Have you ever felt outsmarted because you did not know it or because someone was smart not telling you?

Listen to this?

What are you thinking when you read this?

Who we get our input from determines the mindset we have. Today I got a ticket at a parking lot, why because it said paid parking. Which is what I did I paid for the parking and what they meant was it is special parking.

A fool you are only once. Yes, I was fooled and they outsmarted me. Which is what is happening to a lot of us right now. We are fooled! but we are not fooled! because we are a fool.

We are fooled! because we are too kind.

What we need to know for the future to come is we need to investigate more? Who we work for and what we work for. We can no longer rely on what people say and do.

It is a game-changer we stand in front. Who is reliable who do you trust? If a headhunter called you today for a great job? would you go to the interview?

The fack and the abuse of people’s confidence are only going to limit us even more.

Think about


We raise our kids you and me we are a result of how we were raised?

All of us face the same challenges as our parents did. The lack of understanding of evolution. The world will never go as slow are right now.

Speed and opportunities will enroll

Here is a good one t


Fool or Fooled A trick or tricked What is smart or outsmarted

With a fool or fooled – a trick or tricked comes something that is more important than you can imagine.

To pools meet – intention and results.

The intention is that we must not part without paying the result is that the company has to collect so much money that they need to find a way how people can fail.

The outcome is that the intention is that people pay if they park there, the result is that they have managed to make a way so they get more money out of people.

A good lesson to learn

Often when we feel like a fool it is because someone was smarter. This can be for a moment, then comes someone who is smarter again.

The fact is for all of us how we coach and support each other will not be forgotten.

People who outsmart live on borrowed time.

Things change so fast and our ability to drive data to better performance will be of the essence. Who we surround ourselves with and the feedback we get will be the mindset we build.

You do not need people around you that make you feel less worthy. You need people who can build you up and help you get an alliance between your intention and your results.

This year the danish prime minister’s focus was on children. What she want is to remove children from homes if the home is not as the community believes.

The intention is to give the child a better home, the result is that she breaks up the home that is already very vulnerable.

Way too often we fail between intention and results.

This is why coaching is a very good and powerful tool to get compliance between what your intention is and what you are really doing.

Can we ever be better and how can we support each other to feel good instead of feeling like a fool.

What skills network and support can we offer each other?

What is a smart advice?

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