Mindfulness and how you use your mind matters.

Mindfulness and how we use our minds will result in what life you will live.

We can live our lives in many ways, and we are fortuned in this lifetime, because there is awareness of the need for knowledge, and our information level is at new stages.

We can do it, we have the impact, and we can change our lives. Get away from the bad toxic people who are running toxic, fear, hate – leave the business – get out.

Mindfulness and how we change our lives.

We can seek skills and knowledge; we can learn and do what we set our minds up to more or less.

What we face is to keep our life and ourselves in balance the way we want.

How do we do that, for this, there are several tools and options, we can use mindfulness, coaching, and learning to understand ourselves on a higher level.

Today, mostly we look at what is on the outside, the body, the face, the nails, the look. Everything that comes to add on the outside is available to us. It is the inner struggle, which is hard to see and to understand.

The mind of what it takes, how you use your mindfulness and mind to face the challenges.

Believe it or not, your mindfulness and mind are all about our inner work, which is hard to see, feel and know, how we maneuver ourselves, how we coach ourselves for what is right for us, and how important is the outside of who we are and what we do, we can only be our best if we have our inner balance.

If we lose our inner balance or the ability for peace of mind, we get sad, we end up depressed and if the depression is a state of mind how do we get to where we want to be?

If we look at how Buddhism works with the mind and depression, they say that it is a mental state of affliction (Kilesa) or a symptom of craving or even a delusion.

What is that is happening to us?

If depression is caused by our mental state of mind, then this means, that we can influence our perception and how we feel.

We do not wake up one morning and are depressed, we take steps for some time before we end where our mind is reduced, or we take a journey to what we call depression, so what we tell ourselves has an enormous impact.

Mind and mindfulness is a door opener.

It is the power of the mind, and that is why, when you look up how Buddhism works with the thought that you will find enormous support to understand how your mind works.

Everything around us has an impact on our thinking and doing, what is normal for you can be abnormal for me, and what I think tastes great you may dislike.

We can go on with all the differences there is for us, what music I like you may dislike and what jokes make me laugh, you may wonder what that was all about.

Coming back to how our mind works, when we have joy and fulfillment we can fill well anywhere an in any place when we are among people that we find joy with, we are in a state of mind.

When we surround ourselves with people that do not make us feel the fulfillment inside.

What happens to us. We start looking for it. We start asking questions are what I do good enough, do I look good enough.

Am I okay? Yes you are, once you start hearing yourself ask questions where you are in doubt if you are okay, or if it is okay that you are there.

Your mind starts telling you, that here is something that you should be aware of, we can all do something wrong sometimes, but we can never do, all we do, wrong all the time.

If we do not act on the signals, that we get, we start taking a journey on the road, where we doubt ourselves and all our intentions. Am what I am thinking right.

Am I am doing right? Once we face those questions and we find it difficult to achieve the outcome, we are seeking, we should pay attention to changes needed.

What do I need to change? mindfulness you must think it in your mind.

Our mind is guiding us, and telling us, that something is not right for us, and our inner, something is telling us that we need to do something else.

Where does it come from this message, why are we so different and why can we surround us with people, that does not have a positive impact on our lives.

So, what happens, when we are in a job or a relationship, where our mind sends us messages that it is not right for us, how early do we start acting on these messages and what do we do.

Looking at the Buddhist way, look at this link: http://www.inquiringmind.com/Articles/PoppingPills.html

The power of depression is enormous, and what the power can force us to do, where will this take us if we do not react to it.

It is a force that we need to listen to it has the strength to work, and we have a chance to solve what is wrong if we must listen to the signals that come from within.

If we listen and we need guidance and depression is a state of mind, what are our options? What can help? Think about

• how powerful our thoughts are,

• how powerful it is what we think

• how powerful it is what we do. We have to close our eyes and find our inner voice, picture, music for, what is our path, and this does not mean that we will not face hard times; it means that we need to look inside out to know what is right for us and we need to work through some of below topics.

Listen to mind mindfulness

• That our balance comes from within it is how mindfulness in your mind.

• That being in balance is what will take us to where we want to be.

• That doing is a way of trying and knowing we can fail, we need to try again.

• Understanding our inner struggle is tough and requires hard inner work.

We need to find sustainability, and using the thought of Buddhism in mindfulness can help us guide us to what we find is right for ourselves.

Understanding our mind and having respect for ourselves is the first step into having peace of mind, in what we do. Coaching is a powerful tool for all inner work. You must find out, what you need to change for yourself to change your inner world. Only you know what you feel and how you feel it.

What you are going through use your mind.

The impacts that it has on your life. We can help each other by listening and giving good feedback for all the right intentions, in our world today we strive hard to achieve the goal and an outcome some for reasons that we are not even aware of.

How many times this week, did you read on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – be yourself, be who you are, do what is right for you.

We see it all the time, we talk about it even from we are kids, what do you want to be when you grow up, how often do you ask yourself the question, what do I want, really want.

Stop being afraid to get out of the bad environment – use your mind in mindfulness.

What is me, What are my skills What feedback do I need in order to find the outcome that I am seeking, what am I not paying attention to, when I see me, who am I, and when others see me, what do they see, what is the gab or the difference, the power of the mind is that there is something within us, something that we cannot describe or give words, something so strong inside out that can move us, Equine-assisted therapy horse therapy is a form that can help us find out what we feel inside out without having to add or put words to our state of mind.

The pressure inside can be extreme, and we do not know where to find the peace or confidence that we need to move on and find the inner core of what energy or doing makes us happy.

By using equine-assisted therapy, we may get space, or the pressure is off for a while, and by giving ourselves new air, new thoughts and new thinking, we get a chance to find out, what we need more of and what we need to let go.

When the pressure is so tough on us, and when we want something so much, this thing it may not be right for us, but we cannot let go of it.

We lose ourselves in the standard of the world like fashion, hair, and nails, take one good look at our world today. If we look at how people look, we see some of their values in life, so when you look at your friends do they show the reflection of what you think that they feel inside out. When you take a good look at yourself, do you reflect the feelings you have inside out? Is there a balance?

Our values are strong indicators for us; they are in many ways our guide to what is important for us, if we have the right values, and our values reflect our mental state of mind. What do what we think and know to for fill the tasks to achieve our outcome.

Our minds are complex, and we teach our mind everything it knows, so the way we have been bought up by our parents is how we see the world, that is the world, we know, the eyes and the view that they have given us, it is as they have told us it is.

As we get older we may question their view, or we may agree with the ways that they see the world, sometimes we object to minor things, but if we take the whole picture a lot is the same. We must be very aware of, what we have been taught, what this knowledge and skills will have an impact on our lives.

Being stressed out, feeling sadness, and loneliness is indicators to help us move. Do something different and move on. We may not see it, but we feel it, we may not understand, but we know, we may not get it, but we sense. Within we have something strong, and it knows what is right for us to do, and if we listen it gives us messages for us to lean on, we know, and we feel it long before we reach the stage of depression.

Knowing and being aware of what is the right path is one of the best things we can be taught, listening to oneself is so important. Depending on how close we are, we know that there are tools and skills which are good guides to achieving this awareness of ourselves at this moment. This moment is all we have, and it is only at this moment that we need to be aware and guide ourselves in the right direction.

Life mindfulness and the way you use your mind.

Life offers so much, and life gives so much, and for all of us we need to find the inner understanding of what is right for us, Buddhism offers ways of understanding the mind, Buddhism offers tools to free the mind of the stress that is senses.

When we are close to depression, the challenge for us is to find the strength to seek ways to stop the roller coaster ride that we are on, and therefore our best advice is to prevent it, to have a mind that we know is at peace is important every day.

Your mind mindfulness will show you the way.

To find the right things to do in our lives is very important. We must never give up on ourselves; we must have the respect and dignity to proceed and follow what we know is inside if we can see we can do it. For all we are and for all we do. When we do, what is right for us, we get positive energy into our lives, and we must respect and find the understanding for ourselves. When we do this inner work, and we seek to achieve our outcome.

We learn so much more because we know how difficult it is to keep the focus on our own doing, the right way and let go of destructive thinking and keeping the focus on what creates positivity for ourselves and the ones around us, we are the creators, and even if we think it is not possible to change, it is.

The steps we take each day takes us in a direction, and if we act wisely and listen to our inner wisdom, we get to know ourselves inside out, and the hard work and the effort pays off because the results come from and to only you, you can do it.

Mind mindfulness

You have what it takes, to find the life you know is right for you.

With today’s fast ability to find tools and skills, it is all up to us to make it happen, for many of us it is to choose from all the choices, it is to decide and to feel the inner guidance. Use the tools and find the guidance that will take you to home, the place where you listen to your inner. Seek and try and seek and try, and never give up. Use the strength you have within.