Work harder or let go, how much, how far, how long, what are you willing to do, to get at a friend, to be part of the group, to get the job, to be accepted, to be the best, to be at the top.

10 reasons to let go.

Today is a day where it is time, time to evaluate time to look at who needs to do what to accomplice a good outcome, where are we and where are we going.

How is it that we one day stand in a place, where we do not want to belong, where we do not see ourselves, what went so wrong.

If we think about all that has gone wrong in a different way, thinking about driving a car, how big a detour or how far would you go in the wrong direction? Before you would decide to turn around.

Even better taking it one step deeper, what would you think about the person who took a detour 100 miles or even said 5 days’ detour.

You detour, what does it look like and where are you?

Even better when do we realize that we have taken the detour, and how many of our surroundings has seen it before we discover it.

Why did anyone not say anything, why is it that they people we love and trust, they do not say anything or do they and we do not listen.

The first hard thing to do when you see and know this is not taking you to your outcome and to the places that you want to be.

Is stop,

It is sometimes better to stand still than take the car 1000 miles in the wrong direction. The question is how can we stop, this is not possible we work with time and time is always moving, there is no break from time. So what can we do, when we do not know our next right step, what can we do that will make us do as little as possible.

We have so many options there are so many things that we can do, we can use yoga, we can use mindfulness, we can do all sports this is all breaker that will do something good for the mind, and this can never come back to us as a bad gesture.

Nature and our mind are only waiting for the signal, what to do, our mind will start working on finding ways to create those opportunities. It may not happen exactly like you think of it because there are so many other aspects to take into account.

It will happen, we all have strong minds, and we have the will to do it if we really want. Close your eyes and think you know the difference, the force, the will, the attitude, the joy, the smile, the feeling of being one with your choice. No doubt, no weakness.

Yes, you will make it happen.

So when you have set your mind on something and you have to let it go, how can this be possible, when you have gone through so much, there have been so many aware and even more unaware thoughts that have taken us to where we stand today, and now we say let go.

What are 10 good reasons to let go?

One is we are wiser today.

We know more of the issue the subject as when we started and we assumed, we thought this would be the right thing, the right place, and now when we are in, we see that this is not at all for us – you or me.

How can this be, because if you think of a Layer, and you think of justice and doing the right thing, is that what a player spends their time on, or an actor, what do they spend their time on?

We think we are fully aware, and still, there is so much we are not aware of, this is where we are tricked, this is where what the sun shines on has so much light that we do not see, what is behind the scene.

We do not see what happens in the families when the doors are closed, we do not see what happens in a profession when they are out of the spotlight, meaning that the spotlight that we see is what is for the world to see.

We see what everyone wants us to see, we are what we choose to show.

A second one is we grow.

We pick a roll, we make a choice from where we stand today, we get a roll and when we have played this role for a certain time, we may want to change, challenge.

We grow out of the roll and we see that we have done something for a certain time, and now it is time to move on, something inside out, or inner picture of what we are and who we are, can change and we need to take that chance to change to what feels right. In the world we are today, where a lot is changing, we do not see it but we all change and things and values are not the same.

How can we then stay the same, this is not possible and therefore, letting go is part of what is happening and a form of being at this time.

A third one is; we see this as an option

What values or capability has come to us since we start things that it is time to let go, there can be so many reasons why, and all of them are messages from our inner selves, due to that it does not somehow feel right or it does not match our perfect inner picture.

Where are you going and what does your inner perfect picture look like.

To let go is never easy, so letting go is not about being weak, not about giving up, it is about known that you have an inner perfect picture for which your act is not adding to create and fulfill this, that is letting go for all the right reasons.

A four is, it takes time from what is right.

If we keep holding one to something that is wrong it will never be good, it will never be right, it will never be able to fulfill us the way we expect it to.

So letting go is also us learning to be aware of what is right and wrong for us, and here it is not about not being able to make compromises, we can do many things, and we can compromise for many reasons and ways. This is our big stones our values our lives. This is about doing and taking us to where we want to be.

The place where our soul is at peace. We can do some things that are not for us, but we can not only do things that are not taking us to our own outcome.

A fifth is,

what now, we know we need to change direction, we know we need to do something else, what and how, if we are not going to do what we have set our minds to, if we are not going to do what is expected of us, what are we going to do, and what will then we the resistance what we will meet and that we have to face.

It takes guts, we need to be brave, we need to be able to look forward, we need to be able to let go, we need to start thinking of what and how are we going to move on, sometimes letting go is so hard that you will always remember what it was like.

A six reason is,

we will change, we will need to let go of even more things and relations because others will not see us the same way, and we will have to accept that for some people this will be too big a change, some will even get angry at us for not doing and being what we have always been or what we have always done.

A seven is,

we face hard work, we face a time where we will feel alone and it will be hard for others to understand us, it will even be hard at times for ourselves to understand what happens and we have to use and learn new values.

This is a hard journey and hard way, we will become what we seek, and we will face the challenge again to let go or try harder. We have to trust the one person or the only person, that we are together with 24 seven.

For this reason, we will always need to be authentic and for this reason, we must do what feels right.

An eight is,

we can for so long have been stuck in the area where we blame, where we accuse where we do not take responsibility for our lives and what is happening in our lives. That letting goes, can be a shock for us. Here we are, there is no support, no one can understand why we are doing this, no one can see our perfect inner picture, or feel it, close your eyes and feel and see your inner picture of your life.

You know where you are going we all do.

We can use mindfulness to find the peace to be able to have the contact inside out. Then we are truly ourselves and others will look at us with different eyes they too can feel that we are authentic all the way inside out, we are strong we are what we are.

That is why letting goes, it not about losing it is about winning your life, knowing your life, living your life.

A ninth is

We have so few chances in life, we lose our bravery, we lose our will to follow our inner perfect picture, yes sometimes we even lose it. Do not stay in this trap, break lose, let go of the anger, the amusements, the blame, it is not accomplishing anything tomorrow must be a better day than today, and this happens if you are willing to start now.

In the hour sitting here working this blog, I can truly say that I lost my inner perfect picture for a while, I know no matter how many I coach how much I try, what my pictures show is that I must be part of a place where there is room for everyone to improve, not matter where you come from, I enjoy the bravery the understanding of us all being different, we are all important and we are all good.

When no one tries to understand us, when no one listens, when no one cares, then it becomes easy to do things that are not right, and the right way, take the chance you have, make the right choice and hold on to your inner perfect picture.

You have it, and you are ready you can do this.

The ten.

Trust yourself, be yourself, and hold the hand of the one person that matters. Keep holding on, close your eyes and see it, feel it, and never let go of yourself.

Inside out.

When thinking about it, what excuses could we possibly have? We can come up with many, think again, how we feel, what really matters to us, is how we feel inside, there can never be any joy as the joy you feel from the inside, there can never be any laugh than the laugh that comes from the inside.

Our hearts we say, we see and know when things are authentic and we know those people has done what it required, we know. We also know, when we see want to be, the once that make a show-off, of something they are not.

To truly find our authentic if we have lost it as the ten, do not walk any mile unless you know it is a mile for you, do not work hard 24 hours a day unless you know why, do and feel, keep balance in your life and start living your life.

Be brave, be good, be wise, seek to understand, seek to be understood, seek for knowledge, seek for awareness, evaluate yourself, evaluate your performance, evaluate your life, know that each minute and hour counts and is counted, make a difference and make it happen.

Smile during your journey and know you are on your way to fore fill your inner picture, you will be sitting old and wise smiling with your grandchildren and give them true wisdom to go for their dream too.

Each life matters each step and you are the only one who can do it, it is all up to you.

These are the good reasons to let go,

do what is right follow your inner perfect picture for your outcome.

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