On your mind – you reveal your intention if we listen.

On your mind – If people just listen. If you and I listen we will know the intention. To what anyone is saying whether that is on social media or in-person. When you speak you try to move energy to what you want to happen.

This is why you need to find and be among people who bring out a smile in you.

We all face challenges, problems, liars, toxic, cheaters, and scammers. We all meet people who are not good for us.

Your life and my life is a string of people who either supported us to become a better person or failed and showed us ugly sides of ourselves.

It’s more important than you know that you are in good company. that you have a good boss that you have good family and health.

It’s the key to moving on and building and establishing.

Think smart and wiser – whats on your mind.

If you job-hop your body is on alert, we are not really at work. In the last job I was so scared that I asked and kept asking.

Due to my last experience where I was fired and hacked my data, I accused me. See bad people for you bring out bad thoughts and experiences.

Good people bring out good thoughts and good experiences. It is the chain of happening to yourself you need to look into. The mirror of who you see when you look and who is really there.

I remember good + good = excellence

What is on your mind

A life story: The tool we use to get out

I meet a girl a few years ago who was sick. Not really sick at that time but enough to isolate herself at work and from parties at the job. At that point in time, I did not see it.

Her whole body was screaming to leave get out and be free from whatever it was that was hunting her.

Did she listen to her body, no she is still there and it is properly worse and she has by now lost her connecting?

I am so thankful – that is what is on my mind.

It’s the words in our minds that create our reality and the angle of the reason we see hear and feel.

What you hear is what you will believe.

But what did you really hear?

Did you stop for a moment and really listen to what it is they are saying or doing – listen to the words they use, not their intention.

What is the difference between listening and listening?

Case story – How we fail to understand the task

Let me give you a tough example with a tough lesson:

A long time ago: I was given the task to deliver the product to the market. The product was to go live – what is on your mind is what I did.

I wanted to do it the right way make sure; set it up the right way

What I did not hear was that they did not was to launch the product cheap

I thought it was about getting the product right to market

When what it really was about was not doing it at all

If you misunderstand the real message you fail, and when you fail you pay the price.

You believe your boss is there to support and guide you. Is he?

How creative and how open-minded are you in your job and your performance?

What we think we do

How willing are you to try?

Do you question?

Our moral compass what it is.

Think about what we listen to on the news?

How people talk and what people are willing to do, to keep power and money.

What happened to us?

It’s what we think and how you use what you think

What do you think you will become?

Who will support you become what you want?

It takes 12 months to change the game and get you to understand why you choose your role. What you choose to believe. How you play it and the results you get.

The questions are wrong if you start with it does not take 12 months. The questions are starting with can you do it – become the one person you admire most.

The chain of good…

It starts with me..

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