The voice inside. Do you hear it or is it silent? The pain inside can be so strong, that it is a strong voice.

That we need to listen to, it is not that it is not there it is just that we do not notice it, and it will always be there and can never be silent.

It is a driver for us and that we listen to, it comes and it can be or is as a wake-up call if have not listed it for some time. There is nothing we can do to escape. What is it trying to tell us?

The voice of pain is something for us to listen to and take action on early, the longer we wait, the louder it becomes.

It wants to be heard. is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

How we listen and how we decide to work our pain inside determines, how we manage to move on.

What we do to move on.

The pain inside, is a strong voice and it is for us to listen, to seek, to find out what it is that we need to, this can be everything from change, to make different choices, when we breathe dead down in our stomach we touch base with our inner picture of life, our own core.

We need to understand our core, and most of us do most of the time all our lives, some unaware level others on a very aware level.

For some, it comes naturally, and for others, it is hard work, mindfulness takes us to the level that is right for each one of us.

We all have our own inner perfect picture, a place for peace, a place for understanding, a place where we know and feel our own life. 

Mindfulness can help us find our own understanding if we have gotten too far away from our own core.

The pain inside, where does it come from and why?

Sometimes we do not see it coming, sometimes we do not understand why?

We have an ability to forget ourselves, we have an ability to lie to ourselves, it is the story that we tell ourselves that makes the difference.

It is a wake-up call, a time, when we see life, we see ourselves in a new light, we understand and move to a different level.

Sometimes when we talk to people, we know that they have never tried it and that they do not at all know what we are talking about.

How often do we hear?

I can’t imagine how it feels, why?

How often do others respect and listen to us, at the level where we are.

That is a strong comment, because if we have not tried it ourselves.

How do we know what it is, how do we know that what we are telling ourselves is at all what the person is going through?

We meet so many, we are among so many, and if we look at it, we will see that many of the once we are among are people that have tried or are at the same level as we are.

How often are we among, someone who is very different from us.

When we hurt, when we have pain inside, what others see, is what we show, sadness, angry, depressed.

We all react differently, others do not see, what we are trying to protect.

How can they, how should they, how would they.

The pain inside can give us the energy to create out of sadness or it can drain us from energy and make us do nothing at all.

We are in charge, we are responsible, we are the once that need to know, what is right for us.

We are the ones that need to work or lives or way, so that is matches our inner picture.

No one has the same, many have some, and a few will have a lot, but it is never the same, and for this we are responsible.

The pain inside is often fear, that we for a while forgot to look, to take care of, and work our own way. We did too much something else.

The pain inside is a wake-up call

It is a signal for us to listen to and be very aware of.

The pain inside can help you find your way and is strong guidance, and we must embark, seek what you need, make the choice and do it.

The pain inside is a voice that is leading us towards a new horizon, it is talking to us, trying to tell us that we need to do something different to find what it is we are seeking.

It is the wind of change, and wind or storms carry clean and make room for something new.

Change is our way of life and there are many changes in life that humans neglect and try to escape.

Take a look at age, most people we see get more beautiful over time yet we want to keep the look of the twenties we want to keep our bodies looking forever firm and not changing, we need to learn to take ourselves through.

The journey of life to know what different phases and ability we have, the pain inside is a strong driver for good results.

We go through different phases doing our healing.

Why did it happen to me?

We look inside out to seek a good explanation of what has happened, why me, what did I do, in the end.

Whatever we find out and what it is it makes no difference to us, it already happened and there is no return.

When things happen, when it is done, that is a fact that can never be changed. NO matter how much and how we think about it, it is done.

There is only the question to ask how can I move on, what do I need to do to let go, what does this mean to me? Because I need to move on – let it go.

We must move forward, that is a must for all of us, and yes we can feel bad and yes we can be depressed and yes we can decide to accept.

Who are we if we let others decide our way and destiny who are we if we do not rise and make our own decision. You have your strength and your ability to move on

– it is just in a new form and with new people.

Where do I go from here?

The challenge of the unknown, the uncertain what impact does it has on me and how can I work to find my new way of doing. What am I going to do?

There is only forward and letting what was behind, if there was not the support and awareness of your doings, know that it is your life, and know what you spend your time on.

Your time is all you have to give away – once it is gone, it can never come back.

No return?

We can never go back, and things can never be the same, that is why it is always very important to really know and understand what outcome you are seeking.

Do you know, that you made the right decision? And to know that what you did will take you to an even better outcome in your life.

Nothing happens to you, it happens for you and you must make the decision for your better improvements only you know what that is, and why this is happening.

You know within, where you are going your way is so strong that things happen for the right reasons if you listen.

Would I ever go back? no, I know that I have something so much better waiting for me, for me to explore and to do.

Letting go and moving on

I know that letting go is easier say than done, but we must face the fact, that if we did not make the decision we have no choice. 

We can beg, but what will that say about us, if we do that, that we are scared of facing our own way and being who we are.

We may not say it, and we may think, that we can stay on, but we know that this can never ever happen.

Life moves on and this was a wake-up call a new stage of life that we entered, and over time we will see, as a friend said to me, it turned out to be the right thing.

I know in this phase for me, this is the right thing, I have so much more I can and that I want to do.

I am good and I try my best, and when I do so, and I am true to myself, then I feel the power within, the power that will take me to the place where satisfaction is my keyword.

I do not need the fancy dinners or the expensive wine, I need to feel the power from within, that what I do is right for me and for my family.

There may be troubled water, but it is my responsibility and my awareness of the situation that I have created that is for me to solve.

I know within that what I did was the right thing so letting go, and moving on is a gift to me. I just need to see what is ready for me to explore.

This is for me, and I move on because I know within I did the right thing. No one says that what I aimed for was the best thing, it was the best thing that I could see.

Now the wind of change is blowing and my skin feels the change.  It is time for new good challenges and new ways and you can let go, you are ready to face the challenges and you know what is right for you.

The pain inside is moving your forward for all the right reasons, it is helping you face your way.

Getting back on track for yourself – this is your time to show what you are made of and how aligned you are with yourself.

This is for you my love.

There is only your way

What are your facts of the change?

The wish to keep track of the journey we set is sometimes too strong, and sometimes we need to bring huge changes to our lives to find out way back.

Why did this happen, what were you true to, and when you think about, did the right thing not happen, are you not grateful and thankful that you now have a chance to do something else.

Sit for just a moment and think about it, what have you lost.

I know a lot, a lot when you look at it from the outside, but when you look at it from the inside out.

Then you know you have not lost anything, this was time for a change for the road to divide and for new things to come in, there must be someone to build and someone to break it down, no one says things should be better and grow, things come and things go.

Things rise and things fall.

You must look within what is your journey and your way.

The change we face

Is that the same as the facts of the change?

What will you do about it, how will you go about it, and how will you find the inner strength and trust to move on.

You will because it is a gift to finally have a chance to look within to feel what is the right thing for you to do and your next steps will come to you in a natural way, your way of understanding and having the awareness to work the gap makes the difference.

The change will challenge you and it will make you grow, you will become the true you, and if you rise to see the horizon you know. Do it not only for yourself but for all of you.

The change we think about

Thinking about what is happening is often harder than what is really happening. Looking at what happened and the pain inside is not more nor less than the power you give it.

The change is closing doors, but this state of mind opens and gives space for new doors to open.

Think about it, you have managed changes before and you have come out on the other side, this change is a gap and you need to know what is in between.

What are you looking for, how will you find it and what will you do. What are the facts of the change?

The pain inside will stay on as long as you do not decide to move forward and focus on facts of the change

The facts of the change

Did you have a friend that wasted some of the best time by staying stuck in the same problems or situation for so long that life started to move on and you felt that your friend’s life just stopped?

The facts are simple and keep them simple for your own sake, do what is right for you.

You know that if you need to have the ability and the freedom to do, what is right for you, that ability and freedom go for others too.

It is the way we think about it that is the facts of the change.

The way we handle our change

Knowing that the pain inside is a strong driver and one that can make things happen.

How can we prepare better for the facts of the change?

Listening to it will give you power and strength to do what is right for you, you will see the light and you will know what is the right thing to do, the way you decide to move on and handle the change will define you and it will be part of you.

This will be your way of working challenges next time you face similar challenges.

You are on the move and your journey touches many lives. You are not alone and your way of handling change influences your children and your family.

You know what is best, for you to be the best you are.

The way the change makes its impact on us

Why it is so important to know the facts of the change

Change and finding your way will define you, so whatever you decide to make sure that your decision is one that is better for you and your family. You know and you can make it happen, you can make the difference you seek and what you do is sustainable to you – be who you are.

The way it changes

How to deal with the facts of the change

The wind of change does not only bring change.

It brings the element for you to build your character, this is what will give you strength or make you feel weak, this is what will give you the power to choose or bend you.

This is what will be who you are, it is not what happened to you, it is how you choose to handle the change that will define you and this awareness have an even strong power.

It defines the way your family will do and who your children will see and what their starting point in life is.

The way you work the changes will define who you are

Take change as a gift to open for you to explore

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