Radical ‘Sanity is the downfall of man.’ (Pete Claxton)

We are standing in a queue outside of a shop.

I look around and see her beside me, looking up and pulling funny, comical faces, yet without saying a word. ‘’Erm…what are you doing?”, I ask, quizzically.

She points to a security camera ahead of us, mounted high up on the wall. “Imagine how boring it is for the person who sits and watches the queue all day. I’m cheering them up!”

Radical ‘Sanity is the downfall of man

It makes me laugh too. And yet there’s a serious side to this. This amazing woman continually looks outward, with empathy, and takes every opportunity to bring love, light and life into other people’s worlds.

The interview

I interviewed her recently for an international leadership network.

She’s a grassroots activist in the Philippines, a radical change agent, a passionate follower of Jesus, who lives and works among the poorest people and communities.

Her T-shirt is emblazoned with the playful, provocative statement: ‘Well-behaved women rarely make history.’ It is so fitting.

By contrast, I’m sometimes too sensible, too cautiously professional, too caught up in my own internal world of thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

By the time I’ve worked out a concept-principle-approach…she’s already been there – and done it.

“If you want to see radical change”, she says, “You have to be willing to be radical too.” She speaks with a smile and yet with fiery determination in her eyes.

Something about that look, those words, the actions it implies, inspires and scares me.

Radical, in her ethic, calls for intense commitment, exceptional humility, and courage, great risks, willingness for self-sacrifice: and all that for people who are often strangers.

As a coach and consultant, I ask myself: Am I willing to put everything on the line? Am I willing to do whatever it takes?

Am I willing to count the cost…and to pay it?

How about you?

Nick Wright is a psychological coach and organization development (OD) consultant who works in the UK and internationally.

If you would like to read more

About the woman who features in this blog, have a look at A Radical Heart: http://www.nick-wright.com/a-radical-heart.html

5 thoughts on “Radical ‘Sanity is the downfall of man.’ (Pete Claxton)

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    • Shelia Heard says:

      Isolation can bring on many things not conducive for self or others. However, there are several ways to embrace the situation.
      1. What you haven’t been working on that needs your attention? Example: Relationship, cleaning a room been putting aside, or having time for yourself to reflect.
      2. Meditation is great is utilized the right way. Start in the morning and let if flow through the rest of your day. This is a perfect to start if your new to meditation.
      3. Think about what you, why you want it, and what’s preventing you from having it?
      4. Seek support because you don’t have to go at it alone.

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