How sadness feels?

Did you ever think about how sadness feels? And why some people like the feeling?

Sadness is a strong driver in your life, and one you should try to stop in time. If you ask how sadness feels? Many will not even know what you are talking about.

This feeling comes from hurt, blame and accusations over a long period of time and develops stress and depression.

How sadness feels?

Often when you feel sadness you want to make decisions, you want to do everything you can to take this feeling away.

You will be sick from work, if the course comes from work or your boss. It often takes us time to feel how sadness feels, it is not easy to be honest and say I can handle the truth.

How sadness feels can be different from person to person, the results are the same if you do not stop it it will turn to stress and even become depressed.

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Feeling stuck is how sadness feels.

It’s like you cannot see the light, open up and listen to the good in what people tell you, or you cannot get out. You want to leave, but you have no power or strength to leave.

Stop how sadness feels.

Stop the feeling, easier said and hard to achieve alone, if even possible. One of the best things you can do for yourself is get into a network, where you get inspiration and hear how others handles sadness. Dare to ask. I do understand that you can find it hard to ask. If you do not have a safe place to ask.

One of the best things you can offer yourself is to ensure that someone has your back.

At Coachingandlife we help people just like you to overcome the how sadness feels and transform the feeling into action and goal setting. At Coachingandlife you are never alone.

The feeling, how sadness feels is in situations where you feel that the people around you do not have or hold your back. In the military they say

– I got your six. What does it mean – it means that I cover your blind spots.

To avoid how sadness feels.

I got your six, is how to avoid the feeling of sadness enter. Sadness comes when you feel that a situation is larger than you can handle.

Life’s problems can be larger than you can handle.

  • A business can hurt you by doing more than fire you.
  • Your partner can hurt you move than you can take.
  • Kids can get into trouble.
  • Sickness can come into the family.

Often we end up doing the best we can, and often we feel this was not good enough. That is the first seed of sadness to grow. Once you start the stairs on how sadness feels, it is like you say to yourself, the next step will be better, but it is not, something worse happens.

Move on from how sadness feels.

You need new insight that is a fact. From the mindset that created the sadness you need to move on from how sadness feels and how you bring yourself there.

Wellbeing and how sadness feels.

Let wellbeing take over and drive you? Yes, you heard me, let wellbeing take over and drive you, you did nothing wrong, except being too kind to others without anyone having your six. Having your back.

Wellbeing comes after less than a month in the life coach forums, where you will get different views insight, tools and inspiration.

You will move on and gain your strength and abilities back, you will feel good and wellbeing will become part of your life.

Success is part of how sadness feels.

When you know how sadness feels you will turn around and go for success to succeed. Having success is a decision, but so is how sadness feels also. You will in the life coach forum teach yourself when making the right decision.

You will know faster than you believe today, and even more important you will know what to do- when.

Love and how sadness feels.

Because you know how sadness feels you also know why it is so important to hold someones six, to love them as they are, for whatever good, bad or despite because you know the true power of how sadness feels and how long it takes to teach yourself to move on, get over and go through that feeling.

Hurt and pain move us fast harder and smarter.

Becoming how sadness feels

You will become a true version of yourself, and you will create your dreams. No longer will you give your desires away.

No one took it, no one took your success you did not claim it.

Believe, believe and believe in yourself, find the power to express yourself so people will listen, and do never ever give up. You will never be the same person if you choose to give up, and that is a choice only you can make. You have the power to choose with your choice.

The end how sadness feels.

Even the longest day won’t last forever, and even the longest mistake won’t live forever. 100 Years from today, no one will even know about the problems we are facing today. The time flashes how we spend time.

Our learning is that only doing good will feed your mind to improve your wellbeing, and feeling good is aligned with other people. Victory without people does not feel good, and victory from hurting others is very limited.

People who hurt other people, have victory within for a very short time, which is why they need to do it again. That too is how sadness feels, and from a different approach.

At the end of the day.

Only you know what it takes for you to feel good and have alignment between your needs, desires and wants.

You can make it happen, and no one but you.

Therefore we listen to your needs and desire and from us you get inspiration and different tools to choose from. Build the bridge is a lifetime of work not only for yourself, but also for everyone around you.

Become is a rise that you need all your strength and power to lift.

Start the journey today – and never ever look back.

Believe, believe, believe, believe – because you can.

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