Who will know what it did to ME.

Warning! It’s not what it looks like, and you are right no one will never know what it did to you. Even when you tell, we can only imagine what it did to you. But we can know, and we can learn from it.

Can we imagine, Not at all and no matter what anyone says to you. You can never ever copy what someone else has been through.

You can get inspiration to your own questions.

What happened.

The story you tell holds so much information about what happened and why you let it happen. You are not responsible for what they did to you and trust me from what I have been through I know what it is like to be fired and have a company hunt you with all they got for their own greed and desire.

No matter what they tell and no matter how the story goes, think about the learning in it for you. Who you want to be and how you want to overcome it?

Do never let a Boss, a company or anyone else turn you into something that you do not want to be. It’s a lesson learned, and you are much better and much smarter.

What happened?

What happened to you?

How did you react?

What did you Say?

What did you do?


What are you going to do?

You are going to count to 24 for what you want to say. You are going to wait 24 hours what you are going to think about.

Never destroy something permanently because you are temporarily upset.

Whatever you are going to do. Think you must win and gain from this lesson. This is your chance.

What did you learn? What learning did you take with you? And trust me when you look back at whatever happened you will think of it as one of the best things that ever happened to you.

Can you do better absolutely?

Can you find the inner strength to make that happened absolutely?

Sitting today and looking back trust me, you are going to be so happy.

You will find yourself and who you are, you will find the inner smile and you will remember.

You will make so much out of it and you will look back at this period and time and think. WOW, I was lucky I got out; I got a second chance.

Think about what would have happened had you not gotten out. Would you get sick – would you get stress. I meet a girl once who got an allergy and had to isolate herself from the surrounding, at that point in time

YES, I could hear she was not happy and much more than not happy, that there was so much more within her, that had a voice, but she was being silenced by her husband. It’s amazing how we tell our story without even knowing it.

It’s amazing that we cannot see it before it’s too late.

It’s amazing how we let ourselves get sick – go down with stress out of fear and anxiety. It’s amazing why we are ready to pay with stress and anxiety, over listening to what is right within.

Why is it so hard to follow your inner guidance?

Can you hear your inner guidance?

Are you in contact with yourself?

Do you listen to what is right and wrong for yourself?

Let’s face it the power of the people around us is enormous and it can be hard to say no. Why do we let ourselves down? Why do we not listen to our inner voice, listen to the people around us and evaluate what is the right thing to do.

Every problem has its own solution.

If you solve a task at work, the task has its own solution. It does not matter what you think about it there are many solutions but there are only a few that is excellent.

It always takes time to investigate what is “really” wrong and what needs to be changed to get success. Look at how many companies to savings, cutbacks and firing people.

If you cannot change the mindset of people, the right thing is to fire people. If people do not want to change their mindset the right thing is to leave.

Guess what that is not what is happening. What is happening is that companies are not reaching their goals and they think if they push people harder, and tougher people will perform more and better.

Can you hear it.

What are you thinking about this moment?

What are the questions you sit with?

Where are you?

Whatever happened take it as a call to action for your life. I remember some years ago laying in bed thinking life is boring if it becomes more boring, I do not know what to do.

Jahhh all is changed, and I love it, I am not through it, over it, but I am ME. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what the wind of change has bought with it. It cleaned out all the people that were not good for me. It cleaned out all the bad business with wrong purpose and intention. Trust me

The wind of change is one of the best winds that can come your way.

Will it be hard –  oh jah it will be hard

Will you be happy – oh yes you will be happy

Will you make better – oh yes you will make it so much better.

This is your chance to build your strongest ME. Get into what is important for your ME and what learning you want to have.

Who are You?

What people do you want to be around?

Who do you want to give your energy and power to?

Who do you want to work for? Do not take any job, investigate what kind of company you are getting yourself into, what are people saying about that company? Who are the people working there?

If you decide to give them your effort and knowledge, make sure their purpose has same values as your own.

Build you strongest ME.

So what about ME. Your ME is what you will always love, Your ME is what you will always need, Your Me is that will always make things happen for you.

Take good care of your Me. Build it to be the strongest.


Remember followers need a leader,

 and a leader need people who ask,

if you are silent there is no need for a leader.