Discipline or even better self-discipline. My challenge is to get right discipline:  

  • How do we want to unfold discipline?
  • Does discipline build character?
  • Does discipline give results?
  • Does discipline give tolerance?
  • How do we work discipline to achieve the outcome that we want?
  • What do you do?

We all know of discipline rules and how we are measured by a set of rules, this from school to work or how different families are, one thing that is accepted in one family cannot be accepted in another or so forward. What is at least as interesting is the capability, we have to self-discipline ourselves in everything from what we eat to, what we master, what we believe or our behavior. Let’s for a moment look at today, when did we actually use our self-discipline to control a situation. When did we do the right thing, only because we mastered or self-discipline. The good question? Is who do we become as persons, when we master our self-discipline even better and on a higher level. Did we not think about it all? Self-discipline is a power full tool, how much of the stories that you hear do you tell to someone else, and how much do you know, about a person, where you have not used this information eater to tell or give to someone else. What power is there in the knowledge about people? What effect does the self-discipline give you? Why would learn and practice the self-discipline.

  The self-discipline in our story telling and our capability to keep information in right level. What is it worth. How much line would you give other people? And what happens when you keep it short. Does high self-discipline give respect? so for a moment let’s think, you do not respect me, then I would have the power within me to change this, if I worked my self-discipline? This would again mean, that when we look at respect, we can unfold except to other meanings or measures. Within each value there is so much to be unfolded.   Good feedback is support and input of what to do