Stress to impress

We want to do good and we all stress to impress.

On Thursday, April 20 at 7 PM CEST – 1 PM EST – 10 AM PST. We talk about stress to impress. What it means on a daily basis to stress to impress, and how it influences all our lives.

  • How do you stress to impress?
  • Why do you stress to impress?
  • What do you gain from stress to impress?
  • When do you stress to impress?

We see it everyday limits are pushed to even higher performance and skills, we need faster results and better performance. We are in a transformation area, where what we do today will no longer be needed tomorrow.

Let me give you an example:

Software is the normative approach to solving a problem, you cannot gather feedback, analysis and documentation at a speed today, where you can use the results you come up with.

A tool is created to solve just this problem, feedback analyzed in real-time.

No matter how fast and good you are, you can never compete with real time analytics. You are outdated as human.

This will you discover the tool make you stress to impress.

Join us here at GOOGLE MEET here and share your thoughts on how we can help each other in a time where stress to impress is a fact.

In the webinar, you will join 2 coaches Bryan C Dunn and Berit Ladefoged with different angles to stress and with different ways of working with stress. You will also meet moderator Nirkarla Ruiz. Who will support and guide you through it all.

Stress to impress: The Link to the private forum: Here You must be a member to show up. Safety and reliability above all. We cannot speak up in public we need to protect ourselves. Stress to impress is a critical topic these days.

In the Forum is where you can ask the questions that are spinning your mind and preventing you from taking the control you need and want.

Stress to impress: When stress takes over and drives you.

It is hard to stress on a daily basis. You focus on the goals and you forget everything else, even yourself.

Facts are when we stress to impress we do things for everyone else.

Let me ask you one question, do you believe Elvis Prestley, Lady Gaga, Dire Straists did it for you. No, they did it for a dream that they had within, they saw and see something – you and I don’t.

Something within, as voice calling out, wanting to express and tell the world, this is not stress to impress this is a dream coming true, a vision, a desire.

Stress to impress is something very different

It is when you do it for the approval or the reward you gain. You stress to impress in sports, work, jobs, but now when you are an entrepreneur, singer, improver or one who wants to help others.

Stress to impress

At CoachingAndLife we know the difference between stress to impress and the desire of an inner calling.

The voice within which keep telling you to improve, change, and do it better.

Why are you here, what do you hear when – you read the 4 lines HOW-WHY-WHAT-WHEN?

  • How do you stress to impress?
    • What you do to impress your boss, it is not what you believe, but what you believe he wants to hear, whatever will make him happy.
  • Why do you stress to impress?
    • To be where you are, and not lose your position, job or partner.
  • What do you gain from stress to impress?
    • You do what it takes, you know..
  • When do you stress to impress?
    • When you feel you are about to lose.

The 4 drivers HOW-WHY-WHAT-WHEN are all drivers we all meet on a daily basis.

How to solve today’s challenges or problems – Why we solve them and what we do and when we do it, if we are threatened by someone – we are not thinking clearly we are thinking, I do not want to lose this person, this job or this partner and we act naive, stupid and it all leads to mistakes, blame and failure going forward.

Fight stress by rising and believing in yourself. Stand tall with the right people at the right time.

You can and you must.

It is all about finding the inner voice, strength and belief in yourself. No matter what they say the voice within is the calling.

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Let is be and let it rise.

What is going on for you? And why do you want to push it ahead faster than you can control it. What happened to Elvis, too, must too fast, he was not in control. What happened with Dire Straits, right timing and right progress. They are still here and they are still among the best.

What we need to deal with is not the outside, but inside out. What you have within – inside out – no one can see your dream, and no one can understand your moves and desires unless you express and keep talking about it.

Fame, rich and powerful are not core drivers they are a result of many tiny bits of right actions. Where you listened to your inner calling.

Stress to impress is a trap, and where those who want too much for the wrong reasons fall in.

Join us April 20 and get to know so much more.

It’s all within you

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