The first step that comes to mind is; Is it perfect? Is it the best? No, nothing on this site is complete, or the best, that is what CAL is all about seeking our way, Finding out if you or I have opportunities to support one another to improve our understanding and thereby improve our way. Think back for a moment, who do you think about, when thinking about improving yourself and what you do? I think about the people, who gave me a hand, who reached out to me and in kind, decent way supported and guided me, to understand that my intentions were not equal to the outcome I was achieving. Is the CAL page perfect? No, it is not, it can always be better, this blog and these words can be better. It is what it is all about, the journey of constant improvements. It can always be better. There are always different ways to do it, and when you and I sit here this moment and we are reading this blog. You are in time later than me, and you have the opportunity to look at not only how I spell, how I use my words, how I have chosen to write this blog, but you also have what am I saying, what do I say? And where am I going with the words? You get many answers, the questions that often remains is why am I writing, what took me here? So what does take us to where we are? Your story Your story, my story, our story. What we do and what we have done, is what takes us to where we are right now.This moment. It is the actions and our ability that you have and that I have right now, and if we on to of this decides to do it. If you can see, that you can do it better you have two options; one is to criticize, and the other one is to reach out and help make it better. Life is one long line of choices. The impact that it has on you and your way, the ability to make wise decisions is the influence or the impact that the people around you have. I am my story – I am creating my dream You are your story – You are creating your dream Together we create our stories that become history for someone else, and they will ask the same questions as us, and they will improve what you and I did. The magic in all of this is to make things last and keep growing for the right reasons. We are what we do. You and me, we are our story, that is where we come from. You have done, and do the best you can every day. Me I have done the best I could and do every day and when we, you and me come together we have a chance to help each other and do things even better. The string of choices and decisions you make every day is what has taken you to where you are today. The right impact adds to a mindset that will give you opportunities. Where wrong influence; leads your mentality to narrow your choices of life. Be a good talk, Who we are among are the mindset you, and I build and the thoughts we think. Our mindset and way of thinking will become our actions to what we do. Life is one long line of choices toward your dreams If you think about it, the range of decisions is what got you to where you stand. It did not happen to you it happened for you. What you do will take you to where you want to go. Maybe it did not take you to exactly that place or that goal, but it took you to the best possible outcome that you could achieve with the knowledge, capability that you have so far. Your story My story can always be better. I tell my son everytime we talk about life challenges. I have cried those tiers and made these decisions, and this is where it has taken me. Know and look at the choices people make and know if you want to be like them. The change to chance is in that moment. A long time ago someone said to me. If you do not change your way, what you do is heading in this direction, and he was so right, I could feel al the way to my soul that what he was saying was right. Listen to yourself within is what is the right thing to do, and know – Your story will always be different from mine. We do not have the same dream or vision. There is never one truth, there is always so much more to the person in front of you. The person is one long line of decisions and opportunities. Life offers us so many changes and opportunities if we only have the inner power and strength to listen to what is right for us.

For me, CAL is a choice, For me, CAL is an opportunity. For me, CAL is the impact on my mind by great people. For me, CAL is a help to make the right decision For me, CAL is the guidance to see my journey my dream

I am not in competition with you or with anyone else, this is my life and how I achieve peace of mind in what I accomplish and what I do.
The story I hear will teach me, The tools I learn will guide me, and the two together will give me a chance to improve for me what I do, and hopefully, I give some of this back to you.
My wisdom is to know the right stories and the right tools so that I have a chance to combine the right actions to achieve the outcome, that is right for me. For ME:

I love the coaches, we have on CAL, they are all strong characters with a strong story and if you take the chance to spend time with them in their webinars or forum chats to listen to their line of choices. You can learn so much.

They offer me a chance to listen and learn The forum, a live forum with real people and their kindness to share their story, is my chance to hear the story from someone else, which gives me: A choice to make my decisions out from, what is right for me, so that I can make a decision that is – a good sustainable solution, long lasting and that will take me one step forward to an even better place. We all want to make the right decision. We all want to do the best we possibly can. We just want things different. What is right for me, may not be right for you. What I like you may not like. That is what it is all about – the color of life and the individual solutions and inputs from differences.

There is never a right or a wrong.

There are different ways of doing it.

Sometimes you and me, we do the wrong thing because we are trying to do it the right thing, in that moment of intention we end up doing the wrong thing. Let me give you an example: I have for more than four years been working on a complex task how to send items safely and legally. It may sound straightforward, and that could also very well have been the case, but due to internal politics and different directors usage of power, it turned out to be a task that could not be fulfilled. In that search to do the right thing, I end up doing something wrong; I send an e-mail and ask my husband in an e-mail. I could have asked at home; we could have talked about it over the phone. There were so many other ways that I could have searched to find the opportunities to solve the task legally. I failed, What I did, gave the opponent the opportunity to act and destroy me and they did. That is what people do; we do what we can to get the best outcome at that moment. This moment where my intentions where something very different, was an opening and a crab for someone else. They had the chance, and they took it. Had I known or listened to the story from someone else I would have known. I would have done something else. I did not lose out of lack of intelligence or willingness. I lost because I did not know the rules, the rules of the legislation, the laws of what people are willing to do, the provisions of life. Today I know, I lost and from losing came light. Light to see that we are all trying and we do the best we can. The questions that arise are: What are you willing to do. That is what CAL is about, listening to the story that others have created and made happen. Our learning comes from when we achieve different outcomes than we were seeking. Lesson learned. Lesson discovered.

Wisdom achieved.

No story comes out of bad intentions.

Stories come from good intentions with bad decisions. I tried, I did something. I learned the people who taught me the lesson showed me the hard way, and in their act, they too acted wrongly I saw their actual color and many people had heard their voice. It is not a voice for me. I say thank you today I am so grateful that where ever I am, for the people who are in my life, and for the people who each day makes my day a better day. Thank you. So looking back at the struggle the hard times a rose has risen.

Out of bad comes good things

It always happens for a reason. Had this not happened I would still be there helping, working hard so they could achieve their goal, and I would be losing every day. I would never have been writing this blog for you. I would never be here. Knowing that “ME” is a community to tell your life stories, and knowing that” MY” is a community to share your life tools and if you like, you can make the invitation and join By-Invitation-Only where we joint shape life. It is not about where you come from; It, it is about where you are going and how you do it. How we in our community reach out to each other and seek to find outcomes that give good result and satisfaction.

Can you outsmart me, yes you can Can I outsmart you, yes I can,

But what you and I cannot, it is to outsmart everyone all the time. This one may be for them, you or me – it is not round one you should worry about, it is the rounds that comes after when you have set the rules and the name of the game. When you have the power, you set the rules and name the game. What is important is that you live by the rules which you would like to face and live under yourself because the is the room that you create around you. Each life coach here in CAL is a particular person with an in an incredible life story. Due to all the lessons, they have learned they know how important it is to know life tools and what can happen if you do not listen to the voice within. They offer you great wisdom and companionship because you and I both know that it is not enough to have an hour. Our challenges do not come at specific times, the pop-up and you need support and guidance at that moment. I can even say, that the life wave hits you like a wave coming from the ocean. A wave that is bringing in a new mindset, a new understanding of what you need to do; and for this reason you need to ask; and talk about how to come over the wave;  or how to teach yourself how to walk through the wave;  and come out on the other side, a better and stronger you. It is not about what happens to you; it is about how you manage to live to coach yourself though, it is about how you keep smiling and the people who support and guide you.

Every Life Coach on board CAL is unique.

Each one of us try so hard every day to make a difference, we are not perfect, we are not the best, but in all we do we stay together and help each other to be the hand that reached out, the smile that made the difference, the guidance that was the comfort to dare take the first step to great the outcome you are seeking. We try every day to make a difference decent… Join the community and be part of the journey. There is a forum for you, there is a story to tell, there is learning to share and there lives to shape. What if your story will make all the difference in the world for someone else. Think about it – thank you for taking the time to read this to come this far with me. Have a great day and bless you.

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