on, this does not say anything about how much something meant to us. It is our own inner ability to find a new or another way of filling out that empty place.

We can have many best friends because none of our friends are the same, and what we have together is great with each one of them, but if we lose a friend we get sad, because we were something for each other, we did something. Take a look at how different we act in situations like this.

Some will find a new friend and that for some does not take long, whereas others wait and hope that it all comes back, and can be forgotten, some stay, and some leave. When we work our minds we know what is the right thing for us and what we will do.

We know if we are good at replacing what we have. We know what is right for us, and we will stay sad until we are ready, all happens when we are ready.  

A happy mind.

Is a mind that can laugh and have fun, when we are at this stage it is because what we see and what we feel makes us happy.

What is happening goes hand in hand with our inner outcome, or we may take a break from our lives and just stand, no expectation just for at the short time we listen. Happiness comes from within just right now, you can tell yourself I am happy and then your mind will automatically think of all the things that make you happy.  

Being happy is a choice you can choose because you decide to think of all the good things you have in your life, and there is always something good. This does not mean that this is the way you want your life to look, but there is always something that can make you happy within.

To practice the mindset.

Practice the mindset of being happy is a choice of life, a way of living just like integrity.

To be happy is only for you and you are the only one who knows the difference because to choose to be happy is to be thankful and grateful for what at this point in time is in your life.

This is not the same as saying that it should always be like this, or that you do not want anything else in life, this is the awareness of the present to know, that you are in the right place at the right time, this is what we have to keep in our focus in life. The trust, the awareness, the present, and the ability to know that we are on our way.

To be is what we need to practice to be the person and be in the life that we desire, be who we are, how often do we read this and how often do we think about, how to be ourselves.

What is me, do I really know that is me, in the network for ME you have a chance to tell your story and see if you are who you want to be, the person that is you.  If you are not you, who are you then? That is why this can be so difficult to talk about if you are not you who are you then and what does this mean.

Be yourself, what does this mean, who am I and what do I want. Be yourself is to pursue your way and your dreams, when you are yourself, you get a strong mind and a strong belief in what you are doing because you follow what is right for you.

When we are aligned with our inner, that is when we are ourselves, we do and we know that what we are doing does not stress us out, it makes us feel better and gives us abundance.

We do things for the right reasons and for the right outcome. One of the hardest things to practice is to know that when we are ourselves, we have to accept and know that others have a way to the inner guidance that is their way, yes maybe we can join each other for a time, and knowing we have our way, is to know that others have their way.

This means that we may join each other for a time, this time can be short or it can be longer depending on our direction.

Enjoy each other and have the faith and awareness to be who you are and know that this will give you joy and abundance in life.

How to use coaching tools
A joyful mind

A joyful mind

A joyful mind is a mind that is in balance for all the right reasons, when we follow our inner, when we face our challenges in the right way, we grow and we build up a good way not only for ourselves but also for everyone around us.

To know that I am okay is one thing, to know that you are okay is a great way in my mind and in my knowledge on my way because it helps me to be creative.

A creative mind is a mind that seeking the understanding of how to achieve the forcefulness of a doing to have a peaceful mind, a mind in a working stage.

When we know how hard it is to achieve our outcome and keeping focus, we know that being ourselves is the way to achieve it, to listen to what we have within, that joy and happiness come from within.

Then we are aware of the importance of being present and we will work on ways to listen to how others do to learn how to improve and do our way even better for one reason only, to improve ourselves by being better humans, by being a better friend.

You can make a difference all you have to do is start and make the choice to do it. Join us in the network where you find the support and guidance you need to move forward and keep on growing.

In what we do we practice our mind, it is not possible for us not to use our mind, and therefore the better we use what we have and know, the wiser a result for the outcome.

Our mind is our tool and ability to achieve outcome, to have an active mind does not have to be stressful, to have a mind that is not practicing can be stressful.

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