Know and see Why would you ever give up,

There are many reasons never to give up or let yourself down. Know and see what you need.

When you really think about it, the first time you give up, from there it gets easier to give up.

The discipline, that you acquire when you decide to do something will determine how you proceed in life- know and see- .

It is the first lesson, you have many expectations, this is where your journey begins.

We all know – know and see – that if you like someone and you have a good teacher, you have better chances of coming out of a session with the wish to come back.

It is like having a good boss, if you have a good boss you stay and you love your work. How you discover is among who you are.

Know and see – The first look, the first trip, the first try, the first time.

That is what makes the difference to us, we can be fooled, we can make a mistake with the first look, that something we saw or thought we saw, was not at all like this, that implies that we give it a second chance, and how often are we willing to give something or someone a second chance.

How often are we willing or saying I made a mistake, I was wrong, when do we hear this and if we hear this what do we think.

If we look at it, what is it that tells us within seconds or a few minutes what is going on and how things are, what is that? For many things in life we build our knowledge and awareness on seconds impression and impact. What skills do we use?

When we think about it, how do we know, how can we rely on seconds of input where when it comes to other things in life we need facts.

What determines what we rely on?

How do we know?

What makes us trust what we feel inside?

When we stand here, we are vulnerable and we can easily be fooled, we seek why and here stands someone with the answer.

Do they have the answer for us?

Do they know what we want?

Do they what we should do?

Why would we trust some else more than ourselves?

Could we listen to what they say and make our own judgment?

We know, we know what to do?

We just do not know, where to start and get started, we are seeking our way,

This does not mean that we want others to take advantage of us, this does not mean that we want others to leave us alone, this does not mean that we are weak.

We are just looking to find,  looking to be aware, trying to discover.

Why do we not use this trust, the belief in ourselves more in life, the people that have success in life, what awareness, skills do they use, do they investigate, spend time studying and learning or do they trust, that they know.

How do they become so strong in their beliefs?

What is it that gives the result and the outcome.

It all starts early in life, looking back to your time in school and the people, that you spend so many hours with who was the cheerleader and who was the geek.

Then meet when you are 40 and 50 and see where life has taken you? What do you then think?

Things happen to all of us, we carry behaviors with us, we carrier outcome and patens with us, and we think that we are away, we see a way that was shown to us.

If we decide to follow that way, then that is a choice, we also see that there are others that comes from not knowing and brings knowledge into a field.

We know so much more than we think we do, and we can accomplice so much more than we think we can,

  if we can think that this is not right, then we can also think about

what is right if we have the peace of mind that is needed.

We have in this world today so many opportunities,

information is easy to access for all of and therefore what we need to learn today is so very different from what was needed 20 years ago.

Today information on almost anything is not a problem to find or have, today

we need to know, what we want to do with all the information we have and what is right.

We can no longer assume that other have the right sense and wish as we do,

we know, what we want and that if we want the thing in a level we need to either control or investigate.

We are right now changing our behavior and our way.

We use to discover the world, now we know the world and now we need to take care of the world if we want to last.

We use to be able to use crème for our body and not think about,

what was inside, we use to be able to do so many things

before the industry got to a level where this no longer is possible.

We do and we love and then it is like we love it too much, we want to much out of it?

Our challenge where we stand today,

can be of many and facts are for all of us, that no one knows the time frame we are entering.

We do not know the jobs and the needs years ahead as we did years ago.

What we do know is that we need to be flexible, we need to change, we need to look forward and follow the streams.

We see so many things today, and we see, that when things happen, they are so much more extreme, our borders our way is so much harder in many ways.

What happened to decent, what happened to do things with manner, what happened not to bully others,

what happened to be a good simple nice person.

Why have we decided to take things to the extreme,

in order to understand some of ourselves and others, it is good to work the way through why and the gab tools.

We know that each of us has different outcomes and wishes in life,

we know that we are different, we know that we do not even like the same things.

Still, we pressure each other to be the same.


When we want something, we should paint a picture in our minds and work keep looking at the picture, knowing that we have the strength,

the believes to do anything.

Dreams do come true, and they do, if we can see the picture, the outcome, we will start searching to find our way.

There will be things we need to learn,

there will difficulties and struggle and we will find our way, from all this comes to the saying there is a reason, at the end of the journey

we will not be like the person who started we will have changed and we are the journey we decided and set out to accomplice and for all reasons, we can never give up.

When we see our inner picture for our life, we also feel and know how many detours we have taken,

and we also know that when we make choices that takes us closer, things happen easier, we know, there is no doubt there is no

Why – it is like it all comes so natural.

We know.

Therefore, it it’s the first time in all we do that counts, the first try determines if we are willing to try again and do we dare,

do we trust that we are safe to come back and give it one more try, the first time is what really makes the whole difference in the world.

If we get a good feeling, if we connect with someone, if we find in ourselves with more strength, more joy we will continue and over time this feeling will become stronger.

Why would we ever give up, when we know, that we are the only person, that we are with all the time, we can trust, can see through.

Why would we give up if we know within that what we are seeking and looking for is there, and we can do it, why?

When we scream out, when we are vocal, we do not do this for others to do it for us, as often happens we do it because we are looking within to find the answers or the key that we unlock that access to our inner picture where we are in balance and know, that we are doing the right thing for ourselves.

We and only we know what is right for us, yes we need to be within limits of what is good guidelines in life, facts are that each of us has something unique and each one of is special and each of one us contribute with just that.

We never know what makes the difference.

Why did you start losing weight, we have been talking about this for years, and one day you say to yourself?

I will take care of me. What made the difference?

Was it something someone said? Was it a picture, a memory what did it?

We never know where the input comes from, that will make us do it, make us understand, make the difference.

When we help each other with feedback, telling how far on the journey we have been then we reach out for others and we give them an opportunity to know what is ahead.

This can be from staring a new job to what it is like to have children different ages.

If we know we are not going to give up. If we can see it differently and we know that we are willing to learn and work to achieve our outcome, then we will keep searching until we find what is right for us.

We may make detours, we make mistakes, we may take years for us. We make a lifetime of dedications for the moment where we find our inner. We have a journey within.

We are all different and if you look from above, there is a part a role for all of us, maybe we do not understand what role we are playing, what we are thinking right now, what is that contributing, it is nothing goes by unnoticed, you know.

Whenever we decide to do something for ourselves, we know, we know and we can remember, all days that we did not do anything, stayed in front of the TV all those days go by and we forget.

We remember that day, we took a walk with our dad and he took us by the hand and said something, we remember the day we cooked with our mother, and we set the table.

We remember our first dance our first kiss, we remember and this is what makes us, who we are what we decided to do later and how we do it.

We can never give up, if we have a good and positive picture for how we want it, we seek and we search and we will find it.

It is strange that for things that are not good for us, and if it has a negative impact, we can do it for some time, and then we wake up, move on, and let it go. If we really take things to our hearts and believe it must be positive and it must be right, else we cannot build on it, why?

Do we see that all empires stand to fall? What made the difference in what happened and why, they live well grow to extremes and then, they fall even the Berlin Wall.

When we believe we can build, and when we lose faith it fades away faster than we can imagine. We have a strong power to make things happen.

We know that we have to believe in ourselves and that we can do it, right for ourselves and the people around us.

We can never make a wish that goes for only ourselves and a wish that harms others, that is when we see that we cannot hold on, we will be a period of time in this area, where we want to do things for all the wrong reasons.

Then after a time, we go for the light for the right things. Which we are the only ones to know what is.

When we are at the point of giving up, we have a tendency to panic, try to do, and keep doing things that are wrong. Use mindfulness, go down do nothing, look and say nothing, listen and say nothing, then you will see after a short time, that things will change not for others for you.

You are in the same place and see different things.

You listen to the same stories and hear something different.

You are in the same family and see different patens

You have dreams and things to do. You will do differently.

To trust that you have the competence, to know that you know, is what makes you never give up.

If we can see things others cannot see, then we too can see and find a way to make that happen for us.

We are strong, we are what we say we are.

How do you find the motivation, when you know, that is sometimes the hard question and what takes us time to find? Nothing comes easy if we really look, things can have taken generations to build and each generation add just a little or we see that things go fast and a lot of people have been involved to make it.

If we see a good way, and we see and think we are right and others are against you? What can the reason be know and see, that they do not see the future, that they are scared, that they are intolerant that they do not believe and want to find their inner picture?

We can only stay true to one know and see, and that is ourselves, we are in the same world and sometimes even in the same conversations and still, we did not see and hear the same.

So we are in the same world and have all very different lives.

Know and see – You are you, I am ME, and if you have something use ME to search to find it.

Use your voice for you, to find the wings that will take you to where you want to be.

From all within CAL, we wish that we all find what we are seeking and that we know that we are special.

There is only one you who know and see. Be you, be proud of being you.

And remember happiness comes from inside out and never outside in. What is on your mind, which challenges did you place and what decisions do you need to take,

Know and see Life is choices and dedication for moments of peace and happiness.

Know and see – take your life ahead

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