Attitude And Intention

Attitude And Intention What was the intention and What went wrong? Where did it go wrong and why?

Ask yourself what is your Attitude And Intention today and where did you go wrong, what did you over/underestimate. What went wrong? You had an intention when you set off. What happened to your Attitude And Intention during the process?

This blog is about attitude and intentions why we do not get the results we aim for, why intentions and attitude go strongly hand in hand.

Let take one step back and look at the mindset you use to create your results. If you want a good outcome, this is the mindset you must have.

A positive picture or a good feeling or something that you can sense all the way inside out, you must know it is a good thing, and you must believe your doings to achieve it.

If you set off to hurt someone, it is not with a good intention and a positive mindset, and it is not to support and guide someone else to improve their lives.

You do it to hurt them.

Ask yourself:

  • Why would you ever hurt someone else
  • Why would this be your intention
  • Why would you like to see someone else hurting

Yes yes because they hurt you

If you set off to destroy someone else you become who they are, is that how you want to define yourself?

I will not go down that road

But instead, take us forward to what is the right thing to do, and to do the right thing is so difficult and moving on.

Getting over it can be so hard work, but it can be done and in the end that is what it is all about who you are and what you do.

  • If someone is not nice to you, you do not have to be not nice to them – be silent
  • If someone is cheating on you, you do not have to cheat back – be silent.

Use your silence till you have found the right guidance and support you need to take the right actions for you.

  • Never make promises when you are happy
  • Never make decisions when you are sad
  • And never reply when you are angry

Those sentences did not come out of anything;

they came out of experience from people who tried to fail and who would have done differently had they stop themselves in the act.

Listen to experience and take it from there.

Most importantly Remember your attitude a positive mind will give a positive result

Remember your attitude a positive mind will give positive results and you know what I am going to say now, yes, a negative mind will give the negative outcome

Life is that simple, what you think is what you get, what you do is what you become.

It is that simple and jet so difficult to practice that most of us spend a lifetime learning it.

Why is it so hard?

If you have the answer to that you are among the lucky ones.

I do not have the answer to why it is so difficult to do the right thing, I know I get older and I get wiser as I try and discover many things.

  • I know in my trying I have made many mistakes
  • I know in my learning I have failed
  • I know in my attempt to succeed I missed go opportunities

I know that life has many faces and even the best face has a backside.

I know that it is my ability to find people who seek the best in me and wants me to succeed, those are the people I admire.

  • I admired the helping hand when I was weak
  • I admired the helping hand when I was wrong
  • I admire the advice to do the right thing
  • I admire going forward to accomplice better things in good ways
Just one more thing

Is this not what we all do?

Did you ever hear of someone who wanted to do wrong? So why do we keep doing wrong things when we deep down it is the wrong jet we do it.

No, we act upon something else, there is something inside telling us or holding us back – which we find more important:

Watch this from Youtube:

In whatever you think and in whatever you want to achieve there is a road and many experiences to conquer, you do not wake up tomorrow and star or a millionaire you wake up tomorrow just as today if you want it to change you must change – and you must do it.

It all starts with what you do, it is not about what anyone says to you or what they do. It is what you do your reaction to what is being said and think there are two things

In the space between what is been told till your reaction is

You can grow

Your freedom

If you react positively the person in front of you will give you your freedom and you get to solve the task – you will grow.

If you react hesitating, you may keep some of your freedom and maybe solve the task some of how you would do it.

It is very important to keep in mind it is all about intentions and attitude and the better you are at understanding the smarter you can react.

It is to keep your own mind and your own intentions and attitude intact because someone else is having a bad day, why should that have any impact on you?

Just because someone else has an intention to hurt you or make you look bad, why should it have an impact on you?

Remember to keep your own integrity and your own intentions and attitude in mind, to ensure your own way is more than enough for anyone.

Listen to the voice on the plane – they tell all the time

first, take upon your own mask then help others.

Why, because it is the way you manage yourself and how you keep yourself strong that can support and guide others.

It is not what you say you are going to do, it is how you do it,

and not only that but the results of your doings. This is the intention and the attitude people around you see.

For inspiration this video is very good:

Use this video to support you :

Results of your intentions and attitude

At the end of the day, what matters most to you is that –

  1. You work to be who you want to be
  2. Your results reflex your effort

And they do, if you work hard to achieve a goal you will reach it,

if you work hard to make it happen, you will know doing the journey how it will form you, you become what you set out for.

It is not the destination it is the journey, it is not what we reach it is the challenges we teach ourselves to conquer and overcome.

Sitting at home watching tv will not get you in trouble if you dream and if you work for your dreams to come true, it must get you in “some kind” of trouble.


Because there can never be changes without someone thinking that what you are doing is trouble and not the right thing.

There is always something for and something against and it is good because this way you and I get to evaluate what we are doing?

– we can all be right it all depends on from which side you look at it.


What are you going to do, what is the difference going to be?

I got fired, it changed a lot for me.

I found out that I had been working for someone else my whole life.

Goals and their ways were much more important. Then what I said to them and the day they took out the plug and I stood side by side with me.

Thank you for FREEING me – doing what I could not – thank you

It was a new discovery;

It was a relief, it was seeing my world, and my life with new eyes, and it was for my eyes only.

I was important, and what I see is my truth and I do understand, I do not have to take it. I can choose.

Thank you for giving me the wake-up call, and that is what – what is for.

  • See – What is happening, is happening for you to see it.
  • Listen – What is happening, is happening for you to listen and hear it
  • Feel – What is happening, is happening for you to feel it

It’s like a breeze a wind that comes in over you

– it is the wave you are riding and the wave I was on was a huge wake-up call.

I would have lost my family; my friends had this wake-up call not couth up on me.

It saved me from me.

Sometimes we do not know what is best for us before after the wake-up call.

I am so glad today. Today I write, and I feel free in mind and spirit and I would never go back.

It was like being a prisoner in a game you could never win.

Freedom and the freedom of the choice bring along is such a free breeze and wind.

I can only stand here and feel it and it is constantly reminding me; that I must ensure the space or the time between; the words spoken to me.

I need time to answer to know what is right for me.

I need space and opportunity to feel and hear what is, the right thing for me to answer.

Do I need to answer because I listen, or do I need to answer to reply?

The person in front of me what do they expect from me.

I have discovered; that it is better to answer to what they expect rather than to what I see, hear or feel is right.

I only need to know what the right thing for me is. I do not need to share:

  1. What do I need to do?

2. To achieve?

3. Is it to me? – that I need to keep to myself.

I need to listen to:’

  1. What the other person is saying
  2. Replying to what he/she wants to hear
  3. How they like the task done

It is what you see, not what it is, and they are not asking for your opinion. They asking for their own.

What it is – is my intention.

It is not my responsibility to guide or support;

if I am not asked to guide or support, just listen and do not reply

– just listen.

That is the intention and the expectation; if you come up with anything else but that; you have misunderstood the task and it will get you into trouble.


Easily said;

So hard to practice and some of us spend hours thinking

– why did I not just follow the simple rule and just follow my own path.

How – think about your life as a traveler you are hiking during your journey

– you will see and discover many challenges and different landscapes – but no one can do the walking for you.

It is how it is, you must do the walking.

You can meet up with great friends and family and you can join each other on the hiking and camp out.

Next morning you will still have to get up and start walking.

It is your trip, it is your journey.

Slow hiking takes you small trips and slow change in the landscape. Running takes you further and through landscape further out.

  1. Packing – How you decide to pack for your trip is up to you.
  2. Camp – How you decide to camp out is up to you.
  3. Travel – How you decide to travel is all up to you.

You are on a good life long journey;

what you know and have been taught you use and need all the way until the end.

Your intention and your attitude;

Will make all the difference in the world; because you win one round does not mean you win; it means that next time you bump into someone;

you do not know what they have heard and what you must prepare yourself for.

Make each day a great day, ensure that you leave yourself better off today than you were yesterday.

Let today be a good day.

If you came this far thank you for staying with me.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I had to say:

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