Joining changes Shaping your way is what you do every day

Joining changes – this can never stop, time is the driver and you decide what story you make and how you choose to tell it makes all the difference in the world. Life coaching is all about outcomes, goals, and what you would like to use your life for. You do not need to know what to do, all the time, that is why we share, my story may help you and your story may help me.

Joining changes – I hope MY story will help you.

You have a role. The question for you is, do you have the role you like and what you do, is that supporting the story you is all about the usage of our story because when you tell your story you define what is the key drivers in your life. You define the challenges you face.

You define what you think. We can use the story to support our outcome in life. We can use the story for the change and we can you the story to give awareness.

Knowing what others did, gives insight. What works for me and what I want may not work for you – advice is very difficult to give. BUT sharing knowledge and the way we use ourselves to achieve our outcome, is a powerful choice to choose.


is all about sharing your life stories with other experienced people that like you are seeking to get the best out life. It is not to be compared with personal life coaching it is a support and a mindset to use even when doing personal life coaching.


is where members talk skills, techniques, knowledge to achieve an outcome, what strategy to know, what are the challenges Am I challenged when I work as a coach or I am a mentor, a friend, here you share your skills, knowledge and how you used the skills to achieve results, how did you get the best out of whatever you do.

Each one of us is different, each challenge is different, fact is that each day we grow and learn new things with the tools and knowledge we know. Share how you used a technique, how a technique helps you do better, what did you learn what made the difference and what made it visible to you, how did a life technique change your life story.  


You know you can do so much better if you change the story you tell, and if you start using yourself the right way, when you pick the right stones, when you cross the right bridge, you know, you know that you have a great job, great friends, a wonderful family, what you choose to see, is the story you tell.

You want to use yourself better, by the questions you ask yourself and what you tell yourself, you want to be the best at what you do, and you seek others that want the same, we challenge and exchange knowledge, skills, and best practice on all levels of life, as life mentors as a family member, as a brother, as sister as a colleague, as a friend.

Here you share your skills, knowledge, and results, on how to get the best out of whatever you do.

You seek to find the way and get wisdom, you want to make wise decisions, you use your life and time to make a difference. In what you choose, you make a choice, you make the difference.  

  • If you are taught with the right manners, the right manners are what you will practice in life.
  • If you are taught to be decent, decency is what you will practice.
  • If you are taught to see good things in life, good things are what you see.
  • If you are taught to be silent, silence is what you will practice.

Do you see, what you learn is what you do, what you are taught in life is what you practice?

Life school is an ongoing journey and that is never stopping, we align in the level where you are. You see things from your chair and from your eyes.

If you change, what you see, you have a chance to make the choice to see something else.

There is are so much to learn and there is so much to do. One thing is sure, inside out. You are the only one who knows what is right for you.

That is why may my story give you input and understanding for you to make wise choices, may my story give you the information you need, or may my story be your wake-up call to a higher level of understanding.   We never know, what input will make us see, we never understand what can be different unless we get more information and knowledge. For myself, I can say, that I never thought that people hurt each other that much, that they would use children to get to you. I never thought this could happen to me. I wished I had had, a place to share my story in a closed forum all those nights when life was falling apart, I wish that my story and coachingandlife, will give you that. A place to share how you feel, and tell your story.

Use use and please give feedback – if you see that it can be improved.

Join us and be among us. Joining changes.

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