Smart goals examples and templates, What are smart goals?

What are smart goals? and smart goals examples and templates? in this article we will try to give you an overview of why smart goals are important to each one of us and why it is so important to focus on your own needs and desire.

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Smart Goals

Smart goals examples.

We have the intention and the results.

Often we measure ourselves on the intention while the world measures us on the results.

We tend to forget that is not the course but how we make people feel. You can lead people into disaster, if only they feel good.

The best way is to see examples of FRAUD, ABUSE, FAKE, CHEAT, CHEAT, it can all happen because the people involved act reliable and trustworthy?

What matters how you feel or the results you get?

Content is everything, but is it not, when you do not hold the real desire to support and help people, content means nothing, it is a fraud, abuse, cheap, fake, and cheat.

What is the intention?

The intention must be real if you have a different agenda that will show up, it may take years, but the truth always comes forward.

The truth is the true intention, whatever that is. If you work to support people in their needs, or if you work to get your profit -> it comes forward in the end.

Is there a difference between intention and results you may ask: Only if those who you engage with do not feel well and good?

I use to work for a distributor business in Europa, their intention was maxing profit with minimum investment. You may argue that; is this not every business intention. Yes, it is, but sometimes the gap between input and output is too big and too close to breaking the law.

How do you do that, by doing things cheaper as transportation, temperature control, people experience, payroll etc.

Smart goal examples; the intention is to maximize profit.

What are smart goals? it is goals that are covered into a belief and trust.

In my case, my intention was to help the business do legal transportation of medicine to the Islands, and my result was a burnout, and whistleblowing case. I believed that I could help do better. The result was, that the real goal max profit came forward and I ended up in retaliation.

Smart goals template; the intention is to maximize profit.

The smart goals templates.

Over time the real goals will come forward. A business maybe able to fool people for a decade, but every day the real agenda which is the truth knocks the door and wants to come out.

Many law firms are advises to businesses. They advice to the boarder of limits. On the other side, it is wrong. The question is always what where is the boarder.

A template can support your view into the future.

With smart goals templates achieve the insight to the action you need at all times.

With our habit building dive into what makes all the difference in the world to you. It’s the people who you are among and they way they support your way forward.

What is smart goals?

They are the real agenda, with no hidden fake, cheat or abuse. It is the real thing, say it as it is. What you want and think about how to get it.

We have for so long been fooled into fake, cheap and cheat by bullying people. No more! the fast way to achieve results – life coach forums.

With real time feedback build the chain of realiability and facts.

With vision become resilient and a core stone of the future.

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