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See the 7 Signs that people seek to misunderstand you.

Think about it – can you recall really wanting to explain yourself and are trying to tell someone your story, but whatever you do or however you explain yourself, you feel all the way that they do not want to understand you.

How do you deal with people who want to misunderstand you?

How do you let it go?

Here come 7 signs to see how people seek to misunderstand you.

  1. What you ask

If you want to understand something, … Read the rest

7 Reasons, why writing down will support and empower you even more

Black and white – you see on paper, there is no escape or exit, you cannot escape – there is no where to run – the power of writing it down is to keep yourself accountable to your goals and outcome.7 Reasons, why writing down will support you on a day to day basis always

Or even – you can’t run – aren’t no place that far. It is important what you do and how you do it.


WhyRead the rest

Why would you ever give up,

Why would you ever give up,


There are many reason never to give up or let yourself down and when you really think about it, first time you give up, from there it gets easier to give up. The discipline, that you acquire when you decide to do something will determine how you proceed in life.

It is the first lessons, you have many expectations, this is where your journey begins, we all know that if you like someone … Read the rest

Even coaches face lack of confidence

Even coaches face lack of confidence

Where do we get out confidence from ?

Is this not from all the times when we were children, when we were told – wow you are doing good and this is the right thing to do.

We lose our conficence, when we are told we must do it differently – and if this continues.

How do we find the peace and mindfulness inside, we need to stop and look what is happening around … Read the rest


Discipline or even better self-discipline.

My challenge is to get right discipline:


  • How do we want to unfold discipline?
  • Does discipline build character?
  • Does discipline give results?
  • Does discipline give tolerance?
  • How do we work discipline to achieve the outcome that we want?
  • What do you do?

We all know of discipline rules and how we are measured by a set of rules, this from school to work or how different families are, one thing that is accepted in one … Read the rest


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