Alone and Why You Feel Alone and What You Can Do

  1. Want to feel the love…. – What do you do
  2. Want to feel needed….  – What do you do
  3. Want to feel important….. – What do you do
  4. Want to feel wiser…. – What do you do
  5. Want to feel smart….. – What do you do
  6. Want to feel fame…. – What do you do
  7. Want to feel rich – What do you do

When feeling alone you have a desire a goal, You know what you want. the challenge, the problem is how to do it?

If you knew how to do it you would not feel alone.

If you knew how to step out and do it you would not be thinking I am alone.

You are not alone.

No human can do anything alone, it’s no fun there is no one to laugh with, and it is not a good feeling to do anything alone. What is a good feeling is to do something with someone and be good at it?

That’s why CAL works. Because we help people come together and be part of something, we team up and during the journey, we become better and better to excellence.

It is no fun running a Marathon or playing football if you do it alone. The fun is showing other people what you have learned, and your memories are the fun you had while you were learning. There is always a new game, a new situation and if just one thing changes, it can change the whole game.

There is no perfect and there is no enough, it can always be better.

Have you ever felt outsmarted because you did not know it or because someone was smart not telling you?

Listen to this?

What are you thinking when you read this?


Think about


Why Do you feel alone

Most often we choose loneliness when we cannot overcome a challenge or problem. That is when our loneliness starts from here the mind takes over and start telling us, what happens if we do.

Let it go, use the forums and run your forum.

Step out?


What do you feel?

Overcome difficult times How to deal and handle difficult times

This forum is about – how to get up?

Knocked down feeling sorry for yourself is not going to accomplice anything except making it worse. We have for so long laughed at people doing stupid things, how they made us laugh  – guess who is the stupid one, guess who made the money  – the people who have served with acting and done stupid things on Facebook and Instagram have made millions and can today relax learn back. Smile and say they made it. Now they can pay to get people to do anything for them.

Who wins?

What happens if you are not alone

1. How we support you to be a good leader is a network where leaders can ask and learn from other leaders we talk and learn from each other. Good leader care, good leaders work hard to on why, what, and how How to be a great leader should be something that every professional who takes upon him or herself the role as a leader should be working and very interested in.

Very few people are by nature great leaders and the great leaders of this world when we look back in history who were they. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Thatcher, Merkel is some of the historical leaders we think of.

They had one thing in common, they knew how to speak to people. Every day “as a leader” you speak to people. Every day as a leader you have an impact on somebody else’s life.

Lead yourself out of

At Coachingandlife we talk to action to how –

On of the best things you can ever do is

take good care of yourself

by being what you would admire.


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