About Me

My Philosophy

I believe transparency leads to clarity. We tend to introduce people to our “Representative” when we first meet them instead of being our authentic selves. Thinking that this will leave a good first impression. Why not try something different and introduce them to you and only you. I also believe men and women think about the same things but we process and communicate them differently.
So it’s time to destroy the Battle of The Sexes B.S. and I’m the man to do it!

“I believe transparency leads to clarity"

Let Me Coach You

My entire life has been dedicated to studying relationships and how men and women love. For almost two decades I have toured the United States and, thanks to the internet, the world helping people understand and communicate openly about love and how they love.

What My Coaching Can Help You Do
*Exhale, vent, dialogue – What you feel and have to say matters. Let’s talk about it

*Big Reveal – Unveil old habits and ways of thought that may be hurting your relationships
*Ain’t Gonna Stand For It – What are your Breaking Points, Deal Breakers, and Turn Offs. Know and define your limits.
*What did you hear? – Learning to listen with the intent to hear.
*What do you want from love? – I’ll help you add achievable goals to your relationship expectations.
*Learn to love serving in love – Having gratitude in servitude toward your mate