How to learn mindfulness is a state of mind. It is a state where you are present in what you do; it is knowing, that you do the right thing for you, in the moment right now.

Learning about mindfulness can be together with your family when you are together, it is to be the friend, you want to be, and it is to know that you do your best in the present situation.

Why, then you never have to regret and keep thinking of the things you should have done. Do what is right for you in the moment. Think of who you want to be in that specific moment, because when you do that you use your mindfulness and it gives you a peaceful mind, and love for yourself.

How to learn – your way!

How can we learn mindfulness the right way, there is only one right way that is your way? Who do you want to be, what do you want to do. What are your right choices?

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Somehow things in this world got twisted, because we talk back except we do not want others to talk back to us, we judge yet we do not want others to judge us, we have our rights to do what we want, yet we want others to behave in a certain way. We want freedom yet others must do as we say.

All is twisted and we have lost the understanding of what things really are.

What has happened to gratitude, abundance, tolerance, patience, kindness, understanding? What has happened to the gratitude for friendship, gratitude for having a good healthy family? What has happened to accept that we are all different with different skills?

When is the last time, that you felt welcome, appreciated, acknowledged for just being? We strive so hard to achieve outcomes and goals in a level set by who?

We worry, we analyze, we overthink, we get frustrated, we lose focus, and we lose faith.

We worry about other things, our mind it focused on other things to do, when we are together with our family and friends. We may even say that we are ending up being nowhere because wherever we are physically our mind is somewhere else,

So how can we learn mindfulness the right way, mindfulness is about teaching ourselves to be where we are, doing what we do. To feel right now, to know right now, to do right now.

Learn to use your mind

Mindfulness is about using our mind, so that our mind is in peace, that we do not waste time overthinking, spending time pulling ourselves down because we fail to do what we really wanted.

Mindfulness is a way of saying stop, to all the overthinking, analyzing and thinking with no actions, a way of starting to understand who we really are. That you are what you do.

We are not a good friend, just because we say to ourselves I am a good friend, when you are a good friend what are your actions and what is your behavior.

  • When you are a good worker what do you do?
  • When you are a good brother or sister, what do you do?
  • Who do you want to be?

Whenever we speak of mindfulness we need to acknowledge what is occupying our mind, what is that you want to learn to do better. What do you want to accomplice with mindfulness?

Usually, we focus on something either because we think that it is awesome or because we do not like it. One of the two and most of the time because we do not like it. We may find it hard to know what we want depending on where we are in our lives.

Mindfulness is a good place to start,

Because just to be present, where you are, it great learning, once you start noticing where you are, and what you doing, you will start to see, that what is happening in your life, you have an influence on. Once you are present, you will notice how you feel, what you say, and what you do.

Once you really look at yourself, you will feel if you have the kindness that you expect from others, or the tolerance that you want others to show you, the gratitude that you would like to see in others.

Mindfulness is about our own doing and our own expectations.

Mindfulness is for us to find the key in our own way; we have to learn our own lesson, we have to do ourselves what we expect of others,

  • We know all the sayings:
  • What we send out comes back to us,
  • How we see the worlds is how it is.
  • Many years ago, when I was a child, everyone I knew was going to see a flight show, my father said to me, no we cannot join and no we are not going.

I did not understand why, so I kept asking and finally we really started to talk and he told me, that the only power you really have is what you do. Plane show are very dangerous and the only power we really have is our doing, if we show up to the show we with our present acknowledge the doing, but if we do not show up, if no one comes, then this is the strongest power we have.

Mindfulness is sustainability for yourself; you do what is right for you, this way you build up your character. It gives strength to stand for something; it gives peace to know that you do what is right for you to do. To push others over the limit, or push ourselves over the limit of what is good behavior does not make us feel good about ourselves.

To start focusing on where we go wrong, to stop ourselves in our own mistake making that is to gain the power of our own doings, starting to be present where we are.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to use.

With mindfulness, we will discover who we are and what we want. This is the most interesting journey we will ever take because our discovery makes so much good sense to us, we get choices, we will laugh, we will say no, there is so much that we will learn and we will feel so good about it.

One of the challenges that most of us face is the fact that from nothing comes nothing, and that we really discover, we find out how much our mind has just been spinning and overthinking, but we have not been doing anything. We may find ourselves in the position, that we think, we have so much to do, but in fact we very little to do, but our mind keeps spinning around the same subject and we are not getting anywhere or getting anything done.

We may focus on things that we cannot do anything about; if we look at our lives our focus should be on our chosen stones in life.

Our chosen stones in life, are what should take up our mind, because we have picked them and because we can influence how things are. Where we are going, and the outcome.If we spend time worrying about things that we have very little influence on or that is too far out of our range, our mind can work forever, and we will never get the feeling that we made a difference and what we did mattered.

We are soul, mind and body, and we have within our soul, something very strong and we all need to feel loved and belonging, we do not need to pursue our values all the time, but in some degree, we have a level that must be kept. We have our mind that tells our body what and when our body gives us the freedom to move around and do what our mind says.

Therefore, how we use ourselves is also the key to the mindfulness that we are seeking; once we really start working, we will clearly see the gap in our own doing. The world is as we say it is, it is not the words that you use, it is your doing and that is why mindfulness is a very powerful tool and it is therefore that you see it connected many times to Buddhism, even though the 2 has nothing to do with each other.

The best way to start mindfulness

One of the best ways to start mindfulness is to focus same time every day on. What you do that moment, there are several books on the marked, which can give you many explanations of the full package of mindfulness, but if you want to keep it simple to find out if it is something for you, take 10 o’clock every day. Focus on what you are doing, how you feel, how things are around you and start focusing, know just in this moment what you enjoy, what you like, what you would like to have, what would you say, what would you let go. Just focus on yourself, and say nothing. Use time to observer what you do, what you say yes to in words and what you says yes to, by not saying anything at all.

Who are you?

Looking at oneself often gives one surprises, we may think that we are good listeners, whereas when we start being in present we find that they people around us do not feel, that we are listening at all, what do I have to do, if I have to be good listener to the people, that I am among. What does it give me to listen to the people I am with?

Looking at oneself, often gives one surprises, not just for one thing, we may in our inner work find out that there are many things we would like to change, things that we want to do differently, because we have not been aware of the impact that our doing has on others.

Did you ever use a word like, let me take myself, sometimes I would say, what a fool. This I have never paid much attention to, but I heard my son one day, say what a fool about someone, and it did not sound nice, I knew the person had done all he could to get where he is, and then I hear my son say what a fool. That came out all wrong. My son says to me, but this is what you say, and yes I have to admit, that is what I say time to time.

This is where we go wrong, we do not see our own doings, we measure ourselves on our intention and we measure others on the result.

That is why, once we start focusing on our own doings and the impact we have, where we are, then we discover a lot about who we are ourselves and about our doings.

Our outcome in life depends on our input, and if we want things to change, we must change the only thing we can ourselves.

This is much more difficult than words, and mindfulness is a great tool to use when we want to know if what we are doing is what we really want to be doing.

Mindfulness is you way, as you want for your to be you.

The most important thing, how we are and what we do.

Right now, we see the world acting and directions to so much extreme when facts are that there is so much in between. The balance of life the sustainability in what we do. That is, what is what is lasting and where we build strength and liability for our own integrity.

When working mindfulness your strength, abundance and integrity grows stronger. You find the abundance you seek.

Start to searching and start looking for the tools and use your logic natural awareness to find the authentic you.

There is only one you and only you, who know, what it takes to be you, you are the creator of your life and you know what is within.

One good question

To ask is, what do you think mindfulness will give you, what will you achieve. There must be something within that is telling you that you can do so much for and even better.

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Make a choice, make a wise good choice for yourself for all the right reasons. Learn mindfulness today and do it your own way.

Ask in the forum share your learning. We can never help and support each other enough.

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