Values in life.

Values in life – The meaning of giving life meaning?

My challenge is to understand my Values in life: Are my values giving me the outcome I want? and what do they mean to me – do they support me as I need?

If you are asking some of these questions may be the training 52 ways is something for you.

What really matters when we think about it? how do we learn to master for ourselves what makes meaning?

What knowledge do we need to be aware of, to have the outcome and meaning that is important to us as humans?

Let’s challenge each other, what values are the most important to give our lives the outcome and meaning that is important?

Can we have the same values in the same orders and have different wishes for an outcome, is this possible?

How would you felicitate the order of values?

How would you know if values were in conflict with one another?

What are the signs?

What would the person get if that conflict were solved?

Where does this leave the person, how do we feel that the conflict between two values is solved?

How do we learn to understand that we can achieve what we want and have both values?

  • Do we need to understand why and how we go the conflict between the two values?
  • Do we start with love for?
  • Love for?

Whatever we accomplice in life we do, because it has value to us?

So if values are our driver how come we do not work more at them, to understand where they take us?

Are values the main driver for us?

How often do you think about what your values are?

What values gives love for, discipline, respect, knowledge, know-how, to do, what value is good to have at this moment and time?

Does value change? are our values family related? Where do they come from?

Think about habits – the lyric of how a habit works, we do it without even thinking about it.

Good feedback will be

How would rate values? – is that the NLP technique – to facilitate values?

What happens to us if we are not aware of our values?

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