Evolution is transforming our way and it is going fast.

Traditionally, we have learned to believe that content is the most important thing. It’s not.

When there is consistency between content and process, they merge and are equally important, but when there is not, the process is most important.

The content is very important it is the quality of what we deliver but the fact is that software is taking over and what we need to focus on is the process.

How we get good content.

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Fear can hold us back and back

In the e-meet we talk about how fear influence us and what insight we get from fear.

Fear holds information and it is how you choose to use the information.

What happens to you when you feel fear?

How do you proceed?

What kind of tool do you need to move on and come even better out of the situation than had you not had the strategy and tools?

Fear comes with 2 feelings in one – WHAT are you afraid? and second HOW to move forward.

What message is in your fear?

How do you move forward?

It is in the strategy we face our ability to listen to ourselves and we have traditionally learned to believe that the content is the most important thing and it is not.

And when there is consistency between content and process, they merge and are equally important, but when there is no consistency, the process is the most important one.

If, there is no consistency in the process of how we explain the problem and how we enroll and involve people.

If you are fired from a company the process is missing the HOW and the ability to give the right insight and awareness of what needs to be done.

Fear is often present in the game when you face an opportunity that arises.

In the chain of fear is challenge, opportunity, change. All words with lots of power and we can often get to fear the process?

Do you like a challenge? yes if you hold the strength and ability to solve the challenge. Else we fear the process!

If you need learning and your attempts to solve the challenge is too hard a challenge is not a good challenge.

Do you like an opportunity? Yes if it is something that matches your vision and view. If you get an opportunity to move to Australia will you take it? – will you fear the process?

An opportunity can be for the better and take you forward to even better places.

The change in its pure form is the hard game. What does the change bring? and what are your options opportunities and what do you need – what do you need to know – to not fear the process?

Who we listen to and the people we surround ourselves with are the game-changer good people will bring upon a good feeling and hope.

Do you fear the process?

It can be anyone you meet where you immediately feel good.

They can tell you anything and you know what they tell you will lead you forward to a better life and performance.

Then you can meet a toxic person and you get the feeling, the feeling of loss, and the feeling that you cannot perform.

And that is when you must tell yourself to get out as fast as possible because it has a bad influence and impact on you.

Leaving does not make you weak, it takes strength to believe your own feelings and try what you feel and the fact is for all of us is that the hardest questions we all face are try harder or let go.

Do you fear the process?

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Get the confidence to not fear the process
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