Leadership to success – Successful people don’t whine and blame others.

We talk about how leadership to success – is the core of our values. Leadership to success – why do it.

The team of
1. Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)
2. Adele Stickland
3. Karen Hover
4. Heidi Garrett
Deborah Thorne
6. Bryan C Dunn
7. Shelia Heard
8. Flooris van der Walt
9. Mike Wynm
10. Omkar Velankar
11. Berit Ladefoged

Leadership to success – Successful people work hard and adjust.

Successful people don’t take themselves so seriously, successful people focus on the target – they use the process Leadership to success. Successful people have success because they know what it takes to keep good health, family and business.

The key, that unlocks it all is a strong mind of wellbeing.  It’s to focus your effort on what you want.

The road to success is Dream, Hope, Believe and Achieve. A mind that dreams can do anything and if you think about it for moment, Hope is above fear, and Believe is above worry.

The road to letting go (or failure) is doubt, fear, worry, stress, anxiety, and depression. Eventually, you will let go if it keeps dragging you down, and sometimes we do not even see or feel it that the people or our leader is dragging us down, it comes slowly and all start out in the small misunderstanding that we do not ask into.

To have success in life is about having a clear strong mind that can take the right initiatives for the call to action going forward.


Shelia Heard

Many times, in life, we forget about how the simplest things in life have the biggest meaning or impact.

It’s simply because we get caught up with this thing called life, they tend to put our values on the back burner while losing our focus.

As a result, our beliefs are no longer our own and begin to operate on limitless power because we have given the core of our self away

Leadership and leadership tools go hand in hand with life coaching and mentoring, and life coaching tools and mentoring tools, to the core point that it is about bringing out the best in people.

The way we make each other achieve better.

Life coaching as the tool to help people bridge gaps and overcome obstacles. A life coach can give you tools and techniques to easier go ahead with your life.

Mentoring by seeing in people what they cannot see themselves and lead them to the success they aim for. Something that is so strong within that it wants to come out.

Bryan C Dunn

Everyone only needs one person to believing in what they do, and leadership is about being that person who is behind ready with the support and guidance that is needed.

Easy hire Easy fire or letting go are on the contrarily to great leadership, you can never be a great leader if you give up upon people.

People support people is what we are about

Heidi Garrett

How to build people up is what it is all about. I love the 5 elements, how to know your strength and if you are a good negotiator then maybe you are not such a good accountant. How to understand what forces are need in the areas where you are good.

If you are a great leader, you have the force and strength to see in people’s abilities they may not see themselves.

It’s the power of self-reflection. The power of aligning ourselves with what we do and who we are.

Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)

The core of good leadership is also about knowing yourself and who you are. Have trust in your own abilities and performance. It’s how you invest in yourself and your performance level.

Your success is validated by others, and it is how other people see you as a trustworthy person, it’s not about what you think and what you believe is right.

It’s the impact and the influence you have on other people and how they feel they perform better because you are there.

In ways, it is the other way around.

If you believe you are right?

How can you influence and impact other people to – as from their angle see it your way. The power of leadership is a different angle from the one who is the leader.

Berit Ladefoged

Leadership is going to be a divine tool in the future, how we make people use their creativity and passion to drive forward results.

Results will over the next years be the missing link for many companies and the only thing where they can differentiate from their competitors is going to be with the people who work there. That is not going to make any difference for the huge companies where service level is set to standardization, but large companies are going to find the competitors being minor companies where people deal with people.

Knowledge and competence in larger companies is not needed as all is into systems, take for instance most larger companies today, don’t have customer service or accounting in the house it’s done by a sub-contractor. How can the people working in the company have any idea of the knowledge or of what is important?

Knowledge and our ability to bridge gap, how to understand the life coaching toil must be the way going forward for competitive advantages.

How to perform better than your competitor will be the people working.

People with a clear mind and open mind have the ability to perform and conduct the even higher performance.

Bryan C Dunn

It’s very simple it comes down to who we are as people if we have the ability to create trust and open mind with our colleagues? You cannot be a leader for someone who does not believe in what you do.

It’s about the atmosphere you great around you and the way you manage to unlock the potential in other people. Just what a life coach does and here it is again.

The tool from life coaching comes into leadership, how you unlock another person’s vision and ability to want to work hard to achieve goals.

Today people collect a paycheck, and most Managers or head departments are more concerned with their promotion and how they show management great results than they are about leading people in the right direction.

Great leadership does not go hand in hand with own ambition and own need for standing in the limelight.

If you are in a company where it’s about delivering to your boss, then there is no room for leadership.

If you are in a company where it’s about why you do it and how you serve your customer and the team who makes it happen, then there is room for leadership and personal growth.

Heidi Garrett

Absolutely, I am with you here, leaderships and how we as coaches help people bridge the gaps they face to improve their performance to an even higher level.

It’s the inner leader, it’s the strong personality to be who you are and do what you believe is right, the performance level is never better than your boss will allow and even when they fire people they start over making the same mistakes, as it large companies these mistakes and never really court as it is like bowl running and you do not really see where they mistake in the company is.

Leadership and profit start at the top and great leaders perform for success they do not whine or blame but they adjust and perform.

They do not let people down they move forward with an attitude to succeed.

Berit Ladefoged

Self-image is very important to who people lead. There must be an alignment between what a leader does. If a leader thinks he is tough and hard on his employees, then he has management by fear and will get very little out of his employees.

The self-image is so important what do you want from the people you work with – do you serve them, or do they serve you. Why are you there? As procurement lead one of the challenges when creating new supply chains and value is, to get people to take ownership and want to drive the new initiatives through, life has taught me to lean back and let people take ownership if you can get people involved even through that they believe you cannot do it, it gets them on board, involved and you open for the dialog.

Working in an environment where the boss knows everything you lose it all, the value chain is so low and without competence at all, this often comes out in the contract where you see no call to action and plan for collaboration.

Bryan C Dunn

Good points and I could not agree more, it’s how we manage to encourage to do the right thing, how we listen to each other and support each other forward. Right way forward.

Encourage, empower people to dare take the charge and do what it takes. How often do you think people can do better, they just don’t do it because they are worried, fear what their boss is going to say!

People can do so much more than we see today, and people have so much more within much more than we can possibly imagine.

Effective leaders can see that!

Motivation and a leader, ability to create that trust, not any trust but that trust that makes the creativity and passion come out.

People do not leave companies they leave toxic managers and today people are no more than 3,5 years in a company.

How can you even get a relationship with any of the people working with you if you only have 3 years to boost them. If they love working with you why would the leave and if you perform so well why would an organization need to change all the time

Berit Ladefoged

Absolutely, I agree we are coming up with more questions than we are answering. Great leadership performs great results that is the bottom line. It’s just out of a different mindset.

If you fire someone, you think are not performing, whereas how good a performance that there is can solely be upon the leader, and even more you might end up in the situation that they are going to be your competitor tomorrow. The challenge in that is that they know you, as you were their leader, but you do not know them, that how we keep the circle of ups and downs going because you may have taken this round, but there is another one coming. Are you prepared for that?

Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)

The story about Mr. Sony.

Leadership when it comes out for the best.

Heidi Garrett

How it attracts a positive mindset and improvements, when you are among people you trust and where there is an open mind you want to do better, you want to give even more.

Company results are out what the employees do.

If they are check collectors – there can never be outstanding good results and things will never reach the excellent Mr. Sony level.

Bryan C Dunn

We decide and we can decide where or not we want to be in that game. Maybe that is why people leave they see what game they got themselves into and get getting out.

Heidi Garrett

Leadership is in the eye of the beholder.

It can never be any different and you are not a great leader until someone you have lead tells you so.

Bryan C Dunn

This is about people who we are and what we do, it’s our way of getting the results a leader looks for talents and the best in people to get the best result out.

I am doing this with a higher purpose, it’s not about who I am and what I like it’s about the results I manage to create because I get people involved, I find their passion, and I never ever give upon them.

Companies that get it- know what it takes,

Take Google, Apple, Forbes

How to get the results you aim for because you know how to do it.

Divya Parakh CEO (faciliatory)

Leadership to success – Leadership folks are much more than we can possibly cover here and there are out of the talks we have had some core indications of what will give you profit from great leadership: Leadership to success:

  1. Your ability to never ever give up upon the people you work with
  2. Encourage people to do even better
  3. Acknowledgement is a hat – or an umbrella of many other ways to be used to find the passion
  4. Work with people, trust your team
  5. Let them go first and take whatever comes your way
  6. It’s in the eye of the beholder
  7. It’s the way you are

Next time we are going to wrap it up and come with our input to what is future leadership going to look like.

For now – so far – this is where we have come to.

Leadership to success – We wish you good training and may you be a great leader and inspire others.

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