We are the world, who we are. Do we need to be the same or is diversity not our strength. Why does Putin believe he can invade a country, how we are is what we do.

We are the world.

No matter country, no matter population we have one earth and the problems we have with earth is united to all of us, not matter – but we are what we are. We have one life to live and we are the world, it is what we do that creates the world we live in.

We change the world.

The world is not changing we are, the earth changes showly and we change fast, education, technology makes it faster and easier to gain information and knowledge. We change the world by constantly improving and optimizing.

Nothing stays the same.

Old men tend to like the old days, where they where the new hero’s. Where they were the action and improvers. No man see himself old, but they are.

No star will shine forever, and even the longest night wont last forever.

Take Putin, he takes an unmature contry Russia into a war, he invades a country and claims that they have nacist in the country

But the facts are so different. We are the world, and in what we do we create beliefs that matters to us. This will be the beginning of the end for Putin or for Russia. What we do, we become and we are what we are. Putin has an old mindset or belief, how can he turn back the clock to where he was in 40 years ago. Listen to the voice of Ukraine.

The turn – We are who we are.

Life teaches us – it is us, we are the world. It’s the people, how we impact and influences each other. Putin took the wrong turn, which many old men take, where they believe they know better and hold the truth- but in reality the people has moved on.

Putin will not pay the price but his children Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova and the Third unconfirmed daugther ->they will pay the price for years to come. Putin may win the battle, but he will lose the war. Think about that saying.

(it’s amazing how many or few Russians who has so much money with out ever working and at such a young age.) It’s amazing that a dictator who claims the west is so awful, can look out the window and see that his people are worthless, poor, without a voice and no dream to go for.

It’s not you – We are who we are.

You do not see who you are by looking at yourself. You need to see the people you surround youself with. In them you see who you are.

Putin is scared, angry, stressed and fearful. You can tell, people arround him are scared, stressed and fearful, they are an reflextion of his mind.

The family has learned over time to navigate in the stressful, fearful atmosphere, they know how to control their emotions to control Putin.

The desire for more.

When people you are around do not challenge you, you start developing a new world within. You believe you are more, can achieve more and are unbreakable.

Where do we see this happen – Ukraine.

For sure this is the beginning of the end, the end of Russia or the end of Putin. – Maybe even the end of both.

Putin, like Stalin, like Hitler, all leaders who failed in the best moments, when they had the change to impact to do the right thing.

We are who we are Daily mail The affirmation you need to stay well ahead

The moment the fall.

Why do so many powerful men fail in the best momemt. What goes wrong and how can you teach yóurself not to make the same mistake.

Why did Puting make such a huge mistake, you would think that he would think about his kids, the world, the way they will be living after he is dead, what if he only has 5 years left. Russia a weak country with the whole world against them.

It’s just a scale and nothing different from what each one of us experiences on a daily basis, but we adapt we change, and improve to navigate in the world we are the world.

Forget and forgotten.

If you do not adapt, change and move along, the gap to who you are and what the world is – your reality becomes fixtion.

Overtime people will forget and you will be forgotten. Who wants to bring up Stalin or Hitler – No one.

If you want to be remembered. You need to improve for people who ask for it. You can never invade, force or kill to make it happen.

From the dark side, you get machine performance from the FREE world you get love and emotion.

Think twice befor you choose – what you do, it is what you become.

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